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Our amazing sponsor, Rebecca Yale Portraits, is giving away an entire wedding photography package including full day wedding coverage and an engagement session to one lucky Once Wed reader for absolutely free.  Rebecca combines her background in photojournalism with her love for fashion photography to create beautiful intimate portraits while capturing every moment as the day unfolds.  Rebecca Yale does not place time limits on her coverage, because she wants to tell your whole wedding story from the minute you slip on your dress to your final spin on the dance floor.

The prize: The package being given away has a value of $3000 and is for full day wedding coverage and an engagement session.  Albums, prints and other products are additional and can be ordered through Rebecca Yale Portraits.  A standard wedding photography contract applies and must be executed within two weeks of notifying the winning couple.  If the wedding chosen is outside of New York City or the surrounding boroughs, the winning couple agrees to pay for travel feels including room and board upfront, with travel arrangements made by Rebecca Yale. The couple must not have an existing contract with another wedding photographer and Rebecca Yale will be the exclusive photographer for the event.

TO ENTER:  Comment below with your name, email, wedding date, and wedding location or venue. Please tell us a little about your story, style, wedding and why you’d like to win the photography package.  Rebecca will pick the winning couple on April 27th.

Be sure to check out her website to see more of her lovely images!

  1. My fiance and I met here in NYC at a get together hosted by my best friend. Our connection was almost instantaeous, we bonded over our love for the ocean and maps. We soon discovered that we were both from Coastal Maine although our paths had never crossed in our hometowns. Our wedding will appropriately be a lobster bake held on a small island off the coast of Portland, Maine. The theme is DIY nautical, but with a summer formal dress code. We are both struggling to get by in NYC but have saved our pennies to celebrate our love with only our nearest and dearest and would love to have you document this once in a lifetime event. Thank you for your time!!!

      1. Thank you for getting back to me. The wedding is August 10th 2013. I included a link to our wedding website. It’s not finished but it will give you an idea of what we’re planning. Hope to hear from you soon!!!

  2. September 26th in Brooklyn! Would love some pretty photos to go along with our day! We have so many people who are important to us and who brought us to this moment, and we want to include as many of them as possible in our celebration. Cutting costs and guest lists sucks. Winning wedding photography would free up some much-needed cash in the budget so that we could make our day even more inclusive. Would mean so much to us. Fingers crossed!

  3. Our wedding will be on April 19th, 2014 in a beautiful rose garden in Walnut Creek CA. My finance and I have been together 9 years and will be getting married right around our 10th year of dating, so we have quite the story to tell. We both recognize how lucky we are to have been together this long and cant wait to make our family official. Photography at the wedding is extremely important to us, we want to capture every precious moment through out the day so that we can look back at the pictures for a lifetime to come.

  4. Our wedding will be August 31st , 2013 on Whidbey Island (near Seattle, WA) at a sweet family-owned vineyard and winery. We are so overjoyed to finally met each other after traveling world separately for the past few years. Our wedding is going to be a reunion of sorts with mostly out-of-town guests. We simply cannot wait:)

  5. Our wedding date is set to take place during the day on Saturday, September 28, 2013 over looking a lush green golf course in Port Washington, NY. We met in NYC and both come from different cultural backgrounds, so our theme centers around family (as we both come from large extended families) and the union of not only us as a couple but our families and their traditions as well. Family is so important to both of us that we are actually having a second wedding a week later in Bangkok so that I can celebrate with the rest of my family including my grandmother who can’t travel to New York for the festivities here. Winning the package would mean so much to us because having less of our expenses to worry about will mean that we can really make sure our families have a great time and still be able to savor the memories with us afterwards through the photos captured that day.

    name, email, wedding date, and wedding location or venue. Please tell us a little about your story, style, wedding and why you’d like to win the photography package. Rebecca will pick the winning couple on April 27th.

  6. My fiance, Deji, and I are getting married on September 7th on a farm in Hopewell, New Jersey. We met on a soccer team in New York in 2009. Deji wooed Carolynn with his impressive soccer skills and Carolynn charmed Deji with a loft party complete with an indoor bouncy castle. Our style is laid back, fun yet still elegant. We’d like to win the photography package because we are looking for someone who can capture the spirit and energy of our wedding.

