One of our sponsors here on Once Wed is the lovely Lisa Leonard Designs. Each piece of her custom jewelry is hand-cut, hammered, antiqued and polished sterling silver. These would make great bridesmaid gifts to be worn for the day of the wedding and long after.

Lisa is doing a giveaway today as well! One reader will win 4 necklaces from the Petit Crest line, which is featured below. All you have to do is leave a comment and one random winner will be selected.




Lisa not only makes necklaces, but custom bracelets, key chains and more. Make sure to check out her store here.

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Valerie Schein | Reply

These necklaces are beautiful! I love how clean and simple they are- they would really go with anything, which isn’t something you can say about a lot of the things bridesmaids get as gifts.

Lyndsay | Reply

I love Lisa’s designs! Happily entering this contest.

Taylor | Reply

So cute and a great bridesmaid gift!

Abby | Reply

these are so beautiful!

Laura | Reply

Swoon! These are so simple and beautiful.

Michelle Sprague | Reply

Beautiful necklaces, and a great idea for bridesmaid’s gifts!

Jessica | Reply

I love the necklaces, but what is really peaking my intrest is the dresses… any idea who they’re by?

Hollie | Reply

I love her designs, absolutely gorgeous!

chantelle | Reply

I adore these necklace! They are so beautiful.

Kendra | Reply

awesome! I would be honored to gift these to my ladies!

Shyra | Reply

Your “captured heart” necklace would be perfect for my bridesmaids! What beautiful work! Fingers are crossed…

Melissa VanToever | Reply

I LOVE these necklaces, and I know by bridesmaids would too! I’m heading over to her website right now!!

Amanda | Reply

These are so lovely, and are a great gift idea!

Kate | Reply

Love the Petite Family Crest necklaces, Lisa! I think my bridesmaids will too – all 13 of them :)

Merin | Reply

these are beautiful!

Joelle | Reply

The necklaces look very sweet and the single pearl is a gorgeous touch.

Alexandra Voss | Reply

Those are SO gorgeous. I want to give each of my bridesmaids necklaces like these to wear on the wedding day and then keep. Love them!

nicole b. | Reply

I love the photography and, of course, the Petit Crest line shown here. I haven’t selected gifts for my bridesmaids yet, and wouldn’t you know? I have FOUR lovely ladies in my bridal party. Thanks so much for the chance to win.

Colleen | Reply

How cute! These would be perfect for myself and my 3 sisters, who will be my bridesmaids next year.

Jill | Reply

These would also make great Xmas gifts!

nicole | Reply

these are adorable! i love the pearl detail.

mandie segura | Reply

I LOVE Lisa’s work! All of her jewelry is beautiful!

Angelique | Reply

oooh la la….these would also be great holiday gifts for my favorite gals!! the crest design is so darn cute as well!

Charlotte | Reply

love the necklaces, love the flowers, love the freebie. Done Done and Done.

Elizabeth | Reply

Oh my goodness, these are so adorable! I’ve been looking for a nice “initial” pendant, I’m so glad these have been brought to my attention :)

Karen | Reply

What cute necklaces! Perfect for bridesmaids! Here’s crossing my fingers.

PS- Who did the photography? What great color balance.

cathi | Reply

these are gorgeous! a great idea… will tuck away :)

K | Reply

These are so, so lovely.

Calynn | Reply

Oh my gosh. I have looked at a lot of personalized jewelry and these are absolutely beautiful. I love this! Thanks for the chance to win! Love.

Kathryn | Reply

wow! what beautiful gifts those would make for some lucky ladies!

Laura | Reply

Beautiful jewelry. I’m in love with the sweetheart necklace and a few of the bracelets. I love making jewelry so I’m wondering Lisa how you got into such a thing? Very interesting form of art.

Kristen | Reply

These are gorgeous! I adore the simplicity of them

AudreyAudrey | Reply

These are beautiful!

Megan | Reply

Love that each bridesmaid is wearing her own boots. Very cool.

And these necklaces are so lovely, without being too precious for everday wear even after the big day.

Michelle | Reply

I am in love with the necklaces! What a fabulous artist she is!

Stephanie | Reply

Love these necklaces! I am hoping to give my girls something just like it! Maybe it will be these!!! :)

Angela | Reply

Wow… super cute! I’m excited for the chance to win beacuse I only have 3 bridesmaids, so that means I get to have one for myself too :) yippy!!!

Karla | Reply

love the necklaces! they are beautiful!

ashley | Reply

These are beautiful. a great way to say thank you. all of her work is as wonderful.

Victoria | Reply

What a cool idea! Beautiful :)

Erin | Reply

The antiqued look of the silver would go great with my vintage wedding, especially because all of the bridesmaids will all be wearing different vintage dresses. Would unify the looks, beautiful work Lisa Leonard!

Susanna | Reply

So pretty! They would look just splendid on my girls. Thanks for letting me dream!

corinne | Reply

These necklaces are so sweet! I love Lisa’s work!

Annie | Reply

Those necklaces are fantastic. I have looked in my area for things like this and am failing in my search. I love the simplicity!

Laura | Reply

I love her her work, it is all so beatutiful. I hope I can win one.

Lindsay Presley | Reply

I have been looking at Lisa’s necklaces for my bridesmaids (June wedding)… I am also having grey dresses, so these photos are very inspiring! I love hand-stamped jewelry!

Erin | Reply

These necklaces are amazing!

Lauren | Reply

I love all of this jewelery! I think my favorite is the ‘lots of love’ necklace, though :)

sarah | Reply

these are beautiful!

Bianca | Reply

Love, Love, Love… Classic meets fun :)

Christina | Reply

These are so lovely! I love that they are so delicate and girly!

Amy | Reply

Oh how I hope I’m the lucky, lucky girl who wins these! They are adorable, actually all the custom necklaces are – I love the tiny initials one too. My wedding is in June and I would be so honored to pass these on to family. Thanks for the opportunity.

