I’m excited to start off the week with a giveaway from one of our talented sponsors, Lisa Leonard Designs. Lisa is the creator of an adorable collection of handmade sterling silver necklaces, bracelets, and other goodies. This week she is generously giving away a custom pewter heart to 5 of our lucky readers! These would make great wedding gift for yourself or someone you love!

Lisa Leonard

To enter to win 1 of 5 custom pewter hearts, leave a comment below and be sure to include your email address. Be sure to check out her blog and website to see more of her lovely work.
UPDATE: The Giveaway is now closed and the winners are: Erika Cavanaugh, Brandi, Sheena, Mary Sweeney, and Michelle Husz.


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Melissa | Reply

I would love a heart! It would be perfect for my wedding on 10-10-10 :-)

Lindsey R | Reply

I love these! They are beautiful and I would love to use them for my wedding :)

Samantha | Reply

I love the look of this heart! It would be perfect for my rustic, fall wedding :)

Ayla Barenfanger | Reply

I love this! We’re getting married in one month and one of these pewter hearts would be a great keepsake.

Michele Janine | Reply

I love Lisa Leonard! I’ve been a fan of her unique designs for quite some time now. Her engraved Forever necklace was on my wish list last holiday season :) She has a beautiful family, too, which I love checking up on when I visit her blog! Thanks OnceWed for such an awesome giveaway.

Janelle | Reply

My cousin is getting married in July and this would be a perfect gift to give her and her fiance!

Leigha Montgomery | Reply

These are gorgeous! My fiance is a violin-maker and I love to see modern artisans doing what they love. We are only buying and using products for the wedding that were either made ourselves or by true artisans. I would love to be the winner and make this beautiful piece a part of our artisan wedding in November!

Bryony | Reply

I love Lisa’s work! Would be awesome to hang that heart up on our tree this Christmas after our wedding in August this summer!
Thanks for the contest!

Jill | Reply

Love Lisa’s designs. What a wonderful opportunity to have her creativity available!!

Jen | Reply

Lisa, I love you work! So amazing. I would love to have one of your pewter hearts for a keepsake for our August 7 wedding that I could pass on to my kids one day. I love them! Keep up the great work!

Jen | Reply

P.S. Your “HI” photos on the beach are fantastic! I love the seagulls popping into the picture.

Sada | Reply

I love these hearts! I am 26 and it is that stage in life where everyone I know is getting married soon (including me!) so this would be an awesome gift to give! :)

Chelsea | Reply

I LOVE this! Everything on her website is adorable!

Maria | Reply

From A to G…Since my name will be changing I would love to have a necklace with my new last name initial on it. I guess it will make it feel a little more real as well.

Plus it will go with everything!!! Thanks for the chance of winning.

Megan | Reply

I love the necklace that I have already and would love to be able to give them to my sister and mother. Thanks for the contest.

Carly Valentine | Reply

Such a gorgeous gift! My recently engaged friend (and very soon to be bride) would adore this.

Carly | Reply

I really like the pearl detail on your necklaces. Sometimes I feel like pearls are so often overlooked for diamonds even though they’re much simpler and prettier. :)

Lindsey R | Reply

I love these! They are beautiful and I would love to have one for my wedding and as a great memory afterwards :)

Garrett | Reply

There is so much soul in your work. Plus my fiancee’s last name is Leonard. I love your pieces!

Erika | Reply

This gave me an idea… Wouldn’t it be amazing to have engagement photos with a door in the middle of a field with this on the door knob?! My engagement photos are coming up soon and my head is flooding. Haha. These are brilliant, I love this a lot. Congrats on the lucky winner! :)

April Agustin | Reply

I love the necklace and also the heart: both are so beautiful and unique, and would go perfectly with the vintage look I’m creating for my May 14 wedding! Thanks for this contest!

Sara | Reply

Your jewlery is beautiful! This would be great for wedding ring photos. Thanks for the contest.

Emmy | Reply

So many beautiful things! Love Lisa’s blog too – it’s full of gorgeousness, just like the shop!

Those pewter hearts are absolutely stunning though. I’ve got my fingers and toes crossed xxxx

Nadine | Reply

lovely giveaway (:
I have been contemplating getting one ^^

Rachel | Reply

I’ve been lurking for a long time and have never commented…. however this contest giveaway is so amazing that I had to leave a note. Would love love love to use that heart as a decoration on our wedding cake and then to hang in our house forever!

meredith c. | Reply

i love her designs! i am getting married next year and this would be something great to win!

jen | Reply

I’m a HUGE fan of Lisa’s work .. I’d love to win!!

Catherine | Reply

LOVE this! Perfect wedding gift for a friend’s wedding next month!

Loralee | Reply

Love these!

KELLY Y. | Reply

Very Beautiful! I have been looking at these for a while for my bridesmaids!

Jessica P | Reply

I love the vintage feel of her work! These items would make a perfect wedding day accessory and a gorgeous keepsake!

Emily Pirkle | Reply

I love all of Lisa’s work and the pewter heart is gorgeous! I am to be married in October and this would be such an adorable “our first ornament” for “our first Christmas tree” in December!

Fingers crossed!

Cassie | Reply

Absolutely beautiful! Thanks for the contest!

Melanie Mansfield | Reply

My fiance’s aunt was a silversmith as well her name was Maudie. She created “Handfast” it was a clasp making site. She handmade all of Johns sisters a gift for their weddings, but she will be unable to do this for us. We lost her to colon cancer 3 years ago, she told John he should marry me, his father, her brother is a wicked man and John was afraid of marriage and her influence helped him take the leap of faith. Our wedding date is September 18th this year, and I will be forever greatful to her for secretly talking to him I never knew she did until her memorial where her best friend told me how much she loved me and wanted John and I to be together. This heart reminds me of her, it would be like a gift from an elemental workers hands. However you gift this to will be greatful
Blessings Melanie

pianoB | Reply

I would love one of those hearts for my wedding next october! I hope it’s ok for me to enter even if I live in Italy…

Christine | Reply

Lisa’s work is beautiful! The pewter heart would be so lovely for Christmas as a keepsake of our October wedding. We’ve been collecting a special ornament each year and unfortunately in our last move our collection went missing. :-( This would make a perfect special ornament for 2010!