  7. We’re planning a wedding for March of 2014 in Hilton Head, SC. My fiance, Wesley, and I haven’t figured hardly anything out yet and we’ve been engaged four months! But we’re choosing between a rustic, casual atmosphere (with lots of white and gold) and a really classic elegant atmosphere (with the same color scheme, most likely). Either way, as an artist I really want the wedding to feel unique and special, not focused on the current bridal trends. We’re forgoing some of the traditions and holding on lovingly to others. Wes is a physicist and a total foodie, so there’s sure to be yummy bites on our special day. And I guess my dream, though perhaps not in budget, would be lots of couches and high tables for a really mingly, casual atmosphere (still with dinner food!) that feels more like the parties we normally have, but more special. Why wouldn’t I want it to feel like us? Rebecca probably wants to come to our wedding because the area is gorgeous, the food will be AMAZING, and we have quite a few “interesting characters” in our families that will be really fun to meet and photograph.

  8. Hello! This is so exciting! My wonderful fiancé and I will be getting married on June 21, 2014 in Hudson, NY. At this point, we will have been engaged for over a year and a half! Our lives have been quite a whirlwind- after meeting in NYC, he moved to Shanghai, I moved to Paris, and we continued our relationship à la distance up until he surprised me in Paris (complete surprise…I had no idea he was coming! He told me he was on a business trip in China!) with an engagement ring! I can safely say it was the most amazing day of my life thus far. We’re just so excited to be planning and finding a way to convey our love for one another to our loved ones. These days, I’m back in NYC planning the wedding while he acts as corporate warrior in Hong Kong. We’re young and winning this package would fulfill our dreams of having an amazing photographer on a tighter budget. While we tend to hover on the more sophisticated/glamour-bound style ideals in our daily lives, our wedding (and our outside-of-work style in general) can be described as traditional with a very ethereal twist. Think Moonrise Kingdom meets a Hawaiian luau meets Downton Abbey meets Fairyland meets Quebecois cow farmer’s daughter’s wedding. We’re getting married in a renovated barn overlooking the Hudson River and there will be plenty of merry making and beautiful moments of love that we hope Rebecca would want to photograph. I’m so in love with this man and we’ve dreamed of getting married for so long now. I can’t wait to see our wedding day captured on camera and we’d be so thrilled if Rebecca was our photographer. (I mean it, I’m a cryer/jumper and I would be off-the-walls excited!)

  9. My fiancé and I are high school sweethearts. We have been together for 12 years! He is the love of my life and we have both been through much in our lives. I had a very hard childhood, and he had a very hard time as well. When we found each other we instantly knew we were soulmates, and he is my best friend. Despite our obstacles, we are positive people who are incredibly happy with our lives. We have moved from TN (where we met) to sunny California when we attended college. We both paid for school with our own money, and live on our own. We’ll be paying for our wedding and honeymoon on our own as well.

    We are doing a DIY wedding, with an art deco theme. Our colors will be emerald green and gold. Our venue is a beautiful, historical 1920’s penthouse in Los Angeles and will be on November 1, 2013. We want an original and amazing wedding on a tight budget. Rebecca’s photography is unbelievably gorgeous and being able to save money ,and have stunning photography would be a dream come true for us! Thank you so much for having a contest like this, I am keeping my fingers crossed :D

  10. Delicious photos, Rebecca! My fiance and I were introduced by a mutual friend 5 years ago while we were both living in MD. After moving about 5 times in the last 5 years, we’re now both in Pittsburgh as he finishes up his graduate degree and are finally planning our wedding before moving yet again in a couple months for his new job. We will be getting married on September 21, 2013 at my best friend’s brother’s farm in Chambersburg, PA, a beautiful property with a creek, pond, an ice house, dogs, guinea hens, and whatever else Brandon (the brother) has discovered by then. We will be planning remotely and doing much of the decor by hand. I am envisioning a rustic yet elegant party with lace, lawn games, and maybe even some beer pong. Our colors reflect a bit of the vintage, creamy and a bit muted to allow the colors of the grounds to shine. I would love a dreamy, nearly sepia feel to our photos, catching the emotions and hilarity of our friends and family. My fiance being a student and I being a special ed teacher … we would appreciate any opportunity to save money on our wedding, and we are currently in search of an amazing photographer to share our day!