Jessie | Reply

These necklaces are super gorgeous. Love, love, love them!

Emily | Reply

What fantastic necklaces! Simple and understated, but still very impactful.

Lisa Rae | Reply

I love the pearls with the antiqued silver!The customizable leather cuff at her store would also be a great gift for the boys!And one for me too!:-D

Lisa Franzen | Reply

Love, love the necklaces……they are perfect. Simple yet sooo gorgeous!

Isabelle | Reply

They’re so exquisite and gorgeous! I’d love to win them.
Crossing my fingers

Rachel | Reply

these are precious. a perfect gift!

Stephanie | Reply

oh these are so cool!! Would love to give them to my BMs!!

Caitlin | Reply

These are so so so pretty! I’d also LOVE to know where the dresses are from, they would be perfect for my bridesmaids!

Eleanore | Reply

The necklaces and design are beautiful! I would love to give my 4 bridesmaids such fabulous jewelry.

melany larsen | Reply

those necklaces are darling! whoever wins will be a lucky girl. :)

Shelley | Reply

gorgeously sweet necklaces that say so much, without having to say much at all.

Aubrey | Reply

These necklaces are gorgeous. I love the simplicity and the vintage feel. They would be perfect for my four bridesmaids!

Katie Jo | Reply

I am smitten with Lisa’s adorable collections. These would be perfect gifts for my bridemaids to wear. The style fits in perfectly with our Big Sur wedding in the spring!
I only have 3 bridemaids, but would love to wear one too! ( with his initials!)

Amy | Reply

Love ’em!

Kate B | Reply

Just gorgeous! I just spotted her work the other day on The Bright Side.

Melinda Swenson | Reply

That’s JUST what I’m looking for for my sister’s christmas present – it’s perfect. So sweet.

genevieve | Reply

Love love love the idea.

Rhona Williams | Reply

What an awesome gift for bridesmaids!! I love personalized gifts for bridemaids because it really symbolizes each bridesmaids unique presence and importance in the wedding!

Jessica R | Reply

these are the perfect bridesmaid gifts. i love them!

Bonnie W | Reply

Oooh, these are so pretty!

Selena Popovic | Reply

Amazing! the necklaces are a perfect gift!

Morgan | Reply

I SOOOOO love Lisa’s work. These necklaces are incredibly adorable!

Hope | Reply

These necklaces are georgeous! So delicate and lady-like. A true classic.

Ali | Reply

I love these necklaces! I also love the baby’s first spoon from Lisa’s collection – what a great baby gift!

Sarah | Reply

pick me! pick me!

Morgan Yother | Reply

What a wonderful gift idea! Thanks for posting. The necklaces are a unique take on a classic design. Very lovely.

melanie | Reply

Ooh how beautiful! I love how the pendants are clearly modern, but still… nostalgic, I guess, for the vintage.

I hope I win, because otherwise I’m going to have to whip out the ol’ Visa…

Rebekah | Reply

These are lovely! I would love to wear my fiance’s (and soon to be mine) initial around my neck each day.

Cassie | Reply

These are gorgeous! And perfect for the rustic theme of my wedding

Amy C | Reply

How perfect are these! AND 4 bridesmaids with 4 necklaces…couldn’t be a more perfect sign! :)

Brooke | Reply

Love these! So cute and feminine. I always love the handmade look.

libby | Reply

So beautiful and charming! I love the pearl detail!. I have been looking for a bridesmaid gift that will be special

Katie Hatfield | Reply

Oh, I love these! I am a sucker for any with an initial on it.

Dana Cuny | Reply

I was just looking at her stuff the other day to get a necklace with my lover’s initial on it! Her pieces are timeless and gorgeous.

nicolala | Reply

Pretty Pretty Pretty!!!! I heart lisa leonard.

Tracey | Reply

Oooh, Lisa’s work is so gorgeous! I love the vintage feel!! Perfect gift for the special ladies in my life!

Kami | Reply

so sweet and beautiful, just like my lovely bridesmaids! fingers crossed :)

Leslie | Reply

These are absolutely perfect. Simple and elegant, but with a little character!

Anna | Reply

Omg! They are so wonderful!!

Meg S | Reply

I hadn’t yet decided on what to give my bridesmaids… until now… wow, this would be something truly special!

Mary Lorraine | Reply

Want want want want want. Pretty please?

Lindsay | Reply

What beautiful necklaces! Simply gorgeous, and they look so well made.

kimberly | Reply

i love these necklaces. the simplicity & elegance is what strikes me. love the chain too but especially the crest surrounding the initial. perfect for me and my family.

Jennifer | Reply

Love the jewelry!

Izzy Hudgins | Reply

Oh my goodness these are so beautiful! These would make such darling gifts! My favorite is the sweetheart tree necklace!

Christina | Reply

These are all so beautiful! I love her bracelets especially.

Lauren | Reply

Love, love, love these necklaces! So simple, but so beautiful!

Christina | Reply

Absolutely beautiful. Dainty, sweet, simple perfect!

kng | Reply

these are so lovely! perfect for bridesmaids!

Jayme | Reply

These are precious.

lili | Reply

oh, so pretty! love the teeny pearl detail.

Kate the Bride | Reply

Gorgeous! I would love to give these to my friends!

Janelle | Reply

I absolutely love these. They are vintage yet modern and the pearl detail is too sweet!

Maeghan M. | Reply

I love those necklaces! Thank you for a chance to win!

Lisa | Reply

I’m in love with Lisa Leonard’s jewelry. The pieces are all so gorgeous! :D

Sada | Reply

Love these necklaces. So cute. Thanks for the chance to win!!

Eva | Reply

I love how simple and charming these necklaces are.

Emma | Reply

I love that they are timeless and modern at the same time. Simply charming!!

Erin | Reply

Oh, I would love to thank my wonderful ‘maids with a beautiful lisa leonard necklace!