Thanks for the contest.

chelsey | Reply

these are absolutely gorgeous.

Itsa | Reply

Hi! I follow you on bloglovin. Is it a worldwide giveaway??? I absolutely love Lisa’s work, but I live in Spain….


Tara | Reply

Your necklaces are beautiful and delicate. Great gift.

Melissa | Reply

Wow, Lisa’s blog and pictures are amazing, in addition to her jewelery! I just added her blog to my “daily blog reading list” :) We just got engaged and are aiming for a May 2011 wedding with a rustic theme, and I think this pewter heart would fit right in. Thank you for the opportunity!

Joanne | Reply

I love the personalization! Especially for the keychains. They are so simple, but so pretty since they can be personalized. I also love added pearl touch to the necklaces. It makes them more elegant.

Steph | Reply

So sad Im just finding out about Lisa. These are fantastic for so many reasons. Truly beautiful!

Kate | Reply

That would be an amazing keepsake of our wedding! Crossing my fingers.

Keegan | Reply

Those are aboslutely adorable! It would be so lovely as a Christmas tree ornament or hanging in a quaint little spot! Thanks for the contest!!

Hannah | Reply

Love your work, Lisa! So beautiful.

Lindsey | Reply

Beautiful necklaces. I am looking for the perfect gifts for the two women who are making our wedding day possible (our moms!) So many inspirations!

Wendy | Reply

These are beautiful. I would LOVE to give one to my cousin on her first anniversary this July.

Gina | Reply

lovely. : )

Katie | Reply

So pretty! Love it :)

Gina | Reply

these are lovely. : )

Ari | Reply

I love the pewter heart! We are moving into our first house in just a couple of weeks & I’d love to hang this up commemorating our wedding in September!

Anne Kelley | Reply

What cute hearts! Our first anniversary’s coming up — one of those would be perfect! :-D

Chelsea | Reply

This would be such an amazing gift for my cousin/best friend getting married later this year. Absolutley beautiful!!

Megan Brown | Reply

What beautiful hearts! They would make such a nice, personalized touch!

Danielle | Reply

Oh my goodness how adorable! It would make the perfect Christmas ornament! I especially love the “est.” date idea. very cute.

EmilyL | Reply

ooo, these are all so pretty. I really want to try and give one of these necklaces to each one of my bridesmaids to wear for the wedding!!!

Casey | Reply

Adorable necklaces. So classy and would make a great gift!

Natalie Hosnay (The future Mrs Shadbolt) | Reply

My lovely fiance and I have found ourselves stuck on the wedding theme although we are both sure we want something earthy and classic with a good dollop of romance. Your beautiful heart is the perfect inspiration…. pewter and ribbon. xxxxx

Hanna | Reply

Wonderful works!

Murphy | Reply

These are so perfect! What a great treasure!!!

Shari | Reply

i love these!! please enter me :)

Amy Johnson | Reply

Lisa’s work is so beautiful! I would love to have this for my wedding in September and to be able to keep it in our home for a lifetime to come! It would be a great keepsake piece for us and my future children!

Shauna | Reply

This piece is really stunning. It would really make a lovely gift, but would also look good in my wedding photos.. hmmm…

Amanda | Reply

What beautiful work, Lisa! I would love to give one of these lovely pieces to my sister a token of my gratitude for her incredible support and love during our wedding planning. I don’t know what I would have done without her, and this would be a perfect thank you!

Mandi | Reply

Just lovely!

Lisa Martorelli | Reply

This is perfect! I’m getting married in Oct and would love to incorporate this heart into the table somehow (we’re all sitting at one long table). I bet my baker would have a GREAT idea for it!

michelle | Reply

such beautiful hearts! and an amazing give away!

Pippin Schupbach | Reply

Love the mix of pearls and silver. Very unique, beautiful, delicate and feminine all at the same time.

Ashley | Reply

WOW! I love this :)

Emma Lou | Reply

So pretty!! I love them!

Ellie | Reply

These are fantastic! I love how they are perfectly imperfect… <3

Dani | Reply

The hearts with the ribbon are simple and stunning. Time is flying by for our August 5 wedding and this would make a beautiful keepsake.

Claire | Reply

Such lovely pieces of art and a beautiful accessory for our family wedding!

Carla Martinez | Reply

WOW! What an amazing giveaway! I LOVE th epewter heart! It (along with all of Lisa’s work) is simply stunning! My fiance and I are getting married in the fall and this would be a great “first ornament” for our first Christmas together as husband and wife.

Cara | Reply

Love….this cute ‘lil pewter heart and this great blog! always brightens my day! ;)

Christina | Reply

A good reminder that when it comes down to it, weddings are really about the love. I’m so in love!

Erika J | Reply

I absolutely LOVE Lisa’s designs. I think I might have to order one of her monogram necklace’s…right now.

Amy | Reply

You are a very talented artist!

ashley | Reply

I love the hearts. What a sweet design. The jewelry looks very much like something my sisters would appreciate. Off to shop!

Rachel | Reply

i LOVE this! What a perfect way to start off Monday :) lovely hearts!

Ashley O | Reply

I love this! All of Lisa’s work is beautiful and I would love to have the pewter heart to remember our wedding day!

annie | Reply

love the site, your family is beautiful! if i was honored with one of the hearts, i would tie it around our new puppys neck for our wedding in may <3 it would be the perfect way to dress him up for the wedding! merci : )

Kaila Most | Reply

This heart would be a beautiful piece to incorporate into the reception decor of our upcoming wedding and then in our home after the big day!

Deirdre | Reply

What gorgeous jewelry and the pewter hearts would be a gorgeous wedding gift! *love*

Mary | Reply

Beautiful hearts! I just love the look.

Nicky | Reply

how pretty!

Amelia | Reply

Beautiful designs! Just love it!

joey | Reply

Oh my gosh, these are beautiful! i absolutely love them!

Jenny | Reply

The pewter heart is gorgeous! What a beautiful gift to myself or to my many engaged friends!

Charlie | Reply

These designs are so classic and beautiful, timeless really!

me me me! | Reply

lovely! that heart would be a perfect prop for epix..and then incorporated somewhere at the wedding..i hope i win! :D

Sue L. | Reply

Oh so beautiful! It definitely captures the essence of love.

