Still searching for your deam wedding dress? Macy’s Wedding Registry wants to make your dress dreams come true with the Monique Lhuillier Sweepstakes! One lucky bride will win an amazing trip for 2 to Chicago and a $5,000 gift certificate to spend on a wedding dress at Macy’s Bridal Salon on State Street! The lucky winner will also receive a Monique Lhuillier Waterford china, stemware and flatware set for 8 in the pattern of her choice! Win a chance  A classically graceful collection, Monique Lhuillier’s Waterford pieces exemplify expert craftsmanship with a designer’s touch.

Entry is simple! Just click here or text DRESS to MACYS (62297)!

And that’s not all! Macy’s is giving away to one Once Wed reader an Emeril by All-Clad 12 PC Stainless Steel set. Yes, the entire 12 piece set! For a chance to win leave a comment below. Good Luck!


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Kat Noel | Reply

this is an incredible giveaway!!

Jayme H. | Reply

Do want. Its so nice.

Emma | Reply

Oh that looks like an amazing cookware set! I’d use it well ;)

Zoe | Reply

Considering our pot/pan collection consists of my parents’ and future in-laws’ unwanted pots and pans, I would LOVE these! The bottoms are all warped and it’s not pretty. But THESE are pretty!

Kelsey Knight | Reply

I would LOVE this set. It looks awesome!!!

Steph | Reply

we didnt get our pots off of our registry, so this would be perfect for us!

Kate | Reply

Wow what a fantastic giveaway!! Hope I win!

Christin | Reply

Beautiful!! I would love to have pots and pans that haven’t been previously owned by 10 other couples!!

Emily | Reply

How fun! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

Amanda | Reply

Holy moly! I could use those!

Jackie W | Reply

I would love these pots and pans! I have been looking for new ones!

Nicole | Reply

Ooh! New city, new apartment, and I love to cook– this set would be perfect!!

jenn t. | Reply

What a lovely set!

Allie | Reply

I can only imagine the recipes I would knock out of the park with these pots and pans!

esther | Reply

Learning how to cook and loving it, could totally use new pans!

matilda | Reply

I would love a matching cooking set let alone an emeril all clad set! That would be a dream come true!

Jessen | Reply

These would help me make bookoo delicious new orleans treats for my fiance AND my students!

jessica | Reply

Oh what a beautiful collection! i had been eyeing the new allclad collection

mary e. | Reply

Sweet! Winning any of these things–even one pot!–would be amazing! =)

kesslie | Reply

married a week now and its tough to have dinner ready for my hubby when he gets home from work! this set would help oh-so-much!

Eliza F | Reply

Oh what I could make with stainless steel! That doubleboiler would definitely be put to good use.

Julia | Reply

We’d love to update our kitchen with this awesome set!

heather c | Reply

I’d love to win these! We’d be set for a loong time of cookware!

Zhasmene F.G. | Reply

Oh I would love to win these! Our pot collection is pretty sad right now.

Chelsea H. | Reply

What a great prize!

sara a. | Reply

The handsome FH and I love Emeril and have had Iron Clad cooking dreams for years!

Meg | Reply

This would be FAB! Needing one of these sets and it would be one less thing we’d have to register for!

Emily C | Reply

Beautiful set! Love it!

Marissa W | Reply

I love this! I have been wanting all-clad cookware for such a long time!

Lauren N | Reply

Love that set!

Michelle | Reply

This would be lovely…

Natalie | Reply

This would be amazing!!

Jillian Nicole | Reply

Would love to be the new owner of such a gorgeous set!:)

Em | Reply

Wow, those are some good-looking pots!

Mandy | Reply

Would absolutely LOVE this… it’s perfect!

Ryane Harrison | Reply

Ohh, would love to win this! Just what my kitchen needs.

Emily | Reply

Gorgeous set:)

Stacia Biel | Reply

These are awesome! I would love to own a set.

Kelsey Allen | Reply

What a great set!

tatiana | Reply

would die for some new pots and pans! they are very much needed.

kelly | Reply

here’s hoping this lady gets some new pots!

Mamie | Reply

Would love these for my daughter who is getting married in March!