Megan | Reply

These are great! Simple and elegant. I’m not big on busy accessories – so these are perfect! The photographs remind me of my two sisters and I. What a great item for friends or sisters to share.

Cara Grigsby | Reply

So lovely! I’m loving the vintage look and the personalization. It would be a perfect christmas gift for my sisters…the necklaces are almost as beautiful as they are!

Adrianne | Reply

The pearl detail makes these so unique.

Emery | Reply

Beautiful work! There is nothing better to give than something handmade and personalized.

Kristie | Reply

Love love love! those are so adorable, and I agree with Libby, if I don’t win, I’m going to have to buy these anyway!

Esther | Reply

………..Like little pieces of gallery art….

Justine | Reply

These are beautiful! I will definitely be ordering these even if I don’t win. :=)

mere... | Reply

i’m really loving these necklaces…and boots w/dresses.

Kelly | Reply

What a lovely idea for a bm gift!

Megan S | Reply

I LOVE LISA LEONARD!!! i have her saved in my favorites so i can get my bridesmaids gifts from her!!! so unique and can wear with so many things!

Paola | Reply

Very special and unique which describes my bridesmaids to a tee!!

Katie Hellkamp | Reply

These necklaces are just darling! What a perfect gift!

Sarabeth | Reply

These are so lovely! The pearl is a great detail!

Rhonda | Reply

My yes, those necklaces are beautiful. What a great idea!

Meg | Reply

So lovely – a perfect Christmas gift for my best girlfriends.

Kim | Reply

How wonderful these are! I just adore the border that surrounds the monogram. I’ve been looking for a lovely bridesmaid gift…thanks for the idea :)

Emery | Reply

Wow, these are awesome. Do these super cute necklaces come with the bridesmaids too? They look so pretty and that would save me from having to narrow down my list…. :) Beautiful design!

Kat | Reply

So pretty. Simple and gorgeous.

Maureen F | Reply

Wow – what beautiful necklaces and great gift for bridesmaids !!!

matilda | Reply

LOVE these necklaces! I was just searching for a perfect monogram gift and I’m certain this is it! I would LOVE to win!

Roseanna | Reply

These are fab!! Even more amazing pieces on her website! My Visa may get a little work out too…

Jules | Reply

Love, love, love Lisa’s work! There are so many cool pieces on her website too. This giveaway would be perfect for me, if I’m lucky enough to win — I have exactly 4 bridesmaids!

Tina | Reply

Love these necklaces! They would be perfect for my bridesmaids and our rustic vintage themed wedding! :)

chantale | Reply

such pretty jewelry!

carrie | Reply

amazing stuff…i really appreciate the fact that she has her hands in ALL steps and details of her pieces, love people who make their own creations!

Paige | Reply

I love her necklace designs! So pretty! These would make great gifts.

Kandis | Reply

Beautiful!! I’m planing a wedding in July and these are SO perfect for my bridesmaids gifts! I Love them!

Sarah | Reply

Great necklaces. Simple, Stylish, Elegant.

Amy M | Reply

So totally vintage chic, they’re beautiful!

Kristy | Reply

Beautiful work!!

Laurel | Reply

wow…this line is beautiful, as is all of her work!

sweet, personal and classic…I adore these.

Katelyn | Reply

This jewelry is wonderful – the classic elegance feeling perfect for a wedding! LOVE IT!

Kellie | Reply

Love these! These would be perfect for the four lovely ladies in my wedding party.

Carly weisgerber | Reply

such sweet necklaces, perfect for every day wear!

aruna b. | Reply

those are so fabulous and cute, they would make great Christmas presents as well!

Erin | Reply

What a great idea. These are absolutely beautiful, she is so talented.

Leela | Reply

absolutely beautiful!

Tabby | Reply

My heavens these are sensational! I lalala looove them! What a great giveaway! Lisa you rock! I think that four of your necklaces would just look too perfect in a southern wedding down here in Texas :)

Michelle | Reply

These are beautiful. I love the detail and the classic look.

Tiffany | Reply

These are perrrfect! Love your stuff girl!! You’re awesome!

Lynn | Reply

Love, love, love these!! Perfect for my 3 bridesmaids… and 1 for me!

Janay | Reply

what breathtaking pieces of creativity! very vintage and timeless…

Kate | Reply

Oh how beautiful! The design on them remind me of acorns which carry very special significance in my family. I’d love to give these as gifts to the women in my family!

Brooke Premo | Reply

Those are so pretty! I would love to win!

Spectra | Reply

Lovely! These would make great gifts for my bridesmaids.

Christina | Reply

Wow! So unique and beautiful!

bethany | Reply

super cute indeed :)

Sarah | Reply

Adorable! I love those, and know my bridesmaids would too. My sister is for sure going to need one for Christmas. Thank you for sharing!

Mara | Reply

These are beautiful! Would love one :)

Laura | Reply

These are gorgeous! And I have 4 maids that these would be absolutely perfect for!

Tracy S | Reply

Love it! Great bridesmaid gift. The boots are a great look too.

emma | Reply

what a wonderful necklace. the pearl detail is just perfect. what fabulous gifts they would make!

Marisa | Reply

Ooooooh…. purdy. :-)

Tabby | Reply

These are sensational! I lalala looooove these! You are so talented Lisa! I think that these necklaces would just look too perfect in a southern wedding down here in Texas :)

Anni Glissman | Reply

These are beautiful, I have been searching for the perfect gift for my girls as they are all so different. But I think they’d all love Lisa’s work, it’s wonderful!

erin kathleen | Reply

Well, I don’t have four bridesmaids, but I do have four dear friends that I would love to share these with!

Lisa, if you read these, I love all of your peices. I just started reading your blog as well, and it is darling! Thank you so much for your generous giveaway!

amanda | Reply

these are fantastic! thanks so much for sharing this with us!! absolutely beautiful work! i hope i win!

Kristina | Reply

these are so beautiful. What a great idea

Sarah | Reply

Love these! So pretty! What a great bridesmaid gift. Thank you for sharing!