What a fantastic giveaway!

Kristin | Reply

Wow, these are so lovely!

Katie | Reply

Lovely! :)

Celeste | Reply

I love all of Lisa’s designs! And, you know, this heart would actually be great for a friend of mine who is going to be having her first baby any day now!

Valerie | Reply

Love these pieces.

Patricia | Reply

They are so beautiful!

With our budget-wise vintage wedding coming up next summer, this would be a wonderful wedding gift to myself :) (though I’d start wearing it asap as it would add such a wonderful touch to so many different outfits and occasions.)

Lisa really has that feminine beauty down.

tarahjoi | Reply

goodness, these are lovely!

Cameron | Reply

I love this! I love the rustic handmade quality to the pewter heart. It goes wtih my whole wedding and it would be such a great addition to my home! *Crossing my fingers (and toes)*

Simone Lucinda | Reply

Hi Love Lisa Leonard Designs, with trying to keep a budget really tight i’m finding it very hard to find details I love but I sure do love her work. xxxx

Becca | Reply

Lisa’s work is beautiful! I love the necklaces…. they would make such great bridesmaid’s gifts! And the pewter heart is really beautiful. What a lovely way to celebrate a couple’s love! I’d be thrilled to have a pretty pewter heart for our ceremony…. it matches our theme perfectly!

-Becca (

Madeleine Willis | Reply

Wow, what a beautiful idea. I am getting married September 9th this year. I would love to have a keepsake from it. Timeless !

Shannon | Reply

beautiful craftsmanship!!

Lily Faust Mendoza | Reply

These pieces are so rustic and beutiful! I would love to incorporate some of them into my May wedding!

Tiffany | Reply

I absolutely love these!

Becki | Reply

LOVE these! Beautiful and timeless.

Heather Anne | Reply

LOVE Lisa’s designs… I have been eyeing a couple things for awhile! Would love this as a keepsake for our wedding at the end of July!

Ann F | Reply

This is so beautiful.
AnnDavidWedding (at)

Krissa Mickelwait | Reply

Very beautiful! My best friend is getting married September 18. I’d love to surprise her with this!

taylor | Reply

those are so pretty! i would love to have one!

Darren | Reply

We’re getting married in 2 weeks and my future wife would look lovely in one of these necklaces. Great work!

Carly | Reply

These are so beautiful. Good luck, everyone!!

Caitlin Grant | Reply

Those are beautiful! I would love to win them for my sister’s upcoming wedding. There are three of us, and I’m sure we would all look that much better if we each had one. And I’m sure my Mom would love it too!!

ps. love the blog! I can’t wait to start planning my own wedding. My boyfriend just told me he’s looking at rings!

Kerry | Reply

Those are truly lovely!

kelly | Reply

i LOVE these!

Anne | Reply

I love these necklaces! And I love this site :)

Eunice Kim | Reply

There are so simple and so beautiful. I would love to have one for a friends upcoming wedding. I know they would absolutely adore and cherish it :)

Sara Ross | Reply

I LOVE Lisa Leonard! The designs are so beautiful and unique!! I would love to win them as gifts for my bridesmaids for my Spring 2011 wedding!!

Gabrielle | Reply

Please pick me! Today is my birthday, and I would love, love, love this as a keepsake for my wedding!!! Simple and absolutely beatuiful.

Courtney Atkins | Reply

This is a beautiful work of art. Would be excited and honor to display at my wedding and in our home afterwards. Beautiful!

Sophie Lewis | Reply

I’ve been making every guest a wedding favour, its a wooden heart with their initials engraved on it. I am going to use them as place name tags aswell. It would be lovely to have one for myself and husband to be. Also just to say thank you for this fantastic website, i’m from Britain and i check it everyday. I’m having a small intimate wedding and there are brilliant ideas on here daily xxx | Reply

I love Lisa Leonard and have been a fan of her unique designs for a while now!
I have 5 friends tying the knot this year and to give one of these as a gift would be perfect!
Thanks OnceWed for such an awesome giveaway.

Shelly Green | Reply

These are amazing!!!! I would love to have one of her designs hanging in my house.

Lynnie | Reply

I am in love…. <3

Janice | Reply

I love these! I would love to give these out to my BMs! Good luck to all!

Aly | Reply

I absolutely love these! My fiancé, Michael, and I would love these for our vintage inspired wedding this October 16th! Most of our inspiration for decorating has come from Once Wed! We love this site! And all of the links to fabulous other sites! Beautiful work Lisa!

Renee Crug | Reply

Beautiful designs!

Catherine | Reply

How pretty is all of her work!? Would be so excited to win this!

Gina Bledsoe | Reply

Love the artistic feel of all the pieces! Would make a great gift for my mom!

Beth | Reply

Oh My Gosh! My friend is soon-to-be-engaged (She doesn’t know it yet though so SHH!) and this would be an amazing engagement gift! Fingers are officially crossed!

Molly | Reply

The “Lots of Love” necklace would make a perfect bridesmaid gift!

salina | Reply

As my three year old flower girl Shelby would say, “I NEED IT!!” I love the pewter heart and it would be such a great memento for our August wedding!

Nicoleskm | Reply

I would LOVE to give one of these hearts to my sister on her wedding day!!! She would be elated, they are so special.

Nicole & Victor | Reply

This is such a generous give-away! These pieces are beautiful…. WOW!!!

Lisa | Reply

I love those necklaces! Perfect gifts for my bridesmaids, great contest!

Crystal | Reply

Love these pieces so much!

Melissa West | Reply

Just beautiful!

Jessica | Reply

Love Lisa’s designs. Her jewelry is simple, but so sweet. LOVE the pewter heart too – what a wonderful keepsake :)

Catie | Reply

Very pretty, I love the detail work!

Courtney | Reply

Wow! they are really gorgeous! i love them.

Courtney Cooper | Reply

The heart, as well as the whole line is absolutely perfect! I would love to give this to my sister who will soon be getting married in the fall!

Alison Kelly | Reply

beyond fabulous!!! Love love love!

Courtney | Reply

Perfect maid of honor gift for my sister! I wanted to give her something extra special!

Erika Cavanaugh | Reply

Perfect wedding gift for one of my bff’s:) Love Lisa Leonard Designs!