Susan | Reply

What a gorgeous and timeless set! Would be ecstatic to win those!

Janiece | Reply

This is amazing!! Thanks for such a fab giveaway!

Ariel | Reply

Awesome giveaway!

Heidi | Reply

These would be amazing to cook with!!

emily | Reply

Ok, I have all my fingers and toes crossed on this one! I would kill for an awesome pot set!

Lauren | Reply

What a fabulous giveaway! I love to cook and my roommate is about to move out and taking all of the cookware with her! My fingers are crossed big time on this one. :)

Eunice | Reply

Omgoodness….I really would LOVE LOVE to win this. So excited for this contest :)

Alice | Reply

These would be fantastic for our newlywed kitchen! Perfect for cooking up a storm and entertaining friends, guests, and family!!

Maureen | Reply

OH these are beautiful! My kitchen could use new shiny things!

Caroline | Reply

So shiny and beautiful!

Dara | Reply

I need new cookware!

Cara | Reply

My mom said I needed to register for All Clad. Winning it would be better!

Laura | Reply

Oh, how exciting!!

Liona | Reply

WOW! I am 2yrs into marriage and still do not have a complete pots and pans set and would LOVE this one!

Maureen | Reply

Ahhh! This would be amazing! We have only three pieces of cookware and they’re terrible. *Fingers crossed*

Arianna | Reply

Gorgeous! My husband and I love to cook together and it would be amazing to share our recipes with these pots and pans!

Ariel | Reply

This looks fantastic. I would love to win!

lindsay | Reply

wow, this is incredible! would love to check this off our registry! fingers crossed.

Hoda | Reply

That would be a great wedding gift for a wedding we were never able to afford.

Kari | Reply

We decided to forgo a traditional registry, and instead are having our guests donate to a charity of their choice. But we both live in our kitchen and would never say no to a new cookware set. Will keep fingers crossed:)

Mckenzie | Reply

So amazing, would love to win this for my fiancé and I!

Lori | Reply

These would look so good in our new kitchen!!!!

Grace | Reply

i’d love a new set of pots and pans!

Sarah | Reply

Oh. sweet. goodness. They’re beautiful.

Luke | Reply

Would love to win this!

Julie @ Table for Two | Reply

I’d LOVE to win this!!

Amanda | Reply

I love getting ideas for my upcoming wedding on I’d love to have this cook set for my marriage!

kfloveinme | Reply

I would make sure I cook every night using this beautiful cooking set!

andrea | Reply

oh would love!

Monica | Reply

The Emeril by All-Clad 12 PC Stainless Steel set looks amazing!

Jenna | Reply

We didn’t put any pots on our Macy’s registry so I really hope we win these!

Georgia Monroe | Reply

I did not get hardly any new pots in pans from our wedding, so winning this would be wonderful!

Kate | Reply

Oh, who wouldn’t love new All Clad???

Rachel | Reply

These are amazing, definitely on my wedding wish list!

Amanda | Reply

Would love to win this! (-^_^-)

Katherine | Reply

What a nice set of pots and pans! Once Wed is awesome!

Cecilia | Reply

Crossing my fingers! I would be so pumped to win a set :) I’ve just about worn through my own!

katya | Reply

this is awesome!! thanks!

dominic | Reply

i really need new cookware.

Emily | Reply

Would love to have new All Clad!!!

Mary C | Reply

What an amazing giveaway! I would LOVE a set of All Clad!!!

Meaghan S | Reply

Nothing makes me happier than all-clad, except for the beautiful food that results from having excellent cookware!

Audrey | Reply

I would love to win this to give to my brother and his fiancee for their wedding.

Miss Gia | Reply

This would be the perfect cherry atop our wedding sundae!!! LUV LUV LUV IT!!!

Mim | Reply

Wow! Here’s Hoping!!!

Dianne | Reply

Gorgeous set! Would love to cook with for years to come.

Chelsea D | Reply

SO SHINYYYYY!!!!! awesome!!! <3

Ashley | Reply

Oh how I would love to win this. I am recently engaged and would love some nice pieces like this to start my new home :)

Amanda | Reply

This is so cool. Keeping my fingers crossed!