Rebecca | Reply

i LOVE the pearl and this would look great with my bridesmaids dresses!

Christine | Reply

So pretty they make me reconsider not having bridesmaids!

Stine | Reply

Very unique and beautiful..

Brittany | Reply

Beautiful – LOVE them!!!

TH | Reply

I immediately went to check out her website, srolled down a bit too fast to see the pictures, didn’t even realize there was a giveaway going here! Thank you!

Dana | Reply

They are so unique and delicate. Gorgeous!

Eileen | Reply

I love the bird and nature motif on some of the pieces from the website, it totally goes with my wedding theme!

Jen | Reply

No “J” but half of the people I know are Jenns or Jessicas!

Steph | Reply

The necklaces are really sweet and would be perfect as bridesmaids gifts! Love the addition of the pearl.

Meghan | Reply

Absolutely love these! Such a great bridesmaid gift!

Jasper | Reply

Fantastic giveaway and exactly the number of bridesmaids I’m having!

kerry kimball | Reply

Love your work Lisa! I work at gallery in slo so I also get to sell your wonderful work.

Jen | Reply

these are such a great idea!

Rosemary | Reply

These are phenomenal! Thanks for the chance to win them! I’ve got 3 maids, so this would be perfect – one for each of them, and one for me too! :)

lauren | Reply

awww, i love these!! so classic! my beautiful bridesmaids would look SO lovely in these pendants–they’d go perfect with our rustic chic theme!!! thanks!!

Hillary | Reply

wow, these are so lovely! what a great gift these would be for my bridesmaids!

Jinny | Reply

<3 i love the simplicity of the design~!

Elizabeth | Reply

What sweet bridesmaids’ gifts!

Julia R | Reply

Oh, I love these! I’m looking for gifts for my 4 girls and something for myself. I’d love to get them the necklaces and get a bracelet for myself. =) Definitely looking into it more!

Jennette | Reply

so cute, i love the dresses too.

Amber | Reply

I love, love, love Lisa’s work! The featured necklaces are beautiful!

christina | Reply

What a treat! So cute the little pearl makes them even more lovely!

Cole | Reply

I’m never lucky enough to win one of these giveaways but I just had to go for it for this one! I AM very lucky to have such amazing women in my life and I’d love to celebrate them with these beautiful necklaces for my wedding. Not to mention pearls are my absolute favorite so I love the extra little detail!

Angela | Reply

These are great! I’ve been finding lots of amazing crest-related things lately. So perfect

Laura | Reply

Super Cute! Perfect gift for my bridesmaids! I’m also in search of simple cute bridesmaid dresses and the ones pictured would be perfect – any idea who makes them? Thanks!!

Justine Andrews | Reply

These are beautiful! I will be purchasing even if I don’t win ;=)

Jenny | Reply

Love these! A little vintage, a little modern. I agree, they would make great Christmas presents also.

Lindsey | Reply

Oh, what a GREAT bridesmaids gift! I’ve been struggling to come up with something, but these would be perfect. Thanks!! :)

Jillian Sherman | Reply

I love those necklaces. Perfect bridesmaid gift! Love! Thoughtful, wearable again yet simple and elegant.

Sara | Reply

Beautiful :) Would love to get them for my bridesmaids!

Kayla King | Reply

I heart Lisa Leonard! AND she’s a local here on the Central Coast, so that makes seeing this post oh so much sweeter! Planning to pick up some pieces of hers for gifts this Christmas, but winning this giveaway would be ultra great!

Severin | Reply

Those are too cute!! I’m obsessed with crests and I love the doodle effect of outside flourishes of the crest.

Miss Nightingale | Reply

These are so adorable and I am in the midst of planning my wedding right now – this would take the stress out of at least one aspect of choosing! ;)

*crossing fingers and winking at the moon*

Ashley | Reply

Those are absolutely beautiful!

Leslie | Reply

These little darlings made my day! Thank you so much for a chance to win some! My bridesmaids would be thrilled with them. :)

Q | Reply

Gorgeous … I want one in all alphabets!

Ashley Johnson | Reply

I LOVE LOVE LOVE these necklaces!!! So glad you shared her work with us all! :)

Katie | Reply

My friend just gave these to us as a gift for her bridesmaids! They are awesome!

Bryony | Reply

I’d love to win this give-away! I’d purchase 2 more to gift to my 6 bridesmaids, and maybe even one for me…and my mom…and my new mom-in-law….

Yostina | Reply

beautiful! I love the necklaces….I also love the dresses…where did you get them from?

Bethany | Reply

Sooo pretty! Love the necklaces, what a great gift idea! and the photos are amazing!

Richel Johnson | Reply

What lovely and sweet necklaces. These would make fabulous gifts for the three lovely ladies that will be my bridesmaids!

Brianne | Reply

I LOVE Lisa Leonard Designs!! I follow her blog as well, and recieved one of her bracelets for my birthday this past summer.
Thanks for the chance to win!! These would be a great bridesmaid gift!

Jane | Reply

The jewelry is lovely, but so are the dresses. I love the sweet simplicity; it’s rare in bridesmaid’s dresses.

Anyone know where they’re available?

tarahjoi | Reply

oh my…..these are beautifully crafted! perhaps i’ve found the perfect christmas gifts for my five sisters??? mmmm……lovely!

CJR | Reply

These would be perfect for my bridesmaids!

Libby | Reply

Oh my lord. These would look so sweet on my four bridesmaids against their bright yellow dresses. How darling and simply sweet. Great work!

Emily | Reply

Love the necklaces. I love the simplicity, yet they are very feminine as well! Thanks for the opportunity!

Carol Ann | Reply

Beautiful jewelry–I echo everyone’s comment about the lovely, feminine touch of the pearl. So sweet!

liz | Reply

wow — beautiful!

Davina Wilson | Reply

So cute! I love the pearl accent!

Kyra | Reply

These are so simple and pretty, just in time for Holiday gift thinking….thank you!