Joyce | Reply

This is lovely. Hope I win!

~ calista ~ | Reply

These are beautiful! I have a couple weddings coming up that I still need to buy a gift for :-}

anna | Reply

this heart melts MY heart. as does the font. does that make me weird that i love fonts?

Jen L. | Reply

These would make such a sweet gift!

Nicole & Victor | Reply

Her handmade items are beautiful, this pewter heart would be a wonderful keepsake for us. What a generous give-away, thank you!

Amanda C. | Reply

The heart is just gorgeous! Simple, but powerful.

Julia R | Reply

Adorable! I love the texture on the hearts.

staceys | Reply

I’ve been looking for an elegant engraved item to commemorate our wedding to be displayed on our christmas tree, this would be perfect and become a treasured family heirloom.

kaleigh williams | Reply

these are just gorgeous. i would love to own one of these with my wedding date on it!!!!! ahhhh.

epicurejenn | Reply

these are so darling! i’d love to win one with my wedding date on it, 9/4/2010! :)

heather | Reply

absolutely lovely. would be a nice addition to our wedding.



Steph | Reply

I <3 Lisa Leonard stuff!

Stephanie Johnson | Reply

I just ordered one for a wedding. I would life to have one too! =)

Stephanie Johnson | Reply

I mean love. =) Not live.

brandi | Reply

I have been looking for a sweet little gift for two of my dearest friend…they are tying the knot in a few weeks, and this would be PERFECT! Fingers crossed….

Ashley | Reply

LOVELOVELOVE the pewter hearts- they remind me of what my grandmother used to make before she got arthritis in her hands:)

I would love to give these as a present to all of my bridesmaids!

Adina | Reply

Absolutely gorgeous!!

meg | Reply

these are exquisite!

Sarah H. | Reply

So excited! These necklaces are beautiful.

Kate B | Reply

Just beautiful, my friend getting married in July would love them!

Jenn | Reply

These are sooooo pretty! I would LOVE to have them in every letter! ha.

Jacqueline | Reply

This would make a lovely display at our wedding & home after…

Amber | Reply

They are so beautiful! I went to a “one of a kind show” over the holidays and bought something like them, but in ceramic. I was so excited to show my brother and sister that when i pulled it out it went flying out of my hands and cracked. I would love to replace it for my wedding on August 28, 2010.

Alison Rebecca Davis | Reply

One of these would make the perfect gift for my boyfriend’s brother. He is marrying the most amazing girl in October.

Cicely | Reply

Loving these, all the way from Scotland <3

Lisa | Reply

I’ve always loved Lisa Leonard.

frederique | Reply

Wow, so beautiful! I want it!

Nichole | Reply

WOW – what very unique peice of jewelry. So beautiful….The double heart cuff is awesome!!

Thanks for the chance!

Chloe | Reply

How pretty, I will definitely be checking out her website!

Maria | Reply

How beautiful!

Rebecca | Reply

These are gorgeous. I love the pairing of metal and pearl.

Jaimie | Reply

Playful and classy items. I would love to be picked for this fun giveaway!

Stephanie | Reply

I love this! I would def. use this in place of a ring bearer pillow.

katherine | Reply

Her work is super cute – what a simple, lovely piece as well. I love it – I almost wanna get one plus a little tag for my dog – I wanna tie her into the wedding .

Rhonda | Reply

Love this so much!

Sarah | Reply

Very cute! I can’t decide if I’d give it away or just keep it for myself!

Eva | Reply

this would make such a wonderful gift for all the lovies i know getting married this season :)

Kat Forsyth | Reply

I love it! I think I need one of these to hang on the door of our new home… :-) Combination door-knocker and AWESOMENESS!

Kelly J.K. | Reply

What a wonderful giveaway. We’re getting married August 28th of this year.

Bev & Phil | Reply

Just gorgeous. …I’m heading over to her website now…these would be just perfect for our love heart crazy wedding day in England next year. x

Katie | Reply

wow! theses are gorgeous! i love the vintage feel of her work!

Ashley | Reply

love them! would be the perfect touch for my vintage inspired DIY wedding!

Bev & Phil | Reply

How gorgeous…heading over to the website right now…these would be simply perfect for our love heart crazy wedding next next year in England. x

Nicole & Victor | Reply

LOVE! How awesome would it be to have one of these hanging in our kitchen!

Chelsea Strautman | Reply

These are so unique! I would love one to commemorate my August wedding.

Heather | Reply

So beautiful! It would make a great Christmas tree ornament!

Susan Goldstein | Reply

I just got engaged on Saturday! These are lovely!!!

Maria & Jon | Reply

So pretty! Would love to have this for our wedding next June!

Michelle | Reply

Love Love Love These

Amanda B | Reply

So cute! Thanks for the contest!!!

Rose Culhane | Reply

Love love love!!

Chantal | Reply

Have a heart…choose me! Love the sweet keepsake.

Rachel | Reply

How pretty! I’ve been looking for a wedding day keepsake to hang on our wall or our Christmas tree that’s not too overdone. Thank you for letting me in on the Lisa Leonard secret :-) I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

Kimberly | Reply

So very beautiful!

Nicole & Victor | Reply

I ADORE these pewter hearts! Omgosh I’d love one!

Bonnie | Reply

These would be a perfect addition to our wedding celebration!

Casey Lappe | Reply

What an amazing contest! I love the look!

Lauren Alley | Reply

I have looked at the artists work before and loved it!
She truly has a gift of design and artistry.
Even if I do not win, her work is a beauty to admire.

Kristen M. | Reply

these are so cute!!!

Patty Gregory | Reply

Love your work!

heather g | Reply

Those are so beautiful!

Andrea A | Reply

How freaking cute is that heart and those necklaces are adorable…

Miss Pete | Reply

this work it beautiful. the necklaces are perfectly understated. They will be fabulous for my bridesmaids gifts. Thank you OnceWed <3

Sarah | Reply

The designs are so simple and charming. The custom necklaces would make perfect bridesmaids gifts. I love the necklaces that have one single pearl… so feminine, simple, and attractive.

rebekah solomon | Reply

amazing! would make a wonderful gift my little sister… who’s getting married in september :)

Katie | Reply

I just got engaged a week ago! My fiance totally took me by surprise with an proposal on the beach. I would LOVE a favor like these to give to my bridesmaids. We’re looking for a vintage feel to the wedding and I think these would go perfectly!