Kira | Reply

Cooking has always been something that I have loved doing. It is both theraputic and fun! If I could choose any type of cook ware to own, All Clad would be my first choice!

kristy | Reply

Crossing my fingers!

Lauren S | Reply

Awesome giveaway and great set! Would love to win it and use it every day :)

McKenzie Edmonds | Reply

All Clad…Macy’s….Once Wed….LOVE!

Kathleen | Reply

Amazing giveaway!

Evalyn W | Reply

As the proud owners of a very hand-me-down collection of pots and pans, my fiance and I would be ecstatic to win our very own brand new set.

Ashley C | Reply

I have a few mixed Emeril pieces and I absolutely love them. Would be thrilled if I won the entire set!

Catherine | Reply

Oh, sign me up!

Also, the link to sign up for the Monique Lhuillier contest doesn’t work!

MrosannaG | Reply

Hopefully, my cooking skills will improve and mimic Emeril’s if I win!

Rebecca | Reply

Wow! I can just imagine the incredible meals I could make for my future husband’s big family with this great cooking set!

Jessie M. | Reply

Yes, I would love the chance to win a brand new Emeril cooking set please!!

Terry | Reply

Beautiful All Clad set! Great giveaway OnceWed and Macy’s!

kristy | Reply

I would love to win this!

Annie | Reply

I would love cooking with such an awesome set of pans!

Laney | Reply

I would love to win this! So pretty!!

Nina | Reply

This cookware looks awesome! I registered at Macys they have the best selection!

Annalise | Reply

Great giveaway!!

Nancy Rodriguez | Reply

What an awesome giveaway! I can just imagine all of the delicious meals my fiance and I can cook up together in these :)

Sarah Nutter | Reply

Oh please pick me! I’d love some cookware! When they said the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, they were definitely talking about my fiance ;)

Alli | Reply

yes please!

Susan | Reply

Who doesn’t love free stuff?!

Erica | Reply

Love these! Desperately need to upgrade from the Goodwill pots and pans :)

Esther | Reply

would love to get this!!

Tawny | Reply

Have been a fan of OnceWed for years. I would absolutely LOVE to have a matching set of pots and pans for my fiance and I!

bella | Reply

is there anyone who wouldn’t be excited to win something like this…a cooking set like that is something someone like me can hope for but could never personally afford…

kathyphantastic | Reply

That set of pots and pans would definitely inspire me to cook more often.

Sara | Reply

i love it!

Ashley | Reply

We got an all-clad 13″ skillet off our registry and now I’m addicted. I want the set! Amazing give-away. Thanks,

KK | Reply

This would be awesome to win!!!!

Kliannin | Reply

I’m totally in!

Lindsay | Reply

Want!! Thanks!

Erica | Reply

Thanks for offering this great giveaway, Once Wed! I’d love to win! :)

Emily E | Reply

That set is GORGEOUS!

Grace | Reply

I would love a beautiful set of pots and pans like that!

Diane | Reply

Great giveaway. I love the stainless finish.

Meghan | Reply

yes please!!!

Forrest | Reply

I’d love this cookware set! So great! I’m dreaming of what I could make with them!

Annie | Reply

I love the set! It would help me get started in cooking for my husband to be!

lindsey | Reply

I’d love love love this!!

Allison | Reply

All-Clad is the best!

Kari B | Reply

This set would be lovely and one less thing to add to the registry for our 8/10/13 wedding!

Deanna Zercher | Reply

I really want to get back into cooking, as with my busy work schedule its gone by the wayside lately. Winning this close to the holidays would be a great incentive to start cooking for family and friends during this time of year!

Kelly E. | Reply

Ahhhhh!! I would LOVE this set. It’s beautiful! Thank you so much for the chance to win.

Kimberley | Reply

would love to win this set!

Lindsey | Reply

Would love to win this! Thanks for the amazing giveway!

Nicole M. | Reply

This is my dream set! What an amazing giveaway!

valerie | Reply

I have a few All-Clad pans that have been passed down from my fiance’s mother and they are amazing! I would love to have my very own set to pass down to my children some day.