Kacy | Reply

I absolutely love them!

Nicole L. | Reply

LOVE! I have 7 bridesmaid – this would be a perfect gift for each of them since they’re all wearing different dresses – so beautiful!! I love the pearl too!!

Amy Smith | Reply

These are beautiful! I love them dearly!

KEH | Reply

I love the little pearl. So sweet!

Jessica | Reply

I love just about anything monogrammed but these are especially sweet and beautiful. Also, do I recognize those dresses from Target? They work great as bridesmaid dresses!

Alexis | Reply

These are so pretty! I love the pic with the 5 necklaces — its almost my entire bridal party! Alexis, Kathy, Laura, Cathy and Marnie — all I’m missing is a B for Becky ;)

Tara | Reply

I already have three of her pieces and have been dying to add to my collection. I get so many compliments when I wear her stuff.

Jenny K. | Reply

Absolutely charming, it’s minimal, yet speaks volumes in terms of the elegance with a personal touch!

Elizabeth | Reply

What a great giveaway! I just happen to have four bridesmaids… :)

Kay | Reply

These are so sweet :) What a clever, unique gift idea!

meg | Reply

how fitting is it that you chose an ‘m’ initial? i think that’s a sign that i should win! :)

Martha | Reply

Monograms are my new obsession and what a lovely way to wear them.

Susannah | Reply

Wow, these necklaces are gorgeous! The perfect blend of vintage and modern. I love the idea of a gift that is uniform yet personalised for each special person in my birdal party.

Kristina | Reply

Oh, these are absolutely lovely!

Cynthia Kimura | Reply

Simple and charming – these would make wonderful gifts for the holidays (or anyday, really!)

Dina | Reply

Ohhh, beauties!! I’d love to win!

JenCoen | Reply

What a beautiful and precious gift!! I would love to win these!!!

Lauren | Reply

Those are really fun! What a good idea :)

Lauren | Reply

Delightful, delightful, delightful
If only I could have a handful!
They hang so delicately true
I’d love to give one to my beau
And perhaps my bridesmaids also!

Jenny | Reply

Those are amazing! Pick me, pick me!!

Kate | Reply

I’ve been looking for gifts for my bridesmaids and these are perfect… Thanks for another great idea!

Bek | Reply

Love the fine detail and the length – so cute!

Hannah | Reply

What a lovely keepsake!!

Katherine | Reply

Too adorable for words… my friend who is getting married next March would love to have these to give back to me!

Becca R. | Reply

So beautiful! I first saw her featured on The Brightside Project! I got engaged on Saturday, these would be amazing!!!

Nicole | Reply

How lovely! So elegant yet contemporary! I’m sure these would look good on anybody :) What a special way to make something personalized and meaningful.

Julie | Reply

I love the necklaces and I also love it when bridesmaids wear boots!

meaghan | Reply

I LOVE those! <3

cristina | Reply

So cute! You’re totally right — great gift =)

Lauren | Reply

I LOVE the necklaces! They are beautiful and I love the touch of a pearl. :-)

Rod | Reply

The dresses look like they are from Target. The Merona brand. They were on sale for half off last week for $14.95.

Cheree | Reply

such gorgous unique momento’s for such a special day, they look perfect!

Emma | Reply

These are great classic pieces- love them!

Cami | Reply

I love the necklaces but also really, really love those black dresses!!!! Where are they from?

Megan | Reply

These are very pretty and my bridesmaids would LOVE them! The dresses in the photographs are very beautiful as well.

Megan LaBelle | Reply

I LOVE Lisa’s designs – thanks so much for the chance to win!

Erin | Reply

Gorgeous!! I’d wear this everyday. So sheek. So stylish.

Emby | Reply

These are so cute. I am always searching for something that can be individualized.

Karin | Reply

cute, cute, cute! What a great gift idea!

Morgan | Reply

Her family jewelry is also so sweet…an idea to tuck away for the future!

Jaime H | Reply

I love them, too! What an awesome idea for bridesmaids gifts!!

Heather | Reply

What a great accent piece to include in the details of the day, plus makes each of the bridesmaids feel special! Goes along with the trend these days of modern vintage without looking “trendy”. Love it!

Bri | Reply

I want to give my bridesmaids all monogrammed gifts because I think they are so sweet and personal! These necklaces are beautiful! I would love to win them for my girls! :)

Jd | Reply

This would be perfect! I have 4 bridesmaids in my upcoming wedding and it would be lovely for them to each have one!

Lauren | Reply

Delightful, delightful, delightful
I want to grab a whole handful!
So delicate and true
I’d give them to my beau
And perhaps my bridesmaids also!

Crystal | Reply

The Petit Crest necklaces are soo pretty and simple. Love them!!

Amanda | Reply

LOVE LOVE LOVE these! I am just this week picking out gifts for my lovely bridesmaids, and these necklaces fit the theme PERFECTLY—rustic meets modern. :) The photography and dresses in the shoot are just as lovely, too… just perfection.

Laura Smith | Reply

I check this site frequently every day. It always cheers me up with it’s beautiful pictures and happy endings. Glad to see the addition of jewelry because who doesn’t love that?

Hannah Sung | Reply

They are all simply beautiful.

Mouse | Reply

fingers crossed!

Becky | Reply

I love oncewed and all of the amazing ideas posted! The necklaces are beautiful!

Becky | Reply

LOVE them, so simple and elegant!!

Krystel | Reply

These are really fun!

PLGC | Reply

These are lovely and I would love to give them to all my soon-to-be sisters-in-law!

Tiffany | Reply

Love it. These necklaces are just darling!

sarah | Reply

these are lovely!!!

Monica R. | Reply

The necklaces are whimsical and lovely. Not only are they perfect as a bridesmaid gift, but I’d wear one everyday!

Sondra | Reply

This reminds me of poetry.
There is something to be said when a piece of jewelry can be so simplistic and yet say so much.

