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If you’re looking for a simple, easy to use Wedding Registry website you should definitely check out our sponsor, SimpleRegistry. With SimpleRegistry you can add anything to your registry, giving you the freedom do redeem your gifts as cash and decide where, when and how to arrange the purchase of your gifts! Plus, friends and family can all go in on expensive items through their Group gift option.


And, their new mobile app gives members the ability to visit a store anywhere in the world, quickly scan a barcode or snap a photo with their device’s camera, and add the item to their wedding registry. Pretty neat, right? Click here to set up your registry today!


Comments (2)

Shannon | Reply

My fiance and I agree that this IS the most flexible registry system out there. We’ve registered for some really unique furniture items at a local furniture maker and some awesome pottery and artwork at a studio in Brooklyn. Thanks SimpleRegistry!

MG | Reply

My husband and I registered using Simple Registry and it was AWESOME!!!! (We just got married in May) I worked at a culinary store for 3+ years so we really didn’t need anything for the kitchen so we registered for our honeymoon and for a select few items for the home. We received over $3000 towards our honeymoon to the Greek Isles which was FAB!!! Plus if you pay the $35 fee you can use this registry system again for a baby registry. No silly return issues or taxes or shipping charges!!! IT IS THE BEST!!!!!


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