  11. Amazing photos! My fiancé and I were introduced by a mutual friend since we’d be going to the same college, although we realized later we were in nursery school together and are standing together in the class picture! We were friends throughout college and made what could’ve been the risky transition to dating a year after graduation. It has been amazing and easy ever since. We live in NYC but the wedding will be on Long Island on May 25, 2014. Our wedding will be what some people call “traditional” but I’m going for classic with a mix of personal and some rustic features. I want to find ways to capture spring, our love and those moments that go by so quickly!

  12. We will be getting married on August 31st at Dorris Ranch near Springfield Oregon. It is a beautiful working filbert orchard with a meadow where we will be having the ceremony and an old (semi-restored) barn where we will be holding the reception. We are going with a vintage carnival theme with tons of DIY (including a handmade, 10 foot-long, light-up, marquee-style, ‘SPECTACULAR’ sign) and carnival games. I will be wearing a convertible, pink, tulle and lace wedding dress. We are having a small wedding party (just family) and short and sweet ceremony led by my fiancé’s advisor (he is currently in grad school to be a chemist). We will most likely be having a wood-fired pizza truck for the food.

    We met in high school, and fell in love in math class. We have been together through many ups and downs for over ten years, and our wedding date will be the anniversary of eleven years together. Our wedding will be a celebration of who we are as a couple, and how we have grown thought the years.

    We have a very small budget, and I want so badly to have an amazing photographer, but I am really worried that we will be stuck with an amateur from craigslist because it is all we can afford. My future father-in-law said that he had a photographer friend who could shoot our wedding at no cost to us, but it fell through, and I don’t know what to do now. I collect vintage photographs, and having photos that we can cherish for years to come is the most important part of the wedding to me, but I know that I can’t throw out things like food or venue to make room for it in the budget. I have to take care of the friends and family that come to celebrate with us first, and that might mean sacrificing photography. It would really mean a lot to me if you would pick us. Thank you.

  13. My fiancé Guillermo and I will be getting married October 13th of this year. We plan to have our wedding outside in upstate New York. Our reception venue is a landmark historical house and restored barn. We want our wedding to reflect our love for nature and the joy we find in simple things.
    The job market has forced us to live apart for the last few years as I spent time teaching in Cambodia and Mexico. I’m a small town girl who has traveled the world and my fiancé is a Venezuelan who ended up in the Canadian Rockies. We have a unique story and two very diverse families. I want more than anything a photographer who can capture the joy and excitement we will feel on this day as we join our lives. Thank you for taking us into consideration!

  14. Rebecca,

    We are from New York and getting married on August 20, 2020, at Villa Eva, on the Amalfi Coast in Italy. We are expected to have 75+ guest attending.

    We would be honored if you would consider us for the wedding photography package.

    I was born and raised in Rochester, New York. I am an only child, and my parents have been married 31 years in June. My father is an engineer, and my mother stayed home with me until earning her cosmetology license while I was in high school.

    My mother is one of six, and she was the only one born in American, the rest of her siblings were born in Sicily, and a great deal of my family is still there. One of the many reasons we wanted to get married in Italy.

    It was always my grandmothers dream for all of her children to work together. My grandmother loved to cook, and we all loved when she would make Arancini (rice balls). My father always joked that one day he would fly to Italy get the molding machine and they would start a business.

    A few years later he did just that, my father and uncle flew to Italy for 24 hours looked at and bought this Aranici machine and Mama Napoli Foods was established.

    Last year my father “retired” and now both of my parents along with the rest of my family all work at the shop together. Unfortunately my grandmother passed away, but her receipts live on.

    John is from Ontario, New York. He has one brother (Adam), who is married to John’s sister in law (Allison), and they are expecting their first child in June. John also has a sister who lives in Syracuse New York and just finished building her dream home. John’s mother is a retired nurse and his father is semi-retired farmer, they have been married over 35 years. John’s brother took over the farm after college, and John is finishing up his Master’s degree and will graduate in May this year.

    Our Story: We met on June 27, 2016. I had just moved back home after traveling around for school. I had just started working and wanted to meet some new people so I decided to blindly join a kickball team. When I arrived there were so many new faces, after the game we all went to the bar to have a drink and get some food. It was then I was sitting at the bar talking to another guy, when this girl Rachel pulled me over and introduced me to John. He was sitting down in the booth, when his bright blue eyes met mine, he smiled at me and we talked for a bit. He seemed kinda shy, but he did make me laugh. We talked for a while, and then both got up to leave, when we parted ways I thought he might ask me for my number, but instead he simply gave me a hug and headed in the other direction. Slightly disappointed I walked away and thought we maybe next week after the game we can talk again.