Aurelie | Reply

These necklaces are beautiful and delicate. Love them!

Rachel | Reply

love, Love, LOVE these necklaces!! :)

Jeana | Reply

Love the necklaces! My bridesmaids would love these. Such a sweet and personal gift.

Lauren L | Reply

I LOVE these necklaces!! The pearl and sterling go so gorgeously with the aesthetic of my wedding, and I know my 4 fabulous bridesmaids would adore them! I was planning to get the girls a necklace as a gift, and these are PERFECT!

I love that they are a versatile, personal piece to remember our friendship and the wedding long after the day has come and gone!

Kelsey | Reply

So excited for a chance to win these! They are lovely.

Nicole N | Reply

These are breathtaking. Ohhh, I hope I can afford them for my girls (and me, selfishly)!

Justine Andrews | Reply

These are perfect! For any day!

Breanne | Reply

Oh these are just lovely..and I love that little pearl

Michele | Reply

This is my new Lisa Leonard favorite!

Michelle Hahn | Reply

The necklaces are lovely and would be a wonderful addition to any bridal party! I know my girls would love them!

Kate | Reply

I think I might make a subtle suggestion to my fiance, what a lovely gift!

radhi | Reply

i love everything about lisa leonard’s designs. they’re perfectly understated and feminine.

Brittany | Reply

I love them! Great practical gift that can be worn for years and years. Love the men’s leather cuffs too.

josie | Reply

these are great! so fitting for wedding gifts and i want one for me.

Jess | Reply

LOVELOVELOVE. The necklaces are so romantic!

Celine | Reply

I heart these so much!!!! Please pick me!! I have 4 lovely bridesmaids that would look even more beautiful with these!!!

Liesel Skiles | Reply

These are so different from any other jewelry I have looked at for my bridal party. Beautiful!

Pauline | Reply

Simply stylish!

jennifer picard | Reply

love the little details. simple, elegant & beautiful!

Elena | Reply

Beautiful! Anything that involves personalization always gets my vote :)

Ria | Reply

These are so beautiful and would work perfectly with my art deco theme!

April | Reply

Oh please choose me! We have two bridesmaids and two groomsmen. I think both could wear the necklaces! Also, our theme is British and US- the letters look like they are part of a UK family crest. LOVE THEM!

Lindsay | Reply

I love these! I have four bridesmaids who would love them also :)

Kellie | Reply

What a beautiful gift for my four beautiful bridesmaids. Thanks for another great giveaway.

Briar | Reply

We have nothing as lovely available in Australia at the moment – but an original and beautiful necklace would be perfect for my 5 bridesmaids! They are just so unique…

Christine P | Reply

Ooooh! Are the pendants brass? I love the color! FABULOUS!!!

judith | Reply

these are great!

miss pea | Reply

as if your necklaces aren’t delightful enough – its made my day that you ship to lands afar as well!

Kami W | Reply

Absolutely beautiful! Those would go lovely with what my bridesmaids will be wearing! Thank you for featuring!

Kristie | Reply

so beautiful. i like how the crest gives the initial a sophisticated prep school vibe

Kristy | Reply

A perfect way to thank the wedding party-beautiful!

Rachel | Reply

i love these! perfect fit for my wedding and my girls.

sarah | Reply

these are so stunning and lovely!

chrissy | Reply

what lovely necklaces! they really would be great gifts for bridesmaids.

chelsea b | Reply

these are adorable!

Melanie | Reply

I love your jewelry – beautiful!!! I hope to win :)

emiry | Reply

lovely, lovely, lovely!

Tanya | Reply

simple and classic – love them!

Sami | Reply

I love the vintage feel of this jewelry. It would be perfect as gifts to my bridesmaids…….I love this website for the fact that when i think i don’t know what to do about a certain detail…..I find EXACTLY what I need for inspiration here

Sami | Reply

LOVE how these can totally be worn as wedding day jewelry and with any other casual wear as well!

Brittany Wensveen | Reply

i’ve had my eye on lisa’s stuff for awhile now… LOVE!

Athena | Reply

The necklaces are gorgeous!

Lisa Martorelli | Reply

I am smitten! I would be honored to wear one of these necklaces and I’m getting married 10/10/10. Thank you!

Aimee | Reply

Love these necklaces. These would be perfect for my bridesmaids!

Michelle | Reply

These are gorgeous. Absolutely perfect for my bridesmaids!

May | Reply

Simply beautiful, a wonderful idea for bridesmaids gifts.

s.maria | Reply

beautiful! I like to items for men too!

Megan | Reply

I LOVE understated necklaces…so timeless and elegant. This would look just as chic and smart in 50 years.

Katie | Reply

Those necklaces are adorable! I’ve actually been looking for something like that for my bridesmaids, but I like these better.

Kallista | Reply

These are wonderful! What a blessing to be able to win some for my bridesmaides! Thanks for sharing your talent!

Nicholia | Reply

The necklaces are beautiful! I really love the pearl also:)

Kelly | Reply

those are beautiful.

Amanda | Reply

These necklaces are truly beautiful, what a perfect way to express your love and thankfulness to the women (and men) that help make your wedding such a memorable day! I love this website, thanks so much for the opportunity to win this beautiful jewelry!!!

Allison | Reply

lovely bridesmaid gift

Megan | Reply

Ack for some reason my earlier comment didn’t post. Anyways, love these necklaces. So chic and casual and lovely.

And love the bridesmaids boots!


these are so beautiful!

Cindy Nguyen | Reply

These necklaces are on a different level of LOVELY:)

nicole | Reply

these would be FANTASTIC bridsemaid gifts. thanks for sharing her….

i may need to visit her site for Christmas presents

Megan Lashley | Reply

So lovely, and what perfect Bridesmaids gifts! Though I must keep one too! lol

ashley | Reply

Of all the giveaways, I really, really want to win this one! These are so cute!

Laura | Reply

Absolutely gorgeous! My bridesmaids would totally love these, and they would go so well with my pearl theme. Very talented lady!