Lindsey | Reply

Just entered for a chance to win a dress! Fingers crossed.

Styleezta (@styleezta) | Reply

Yes count me in please :)

Jenene Cook | Reply

Awesome! My husband to be is a great cook. He’d love these. :)

Kelsey | Reply

Registering is so overwhelming! It would be great to not have to research pots and pans- just to HAVE them!!!

Kim | Reply

What a great prize! Thanks.

Lisa Christine | Reply

What a beautiful set!

Lauren | Reply

This is such an awesome giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win! My fiance and I would love to add this set to our kitchen supplies :)

Stephanie | Reply

We definitely need cookware! Thanks for the giveaway.

Rebecca May | Reply

I’ve always loved the idea of having all stainless steel pots and pans!! What a great giveaway!

Katelyn | Reply

Looks like an amazing cookware set! Awesome giveaway!

Taylor | Reply

Wow – this would be so incredible to win!

Melia | Reply

Oh my word, this would be so amazing. I have been dreaming of an All Clad set for ages!!

Heather T | Reply

These are amazing pots! I’d love to have the to make our first Christmas dinner with!

Shelly | Reply

This would be amazing to win because my soon to be husband and I will be moving across country and starting over

Anna Roessler | Reply

Such a lovely set of pots and pans. I really want an all clad set because I know they will last a lifetime and can be passed on to another generation too :)

Eunice | Reply

DROOL. I would love, love, love to be the lucky winner of this set!

Lauren | Reply

Love it! Does Emeril come standard with the pot set?! Thanks for offering this!

Renee | Reply

What a wonderful giveaway! I would love a new set of pots and pans. It has been a while. I love how you instantly feel like a better cook with a new set :)

Abby Rose | Reply

Trying to learn to cook at least a little before my wedding! This amazing set would be an amazing help!

Jillian | Reply

This set looks amazing!

Stephanie | Reply

I love to cook, and would be thrilled to have some great pots and pans!

Annie | Reply

Ahhh! This would be amazing!

Sarah | Reply

I would love a new set of pots and pans. I haven’t upgraded since college. I would actually be able to display these instead of hiding them in my cabinets!

Esther Chang | Reply

omg this set would be the perfect set to have as newlyweds!!

k. ann | Reply

Love the dress in this photo. Love everything about this sweepstakes.

Dee | Reply

Thanks for the chance! This is awesome!

emily | Reply

OMG ALL-CLAD. wow what an amazing giveaway! Hope i win!

Jessica montes | Reply

looks delicious, i hope i win :)

Dani White | Reply

What a fun give away! My future hubby and I are so excited about stocking our future kitchen!

Neal | Reply

I would look great in the kitchen with those!

Daniela | Reply

These are beautiful! :)

Allison | Reply

That would totally impact my Macy’s wedding registry :)

Maria J. Torrente | Reply

They’re stainless? and so pretty!!

Cody | Reply

Love the cookware!!

Kristen | Reply

Fingers crossed!

temi chung | Reply

I would die for a set of those!

Mattie | Reply

This set is amazing! My pots and pans consist of the ones my parents received on their wedding day, needless to say they have seen some love. We would definitely welcome some new additions to the family!

Anya | Reply

Obsessed with this set!

Emily | Reply

What an awesome giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity!

Meg | Reply

oh la la. i’m liking those shiny pots and pans. what a wonderful giveaway!

Elise | Reply

These looks amazing! x

Sarah | Reply

These are perfect!!!

Malloryray | Reply

It would be amazing to win this!

Abbie | Reply

Gorgeous cookware! My fiance is a chef and would LOVE it!!

Lee | Reply

Wow, this is amazing! Good equipment makes all the difference.

Jordan | Reply


Tara | Reply

I want that!

Jenna | Reply

I would love this set! What a great giveaway!

Jenn | Reply

I would love to give this to my mother in law for Christmas…she is due…I saw her pans at Thanksgiving :)

David Gayson | Reply

Came here expecting to enter a competition…looks like I missed the boat!

Carol Grier | Reply

Would love it!!!!