Register for your Honeymoon with Traveler’s Joy


It’s no secret that people are getting married later in life. And getting married when you’re a little older means that you probably don’t need to register for all of the necessities you might have if you were 20. So registering for another toaster, or set of sheets may seem ridiculous to you, no? In comes Traveler’s Joy! Traveler’s Joy allows you to register for a honeymoon online so your guests can help you celebrate your nuptials with something a little more fun than a gravy boat. With Traveler’s Joy, you can register for a trip of a lifetime and all of the exciting activities, accessories, and experiences that go along with it!

At Once Wed, we value experiences over things, and we love that Traveler’s Joy gives your friends and families a way to gift you an experience that may not have been attainable otherwise. You can look at Real Member Stories to see the stories of over 400 couples that have traveled the world thanks to Traveler’s Joy, and after you’ve decided on your dream location, registering takes just a few minutes! Traveler’s Joy makes it easy for you to choose from 50 theme based locations or specific cities to register for your honeymoon. Once you decide on a dream location, you can choose from hundreds of activities and accessories (like hiking packs, guidebooks..etc.) for your trip!

Not only is Traveler’s Joy there to help make registering for your wedding easy, but they also want to thank the couples who register online for their honeymoon with a special surprise! Each month, they will choose one couple on their wedding day and TRIPLE the honeymoon gifts they’ve received from their registry! Register with Traveler’s Joy by April 30th and you will automatically be entered to win!

Thanks again to Traveler’s Joy for being such a great sponsor!


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