Zoe | Reply

These are so elegant – you could wear them every day and they pass my office test (ie. could I wear it to court). Lovely and subtle.

Stephanie | Reply

Two “K”‘s for my bridesmaids that are twins (my fiance’s sisters) and two “S”‘s for my made of honor and myself (both named Stephanie!). These are Beautiful…. I’ll click my red sequin heals together and make a wish for these necklaces….

Elise | Reply

Really like the design you featured

Holly | Reply

Love these! They are so classy and simple…perfect!

Nikki | Reply

I love these necklaces. Absolutely beautiful!

Michelle | Reply

Wow! These are so adorable!

Shona Beckermann | Reply

How beautiful. How different. How great it would be if you could open up a branch in beautiful South Africa.

helen | Reply

so cute, i was looking for nice bits of jewelry just like this for me and my girls!

Paulyna | Reply

These are so beautiful!

Amber | Reply

Beautiful and personalized! I love them.

Brooke | Reply

These necklaces are super cute. :) Happily entering the contest for my bridesmaids!

Laura | Reply

These would be PERFECT bridesmaids gifts. Especially since I have 4 bridesmaids and the necklaces would go perfect with their dresses.

Melissa Hudson | Reply

What a beautiful piece. A perfect gift for any occasion.

Emily | Reply

Beautiful necklaces. I love the family crest idea, and it would be a perfect unifying theme since my fiance and my’s last names start with the same letter.

Dawne Underwood | Reply

This is such a great idea! I just think they are the cutest ever!

Rebecca | Reply

Love the necklaces especially with the pearl detail!

Jenny | Reply

*swoon* – love the silver and pearl.

Kelsey | Reply

You nailed it!!!! These are the perfect Bridesmaid gifts! Even if I don’t win (since there are already 371 posts) I’m glad I found them!

Kathryn | Reply

These are beautiful necklaces and would be wonderful for my 4 beautiful bridesmaids!

Gabrielle Rodriguez | Reply

Love these necklaces! I love the clean simple look with a touch of daintiness of the pearl bead. I am crossing my fingers :)

Heather Filyes | Reply

These are so beautiful! Love them!!

Liz Sherman | Reply

These are so unique and special. I would actually love something to give my four best friends who I could not have in my bridal party. Just to show them how much their help and support has meant to me over the years!

Miss February | Reply

I am getting married in February and would absolutely love these for my wonderful bridesmaids! Presh! Can’t say enough about these little gems =)

Kim Forsythe | Reply

Beautiful necklaces!

brandi | Reply

What a fabulous gift for the important women in my life…a stylish way to show them how much we love them.

Lauren | Reply

I really love these necklaces for bridesmaids….and I want one for my self!

faith | Reply

I am now a huge fan! These are absolutely beautiful!

Caroline | Reply

I want one for myself! They’re so unique and inspiring…what a great way to use monogramming for your wedding!

anna | Reply

love them! checking out her website!

Anne | Reply

Very beautiful! The necklaces would tie our initial theme in well.

Patsy | Reply

These are great! I’d love to give them to my sister and soon to be sisters-in-law. They’re beautiful women anyway, but they would look so lovely in these.

Ivy Ulmer | Reply

I really enjoy these designs; they are so unique! Great for bridesmaid gifts!

Ashley | Reply

adorable necklaces! I would love to have one and give one to both my sisters and my mother! We are very close!

Dana | Reply

Gorgeous! I love the filigree around the letters. What a sweet look for bridesmaids!

Krystal Leitner | Reply

Oh how lovely! What a great gift idea!

Ashley C. | Reply

These are sooo pretty! They would be perfect for my amazing bridesmaids!

Mara | Reply

such beautiful necklaces! I would LOVE to win some! I just love stamped lettered jewelry :)

Hanel C. | Reply

The designs on the necklaces are so pretty! Simple but elegant…:)

Abigail | Reply

These are great- they look great with those dresses but I think I’d wear them with just an old worn out T-shirt, cut off shorts, and my Chucks.

Elisha | Reply

so simple and beautiful! love it!

Christine | Reply

Such a beautiful and simple necklace. Lovely!

Yesenia | Reply

I absolutely LOVE these!! I love how my bridesmaids would be able to wear them for the wedding AND casually :-)

jackie | Reply

i love shields! so cute!

kt | Reply

these are simply stunning. i agree completely, they would be the perfect gifts for my bridesmaids.

Emily | Reply

Gorgeous. Those would make a lovely keepsake.

Susan B | Reply

I LOVE THESE!!!!! They are perfect bridesmaid gifts!!!! :)

Corinna | Reply

FOUR pieces?! that is incredible! I absolutely love the crest necklaces…such a touch of old world charm. I think I would keep all four for myself :)

Ashley | Reply

I really like this idea!

The Perfect Palette | Reply

wow, these are so incredibly special.

Heather | Reply

Love these necklaces! How beautiful and what a perfect gift!

Iris | Reply

These necklaces are so cute! Perfect for my 4 sisters

Catherine | Reply

elegant but great to wear every day. fantastic!

Megan | Reply

Theses are totally stunning…perfect for my bridesmaids next summer. Perfectly classic and timeless.

Cassie | Reply

These would be perfect for my four bridesmaids!

Lauren | Reply


Jennifer C | Reply

Wow! Beautiful necklaces, pick me please!

Caroline Vance | Reply

love these designs, great every day chic!

Jamie | Reply

loving them… they would be an absolutely beautiful compliment to each one of bridesmaids individual style!

Billie R Perlmutter | Reply

I love these necklaces. I think this is such a sweet gift to give to bridesmaids, especially since all of mine are moms. It really reflects the importance of family, on such an important day;)

michelle s. | Reply

So cute! I bet my girls would like these!!! enter me in!

Annie | Reply

Lisa not only designs awesome jewelry, but also posts great pictures on her blog as well :-)

Ann | Reply

So delightful!