    July 1, 2016, my friend Danielle calls and tells me she is picking me up, and we are going to watch this band at a new brewery that just opened. I told her I was tired and I was just going to stay in for the night. Well apparently for Danielle that response wasn’t good enough, next thing I know she is parked outside my apartment laying on her horn demanding I get dressed and come. So I finally cave, get dressed, and go. When we arrive at the bar, I say hello to a couple familiar faces, and then suddenly, it was like everyone at the show had moved out of the way and there he (john) was. We locked eyes and smiled, but I felt this little jolt of electricity,(lame I know) we slowly walked towards one another, and I start to tell him about Danielle showing up. That’s when he tells me that he wasn’t going to come either, his best friend David was in town and he was going to stay in when Rachel called and told him she would pick him up. Coincidence or fait, I am going with Fait.

    We spent the whole night together laughing and dancing, he came over that night and we talked until the sun came up. (Yes, like a cheesy romance novel haha) The next day he took me to this little Italian Panini shop for lunch and from that moment we were inseparable.

    We had both been in serious relationships before, but something about John was different. Within the first month of dating we went sky diving, and planned a trip to Europe.

    Since then we have had crazy and amazing adventures. We went skydiving, hang gliding, motorcycling, race car driving, bob sledding.

    We have traveled to London, Paris, Amsterdam, we hiking Pachu Picchu, we rode elephants in Thailand. I traveled a lot before I met John, but now I can’t imagine traveling without him. He is my adrenaline loving, thrill seeking, best friend.

    Not ever moment has been perfect, as with all relationships, we have had ups and downs and times when it felt like the universe wanted to tear us apart, but we got through it and lucky for us we have amazing role model parents who taught us to stick it out.

    I remember the exact moment I knew I was going to marry John. It was about six weeks after we met, we went to try on his tux for his brothers wedding, and I remember when he walked out in that Tux, I texted my best friend Krista and I told her, “I’m going to marry him.” I couldn’t wait to walk down that aisle and see him standing there.

    Why Amalfi: So I have been to Sicily a few times growing up, usually for at least half the summer, visiting with family. Then in college I studied abroad in Florence. Ironically, I have never been to the coast, but I did attend a friends wedding in Santorini, if you have never been I highly suggest it. The view is surreal and like nothing I had ever experienced. I actually took my mom and we did a mother daughter trip. While we were there we talked a lot about weddings. I knew I wanted a destination wedding and since some of my family was in Italy I knew it would be easier. Also my biggest concern is John’s dad.

    Why we want the wedding package: John’s dad in 2016 was diagnosed with parkinson’s disease. When we first told him we wanted to get married in Italy he said he probably wouldn’t be able to go because its hard for him to move around, and the fight would be too hard for him to sit in that position. John and I really want to have him their so we have offered to pay for him to come and we would fly him first class in a lay down bed style chair so he could be comfortable and make it through the flight. Obviously flying someone first class is rather expensive, but its worth it to have him there.

    When we looked at venues I would have loved to have had Belmond Caruso, but because our parents are all semi-retired and we are paying for our wedding ourselves and want to make sure all our friends and family can join, Villa Eva was a more affordable, but still very beautiful option.

    Rebecca from the moment we saw your photos on Instagram we knew we wanted you. Your photos are more than a simple picture, they are a story. They are so bright, vibrant and each shot is completely unique. The look on each bride and grooms face is pure bliss. You can tell it is the happiest day of their life.

    When we read your statement, it brought me to tears. You can tell what a genuine and passionate individual you are. You care more about making the couple happy than doing some artistic photo that doesn’t capture who the couple really is. Your photos are truly a piece of art work and keepsake that one would be lucky enough to cherish for the rest of their lives.

    The cherry on top being that you have a rescue maltese Margo and we have our own “stella” whose white with the same brown spots over her eyes.

    We completely understand there are probably thousands of people entering in this contest, so we are just so gratefully for the opportunity for you to hear our story.

    Thank you so much for your time and consideration, we really appreciate it.

    John and Gabriella.

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