Joanne | Reply

Too cute! it would be a lovely keepsake. Thanks for an awesome giveaway!

Nicole & Victor | Reply

These are SO great! EEK!

Melissa Adelstein & David King | Reply

Oh how cute! We’d love to incorporate these into our rustic wedding!

Lauren | Reply

What a gem!

Erin | Reply

I got very excited to see the name Lisa Leonard and even more so when it was followed by “giveaway.” Her work is just so amazing and I would love to have one of these!

Julia | Reply

I would very much love to win one of these gorgeous pewter hearts to give as a gift to my husband-to-be :-) I know it would make him melt! Thank you so much.

emily | Reply

Ooh! Awesome giveaway! I love all her stuff!!!

Lauren Manning | Reply

The heart is beautiful! What a great keepsake!!

Louise F. | Reply

These are absolutely lovely — charming simplicity!

Laura | Reply

OMG I have had Lisa Leonards website in my favourites for the past 6 months I am madly and pastionatly in love with everything, to win a beautiful heart for my lighthouse wedding in September would be a dream come true :)))

LeeAnne | Reply

I LOVE Lisa Leonard’s work!

Cari Ann | Reply

L – Lisa’s work makes me smile
O – Original, need I say more
V – Vice, reading your blog, post-wedding
E – Each and every piece is beautiful


couturebowl | Reply

adore this – would be perfect for my best friends wedding!

sarah | Reply

oh, it’s darling! Like Melissa, we’re having a rustic wedding this summer and this would be perfect!

Rachael | Reply

What a sweet keepsake. I love her work, every piece is simple and sophisticated. So glad to have found a designer who creates unique pieces for those special memories in life.

Lauren | Reply

I’ll be in my dear friend’s wedding this July and what a perfect gift this lovely heart would make! Love them!

Lindsey | Reply

These are soo adorable! Her work is so charming!

Dorothea | Reply

Gorgeous! What a wonderful & thoughful giveaway for June!

Laura Barron | Reply

Just lovely! I would love to have one with my date on it! Love her work!

andrea | Reply

This is such a lovely giveaway! One of the hearts would be amazing for our wedding in a month.

Tabby | Reply

Love love love!!!

Rebecca Randall | Reply

I love it! I’m a big fan, and I have recieved many complements on my new Lisa Leonard necklace. I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

Kelsey | Reply

I LOVE Lisa Leonard’s work. I got the family tree necklace as a gift for my future mother in law and she absolutely loved it! The quality and her attention to detail is fantastic. Hope to win so I can have a piece for myself!!!

Nicole & Victor | Reply

LOVE! i would love to hang this above us during the ceremony!

Ashley | Reply

This is so cute. I have wanted one but either didn’t know where to get one or found them to be so expensive!

Jennifer P. | Reply

I love the rustic, dimpled surface of the hearts, and the handmade love that goes into making them!

Jesikah Ruehle | Reply

Love Love LOVE! Perfect for my outdoor, intimate July ceremony!

Haruna | Reply

I LOVE them. I want them!

Hana | Reply

This is beautiful! It would be so perfect for our wedding on October 10th! Thank you for the opportunity :)

Marlena | Reply

My married last name will be Love so the pewter heart acknowledging this union with my future husband would be far too perfect!

Jean | Reply

I heart her work… so loverly :)

SR | Reply

I love love love the sweetheart tree necklace!

hepsibob plodka | Reply

The pewter heart is really special!

Nicole & Victor | Reply

EEK! Love! This would be so great to display at the wedding, and then to take up permanent residence in our kitchen. :)

Melissa | Reply

This is absolutely precious! Would love to have one for my September wedding and to have as a fixture in our house for years to come!

Alison | Reply

So pretty!!!

Marie | Reply

Her work is beautiful. It’s simple but so elegant; little precious things! That heart is so sweet and adorable, definitely something that can be used at the wedding and a keepsake forever after!

dani | Reply

seems like the perfect thing for my flowergirl to carry instead of flowers! i love it!

Casey B. | Reply

I have been looking into these for quite some time! I absolutely love them!!!

Emma | Reply

absolutely beautiful!!! I love these :)

Nicole | Reply

Yes please!

Fanny | Reply

Very cute necklaces!

Olivia | Reply

These are beautiful. I have always gravitated toward pieces that are unique, meaningful, and hand-made. This heart fits the bill perfectly! Keeping my fingers crossed…. :)

Nicole & Victor | Reply

Ack! In love! This is such a sweet memento! I would love to have one to commemorate our day!

Lindsey Muir | Reply

beautiful! Love these!!

Sara | Reply

I would love love love one of these hearts! I haven’t yet decided what to have my flower girl carry and this would be so perfect!!

Debbie @ Bridalhood | Reply

This would be the perfect memento and keepsake and I would love to have one of these beautiful pewter creations to remember our amazing wedding day!

Jocelyn Stott | Reply

I am so in love with these and I really hope I win!!!!

Emily H. | Reply

what a lovely giveaway! it would be just perfect for our wedding day AND our new house! YAY!! thank you for sharing :)

Allison | Reply


Tina Phillips | Reply

oh my gosh I would LOVE one of these!! Thanks so much for your kind offer!

sharon | Reply

19 days and counting down…lots of money is flying out. winning something so cute would be delightful right about now

Brittany | Reply

Would love to win for a gift for my best friend’s wedding in August!

Sergio | Reply

My fiance would love this as a gift!

rebecca | Reply

i love this. i always reciete the ee cumming poem to my fiance.
i carry your heart. i carry your heart in my heart.
this would be perfect.

Jill | Reply

These are so beautiful! I love personalization! :)

Xoxo – Jill

Natalie | Reply

Love her work! This is wonderful!

Ashley-Brooke | Reply

The uniqueness of this heart would be great to use in decorations for our wedding in just a few weeks… AND THEN to be able to use it for our home decor as a reminder of how sweet our love was on the day we got married. What a memory to be hanging in our home! Wouldn’t that be lovely for 50 yeard from now? I want this SOOOO bad!