Ceri | Reply

These are lovely!
Aaand would be perfect for my best friend, sisters (bridesmaids), and sister-in-law-to-be (our “bestman”). ;)

Clare Richardson | Reply

I love love love the family crest necklace! One of the themes of my wedding is showing off the family history research I’ve been doing the past few years.

Joanne Huhn | Reply

Love the necklaces. Might be just what I am looking for to give my bridesmaids!

Allison Stohl | Reply

I love these necklaces because I think they fit with so many different styles… perfect for bridesmaids!

Kelly | Reply

I love these necklaces! They are so me!

Melissa Kelly | Reply

Wow, these are such beautiful necklaces! I love the pearl, it adds a little bit of vintage charm to the necklaces. Good luck to everyone in the drawing!!

Lexi R | Reply

I love these! They are so pretty and such a great idea!


Was just looking at initial necklaces for my bridesmaids at Anthropologie but I like these more!

Heather | Reply

Love the necklaces!

Brenda Capra | Reply

I love how versitile these necklaces are. They would be perfect for my shabby chic theme and everyday wear. It would be an honor to give my girls these beautiful pieces.

Lindsey Barnes | Reply

I love the necklaces! They are a perfect bridesmaid gift.

frances | Reply

oh i love these! me and my four sisters could have matching necklaces!

kris h. | Reply

these necklaces are fabulous! so great because they can be worn again! love them.

kari | Reply

oooh! love her work!

ms. awesome | Reply

wow! these are perfectly vintage/modern like our wedding a sweet treat our girls would really appreciate! We’re on a budget but we wanna spoil those we love! :)

chrissy | Reply

so delicately simple and beautiful!

Sam | Reply

NEED those necklaces! theyre stunning

Sheena | Reply

Love the designs! The perfect gift

Aleza | Reply

Beautiful necklaces and I like the family tree one on her website as well.

Debbie | Reply

I am in love with the design of these necklaces! My girls would be lucky to be able to wear them! :)

Asia al-Massari | Reply

My sisters would love these!

AMYA | Reply

I love, love, love these! And the dresses are gorgeous too!

Brandy | Reply

How unique! I love the added touch of nature and class with the pearl. Personalizing bridesmaids gifts with their initial, how genius and timeless, j’adore!

Sage | Reply

I love these, super cute!

Megan H. | Reply

Love anything with monogram elements. The pearl is a nice touch.

Jacinta | Reply

Gorgeous! Hope the giveaway is still open as I want in!

Carissa | Reply

I found what my sisters are getting for Christmas!

Caitlin | Reply

so so unique! love them!

Jane Kenny | Reply

These are just what I have been looking for! My bridesmaids would love them. x

Jo | Reply

I pretty sure the dresses are from target? I picked one up a few weeks ago for $30!

sanjia kaka | Reply

freaking adorable. they totally match the booklets I made for my Bridesmaids asking them to be in our wedding. Love ’em

Kalea Harrison | Reply

I have been thinking about giving those exact necklaces to my sisters for Christmas! I just adore them!

Dana Grant | Reply

so cute, the perfect gift for your bridemaids. I want one for myself!!!

Lizzy | Reply

These are precious…sweet, understated, elegant, unique. Just like my four bridesmaids and (I hope!) my June wedding.

Katie | Reply

I LOVE THESE! What a great gift idea!

Lindsey | Reply

I adore these! They are unique and beautiful, just like my lovely bridesmaids!

Amy | Reply

Love these necklaces!

miss mellie | Reply

i love those necklaces! i want oneeeeee

Chrissy | Reply

I love this necklace. It’s so beautiful. I plan on purchasing one in the near future…hopefully! I love all of your jewelry! Thanks for being such an inspiration

Sarah | Reply

These are terribly cute.

Brooke | Reply

Your necklaces capture the elegance and simplicity of a beautiful wedding. Gorgeous!

Megan | Reply

So beautiful! The bridesmaids look lovely in their dresses & in these necklaces. I love custom stuff like that!

Alexis | Reply

What a great idea!!

Emiley Evans | Reply

This are so cute, and would make great bridesmaid gifts :)

Meg | Reply

I love Lisa Leonard’s jewelry. Crossing my fingers!

Christine | Reply

Fantastic! Just love these necklaces :)

Katrina | Reply

As a wedding planner now planning my own wedding, I have seen my fair share of tacky bridesmaids gifts.

I LOVE the fact that these are classic, timeless and pretty.

My girls would wear these for many years to come!

Sandi Terry | Reply

Such pretty necklaces, and what great gifts they would make!!!

Caitlin | Reply

Any bridesmaid would be lucky to receive this as a gift. Any girl would be lucky to have one, period!

Ashleigh | Reply

Oh these necklaces are adorable!

Nicole | Reply

ooo la la! I have been jones-ing for Lisa’s products for a while now! They are so adorable and fresh! What girl wouldn’t love to wear these over and over for all types of occasions!! Love her stuff!

Peter B | Reply

My fiance is obsessed with all things vintage and these would be amazing for her. It would make me her knight-in-shining-armor if I won!

Gabriele Crown | Reply

These are lovely necklaces, I could definitely see them being used as a bridesmaid gift.

Elizabeth T. | Reply

These are so gorgeous, perfect bridesmaid gifts- I want one for myself, too!

Kate | Reply

Please please please pick me! these are so ridiculously precious!

Andrea | Reply

Perfect for my girls!! I’ve been looking for something tasteful – something they could wear forever and a day! Lovely find (and pul-eeeeze pick me!!)

Dakari | Reply

These designs are wonderful! What a great idea for bridesmaid gifts!

Colleen Hackney | Reply

So original. I love that they are handmade and not cheapo. Definitely an every day necklace that any bridesmaid would ADORE! Love them.

meghan | Reply

i think that they are so cute. a little hint of vintage. i am not having bridesmaid, but they would be a perfect gift for the moms and grandmas.