Trips are one of the most exciting times during the wedding process. Whether it be your bachelorette party, or bridal shower in your hometown, your honeymoon, or even a destination wedding, everyone looks forward to time away to celebrate. However, it can be hard to ensure the trip goes smoothly from start to finish.

Travefy, an interactive group travel planner, will help you organize it all from your computer or iPhone for free. They provide the tools to share trip ideas and collect payments easily so you don’t have the typical pains associated with a group trip. Today, they are sharing tips with us on how to make your plans as simple as possible:

Decide Your Travel Date

Get your friends in one virtual spot and decide a date that most people can attend. Dates can be the most limiting factor to get everyone on board, so figure those out first!

Pick a Location

Plan based on a number of factors: weather, locations of attendees, costs, and desired areas. Think about what vibe and type of trip you want….relaxed and serene or adventurous and upbeat?; book in bulk if possible to save money; make an itinerary for once you arrive.

Determine Your Travel Budget

Make sure everyone agrees on an approximate trip budget per person and a method of payment. Using a travel and expense organizer makes it easy for a group to split hotel rooms and collect money upfront via credit/debit cards.

Know The Group’s Arrival & Departure Times

It’s simple but a lot of work to know when everyone is getting there. Keep track so you know when to plan events for the group.

Get Everyone on the Same Page

Ensure everyone is ready and aware of the plans. Simply communicating the plans and ideas ahead of time gives everyone a feel of “having a say.”

Live in the Moment

Enjoy your trip!
Visit or download the iPhone app for more stress relief in your planning process


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