Cassie | Reply

I love these hearts!

Jillian | Reply

Love it! It would be perfect for one of my ring bearers to carry down the aisle.

Liz | Reply

The necklaces are gorgeous and the hearts are beautiful! What a thoughtful keepsake!

Mary Sweeney | Reply

omg! Perfect. I am a new wife and now have a new last name and this would be something special so that I could represent :) Great work fingers and Paws crossed I never win anything! xoxo Mary

Kristi | Reply

I would LOVE to give one of these to my sister who is getting married in Sept!!! Just her style.

Jenny | Reply

beautiful work! love it! :)

Okeoma | Reply

Lisa’s work is amazing. Her necklaces would make prefect bridesmaid’s gifts! Thanks for the great giveaway!

Ginger | Reply

Very cool! Haven’t seen those before!

Maggie | Reply

OOO! So pretty! I just love those!

Sarah | Reply

I love these! Thank you for sharing Lisa’s work – so unique!

Megan | Reply

I would love one of these necklaces! They are so gorgeous!

susan hwang | Reply

wow these are the perfect customized gift! love the site and thanks for the giveaway :)

Erin | Reply

I made a necklace for my friend through Lisa Leonard and she LOVED IT! We’ve since put in an order for the rest of our friends. Love to have this darling heart for a sweet, sweet present! ;)

jamie | Reply

My mother has collected pewter things since I was a tiny tiny baby. She & my dad are celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary this year, and I would LOVE to be able to give them this!!!

Jaimie | Reply

I love, love, loooove Lisa Leonard!

Ella | Reply

these are delicious! Hope it’s my lucky day ;)

Jessica Martinez | Reply

Simply beautiful! <3

Sarah Schwieger | Reply

How beautiful! Having this heart would be a wonderful way to commemorate my new marriage!

Penni | Reply

I would love one for my upcoming wedding next March. We’re trying to keep it a home-made theme, and these would be perfect!

Emma Hayes | Reply

I love her work — HUGE FAN! pick me!! I want to buy the collection for my bridesmaids and i’d LOVE to have one for myself.

Ann | Reply

I have been wanting to win something of hers for SO long! Would loooove it! Thanks for the chance!

Lora | Reply

Perfect gift to give my bridal party!

Kayla | Reply

So, so darling!! Our wedding is so soon, and this would be perfect for our pictures!!

Brittany | Reply

These are beautiful! I would love love love one of these!!!

Lauren | Reply

Those are wonderful. I love those.

Karissa | Reply

I love these beautiful hearts! I’m getting married this Saturday :) I’m so excited! Thanks for giving this fun opportunity to possibly win a special keepsake!

Bonnie | Reply

The necklaces are beautiful.

Jordan Ashley | Reply

What a fun way to celebrate our 1st year anniversary! absolutely brilliant jewelry. cheers!

Kristin | Reply

So beautiful! I would love to have one of these for our wedding day!

Missy | Reply

The heart is so beautiful!

nichole | Reply


pick me indeed. ;-)

Martha | Reply

Simple and beautiful.


Brielle | Reply

I love these! I’m planning my wedding and they would work perfectly!

Nicole & Victor | Reply

These pewter hearts are awesome!

ms. awesome | Reply

Love the hearts. Love the letters. Total perfect match for our two-bride, heart-filled, love-fest. :)

Brianne | Reply

I have been in love with her designs for a long time! I finally have my own lisa lenard design and am just IN LOVE with it.
great giveaway!

ryane | Reply

Oh, i love this! would love to send it to friends to celebrate their anniversary!
ryeharrison (at) gmail dot com

Angela | Reply

So cute! hope I win :)

Qing Tan | Reply

heh, just after i got engaged with a diamond ring 4mths ago, i truly wanted to get a lisa leonard ring with the word “engagement” engraved on it (ie engagement ring) to wear daily :p (everyone thought it was too cheesy though, hence i never did)
absolutely love the stuff.

Fern | Reply

Ooh, I love her stuff! I’d love to win a necklace.

Emma Jeffery | Reply

My Gran has been waiting for years for one of her grand-daughters to get married and I finally am! So this fab heart would make a lovely present to her to let her know it’s really happening! Lisa- I love your ‘key to my heart’ necklace. X emma

anna | Reply

everything she does is beautiful!

Stephanie | Reply

I would love to have one! Please!!!

Sarah | Reply

Loveee! I’m getting married next April & would love to exhibit this gorgeous heart in our wedding photos. What a great idea! Thank you very much.

Jenny | Reply

i would love love love these for my girls! all 5 of my girls are so close to me i would love to give them something as special as Lisa’s work. How beautiful would that be!? oh gosh i hope i win hahaha :D

Alicia | Reply

These are beautiful and would be great for our wedding at the end of September! I will keep my fingers crossed!

Kendra | Reply

so charming. I’d be honored to hang this little beauty in my home, and include it in our wedding day.

Megan C. | Reply

What a gorgeous keepsake – I would love to gift it to my sister who’s getting married this winter!

sarah r. | Reply

i have been eye-ing (eying???) these forever… <3

sarah r.
sgreck428 at yahoo

beth | Reply

this is such a beautiful piece and so meaningful, with a destination wedding I have to travel so light much can’t be done. Would love to give this to have this at the wedding ceremony and then hang as a remembrance.

Christie | Reply

So cute!! Would love to have one. :)

Ana Almeida | Reply

A year from today I will be getting married!!! And that heart is simply gorgeous!

Katie | Reply

Precious! Love ALL of Lisa’s designs and her sweet spirit. Her blog is wonderful.

Meaghan Lemon | Reply

I love the look and would love to have one. Please.

Jennifer | Reply

How beautiful! Own a couple of her designs already…would love to add to the collection:)

Jenn | Reply

I am loving the kisses and hugs necklace. thanks for hosting an awesome giveaway!!!

Janice Carnevale | Reply

This pewter heart is darling. I’d love to give it to a client!

clare | Reply

I write all the way from Scotland to say thankful I am to have come across Once Wed – only a few months before my wedding. I have been given so much inspiration for the big day. THANK YOU.
This artist has a lovely unique way of capturing sentiments in jewellery form, really lovely pieces.

Scottye | Reply

Such a cute heart and a great way to personalize bridesmaid’s gift.

Judith LaFaver | Reply

I love anything that has that handstamped look.

Kayte | Reply

These are beautiful and I would love the opportunity to own one

Jessica Barrett | Reply

These are beautiful and rustic. I love it!

Melissa | Reply

I am getting married in Scotland July 1! i love this! I bought my mom a mother’s day necklace from Lisa Leonard. She loved it!

Rachel | Reply

Such a simple yet classy, beautiful, and striking gift. I adore these :)

Jeanne | Reply

Lovely work! Thank you for the chance.

Samantha Ross | Reply

This is fantastic! The minute I saw it, I knew I had to have it! :) Yes, please!

ruthie | Reply

married 37 days. ready for 1 priceless lifetime.

your jewelry speaks to the simple side of love.

Kira Hodgson | Reply

Love, love, love these!! And my wedding is only 11 days away!! These would make a great addition to our new home together!

Lisa W. | Reply

Fun! Thanks for the opportunity.

Katie | Reply

LOVE these necklaces so pretty :-)

Jess Chalmers | Reply

These necklaces are so delicate and perfect. I would love to have one!

La | Reply

Just love the unique texture of Lisa’s designs! Girly but slightly industrial and rough at the same time – so perfect.

Nicole & Victor | Reply

I am in love with this pewter heart!!! Ack!

Jessica | Reply

Love! Absolutely beautiful!

Michelle | Reply

Great competition Lisa… thanks for the opportunity to win one of your special pieces.

Nicole & Victor | Reply

We would love to have one of these bearing our names and the date of our wedding! What a special keepsake to display!

Catrina Marie | Reply

What a beautiful keepsake for any bride to have! You have really been blessed with an amazing talent. May God richly bless your marriage and my own that is on the horizon.

suzanne | Reply

These are so awesome and I would love to have such a beautiful keepsake!

Kristina | Reply

gorgeous work!

Liesel Skiles | Reply

LOVE this! Would you be able to quote me for a smaller version, say 25? I would love to give them as favors!

Michelle | Reply

The pewter heart is just fantastic – love the type choice. In fact, Lisa’s work in general is just stunning.

Crystal | Reply

I received Lisa Leonard’s lovebird necklace for Christmas and it actually inspired our invite design. I think her work is beautiful!

Erin | Reply

Gorgeous! Simply gorgeous! I would love to win one for myself or my sister who is getting married in September! :)

Nicole & Victor | Reply

How cute is this pewter heart?!?! I would love to hang this on our bedroom door!

Amanda | Reply

What a treasured family heirloom this could become. I see it spending the first 50 years of it’s life leading up to a fiftieth wedding anniversary and then being passed down through the generations along with tales of grandma and grandpa and their love together. :-)

Natosha | Reply

Oh, I would LOVE to have a pewter heart with our nicknames “Big Spoon and Little Spoon” on it for our 10.10.10 wedding!

Nicole & Victor | Reply

EEK! I love this pewter heart, what a wonderful keepsake!

Courtney & John | Reply

The pewter heart would be a great detail on any doorknob, welcoming guests to your big day (ours is in September!), and to enjoy in your first home together as a little reminder of your special day every time you walk through the door. So pretty.

Nicole & Victor | Reply

We would adore a pewter heart of our own! Beautiful!

Holly | Reply

Love these! Perfect for my September wedding!

Nicole & Victor | Reply

Wonderful keepsake. We would love one bearing our names and wedding date! :)

Kizzle | Reply

They are gorgeous!! I love how unique they are (not just the personalization). Not your average accessories.

Elaine | Reply

Oh! Those are seriously so cute. Love love.

Julia | Reply

My bridesmaids would love these. As would I.

Kaitlin | Reply

I have been wanting this heart as a keepsake for my wedding on 10-1-10! Love it :)

Adrienne | Reply

These are beautiful! They would be perfect with my wedding:)

Hannah | Reply

These are too adorable!

Kate | Reply

LOVE it. So beautiful

Erin | Reply

Love it…so adorable!

Nicole & Victor | Reply

Generous give-away! I love this!

Brittany | Reply

love, love, love them!

CupcakeCaliBride | Reply

Oh I love these hearts! How perfect for our wedding!

Sara | Reply

I love this!! So gorgeous and perfect for my wedding :)

Carolyn | Reply

These would be a great gift for my bridesmaids! Where can I get them?

Lauren | Reply

Absolutely stunning! Love them!

Bridgette | Reply

The hearts are absolutely stunning! Love them!

Liz | Reply

Oh so pretty!

Nikki | Reply

Lisa Leonard’s pewter hearts are the cutest! I would love to have one to symbolize my love.

Linae | Reply

Love the heart. I’d love to win it :)

MichelleG | Reply

She makes such lovely things! I love this heart and it’d be a wonderful keepsake for our wedding!

annie bernstein | Reply

love, love, love these … amazing. would love to have as part of my wedding and home!

Sharon | Reply

Such a timeless keepsake – I’d love to win one for our wedding next June!

Tiffany Wong | Reply

how fun and beautiful. just the thing to get me geared up for wedding planning. :)

Samar | Reply

A beautiful momento to commemorate a special event. It would look perfect hanging on a doorknob!

Vanessa | Reply

There are gorgeous and so personal, which is incredibly important to me as I’m uber-sentimental!! What a wonderful keepsake/heirloom! Beautiful work!!

Kelly | Reply

I was actually thinking about these for bridesmaids gifts. They’re so perfect!

Nicole | Reply

Beautiful pewter! A great gift for my best friend’s wedding at the end of July

Nicole & Victor | Reply

How sweet is this!

Nicole | Reply

i love lisa’s designs! the lovebird necklace has got to be the cutest thing!

Kristin S. | Reply

Perfect attendant gifts! Love the necklaces!

frances | Reply

oh this is so great. thanks so much!

Nicole & Victor | Reply

Eek! Love this! We would love to have one!

Amanda Faas | Reply

I have to be honest, I had never heard of Lisa and her beautiful designs. I found myself on her webiste for nearly an hour admiring all her work and sending it to my friends. It has such a personal feel to it and unlike anything I’ve seen before. My fiance and I are planning our 11/06/10 wedding. Everything is personalized and DIY all over and the heart completely goes with the theme.

What a neat giveaway!

Katie | Reply

Love this! the necklaces would be perfect bridesmaid gifts!

Jessie Dae | Reply

Would be a perfect way to suprise my husband … and show him that I *finally* changed my name ;)


Elaine | Reply

The hearts are gorgeous!

Nicole & Victor | Reply

Ooo! I love her things! This pewter heart would be AWESOME!

Jenny | Reply

Love Love Love. So pretty and special. It’s rustic and charming with a modern touch. Well done Miss Leonard.

Tara | Reply

I’d love to give my friend the pewter heart for her upcoming wedding – as I’m the MOH and would love to give her a gift that is personal as well as beautiful!

stacy | Reply

yes please! i would love to have for my september wedding shindig! =)

Nicole & Victor | Reply

These pewter hearts are awesome! I love her necklaces… so simple and elegant!

Melanie K | Reply

I heart these!!! ;D

Nicole & Victor | Reply

Her work is beautiful, I would love to have one of her pewter hearts to display in our home.

jessica define | Reply

Lisa’s work is so sweet. Those necklaces with the single letter would be awesome bridesmaid gifts!

Deborah | Reply

So beautiful!

Nicole & Victor | Reply

Her pewter hearts are so simple and perfect – I’d love to be able to hang one in our kitchen.

Evita Lyon | Reply

The necklace is so adorable!!!

Eunice | Reply

I had never heard of Lisa Leonard before this, but after seeing this blog post, I just spent the last hour browsing her site. Everything is just delicately beautiful! I’d love to have one of these hanging hearts for a keepsake for my upcoming wedding. It looks like something I could ask my photographer about incorporating into some of our engagement photos…

Kelli | Reply

Simply beautiful! I want one soo bad!

Jen | Reply

Gorgeous necklaces! I’m new to the website and so glad I found you.

Jen | Reply

Her “Loved” necklace would be great gifts for my stepdaughters-to-be!

Nicole & Victor | Reply

Absolutely beautiful – simple and sweet

Stacey | Reply

So beautiful…we would love to display this hanging from the arbor at our spring 2011 wedding!

Nicole & Victor | Reply

We would love one of these beautiful pewter hearts as a keepsake!

Amanda Suhrbier | Reply

This is so pretty, I can just see it hanging in our little nest! :)

Kristen S | Reply

I love the petite family crest necklace, and would love to get the initial of get my soon to be new last name!

Nicole & Victor | Reply

This would be so beautiful hanging in our kitchen, on a doorknob, or on the Christmas tree!

Katherine | Reply

Oooh, lovely!

Erin*Sparkle&Hay | Reply

ooooohhh… these pewter hearts are just simply beautiful. i would love one..

Nicole & Victor | Reply

These are so beautiful…

Nicole & Victor | Reply

So wonderful, would be lucky to display one at our wedding!

Nicole & Victor | Reply

Eek! I love these pewter hearts! What an honor to display one at our wedding, and then in our home!

Nicole & Victor | Reply

*Squeel!* I would love to have one of these! We could use it at the wedding and then hang it in the kitchen, or from a door knob, or use it as a Christmas ornament!

Nicole & Victor | Reply

This is so pretty! I would love one!

Shila | Reply

These hearts are beautiful! I think that it would be a lovely keepsake for our wedding :)

Nicole & Victor | Reply

These are so simple and sweet, I would love to use one at our ceremony and then hang it in our home! :) Thank you for such a generous give-away!

Diana | Reply

love these!!! would love one for myself as well as my bridesmaids :)

Liz | Reply

Gorgeous! Love all of the pendants! Perfect to show off my new initials on my wedding day :)

Nuvea | Reply

This is the first bride’s maid I’ve seen that I actually like!!

Nuvea | Reply

I meant bride’s maid gifts that I like!! :)

Nicole & Victor | Reply

These pewter hearts are wonderful! I would love to incorporate one in our wedding and then display it in our home.

Natascha | Reply

Such a great idea! I love the est. date; would be a really cute thing to hang in our bedroom…plus it will help remind a certain someone of our anniversary date!

Alice | Reply

I love Lisa. :)

claudia | Reply

‘oh silvia…?’
“yes mikey”
‘how do you call your, loverboy?’
“oh, loverboy…”
‘and if he still doesn’t answer..?’
“i simply say: baby, oooooh baby, my sweet baby, you’re the one!’

Janet G. | Reply

I don’t know if this giveaway is still open, but I would love to enter my daughter. She just got married last Monday while home on leave from Iraq. She would love one of the hearts!

Nicole & Victor | Reply

I adore these hearts!

Nicole & Victor | Reply

these are just beautiful!

amanda | Reply

Hope the giveaway is still running. I’ve always loved her designs, thanks for the chance!

Nicole & Victor | Reply

This would be perfect hanging in our kitchen, from a door handle, or even on the Christmas tree!

Phi | Reply

Wouah, that’s adorable ! :)

Nicole | Reply

These hearts are so simple and beautiful

Hannah | Reply

These hearts would be perfect for our wedding next year (October 19, 2011)!

Nicole & Victor | Reply

I love these! So sweet!

Liz | Reply

Adorable :)

Whitney | Reply

Would love to get these for my sister’s wedding in August!

Nicole & Victor | Reply

These are so perfect! We would love one! Thank you for such a generous give-away!

jenny | Reply

I Love it! One of these hearts would make a beautiful keepsake. Thank You!

Rachel | Reply

So pretty and elegant!

Nicole | Reply

So sweet and simple! I would love to have one!

Nicole & Victor | Reply

I adore these pewter hearts!

Helena | Reply

Yes please!! Sooo pretty!

Nicole & Victor | Reply

Love these :) Generous give-away!

Emily | Reply

adorable!! such a perfect gift!

Nicole & Victor | Reply

We would love to be the lucky recipients of one of these beautiful pewter hearts!

Nicole & Victor | Reply

These are lovely! We would love to win one! Thank you for a generous give-away. :)

Elizabeth Freed | Reply

The hearts are darling!!!

Brigid | Reply

I love these!

Leslie | Reply

Wedding in August and Love in my heart. What beautiful work you do. I would love to have a piece with our names on it.


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