I’m delighted to start off  today introducing one of our amazing sponsors, Lemon Lime Photo

A business founded by chance at a wedding 4 years ago.
A concept, melded from two photography studios.
Two distinct but complimentary styles to tell one wedding story.
An affinity for the art, design, and architecture.
An idea you can trust.
Forever. (After four years all of our clients are still happily married.)





How cool is the video above? This incredible photography duo is based out of Kansas City, but is available for travel all over the world. To see more of their beautiful images, check out their blogsite aka The Juice Stop.

In This Story:


Comments (19)

The Perfect Palette | Reply

cool video. we love this.

Nicole S. | Reply

I can tell you from experience – these guys are the best. You will be so comfortable with them – you don’t even know they’re around during the wedding. A lot of fun to work with, and you get art from your wedding, not just photos! We love what they did for our wedding in Chicago.

leigh | Reply

pretty cool video to say the least. love the music!

Olivia | Reply

Amazing video and photographs! I’m very impressed!

Josie | Reply

love it! the video is great. oh, and Leigh- the second song is “1901”, by the band Phoenix.

Anna | Reply

I love this video! So cool and special. Does anyone know the second song that was used? I love it and hear it on a lot of commercials but I just can’t figure out who it is.

The Art Cupboard | Reply

wow i love these photos, talented photographers :) and what an excellent video!

Celine | Reply

OMG! fantastic video!!!!!

Audrey | Reply

How innovative… Simply Amazing!

Kel | Reply

I would love to know where her dress is from!!

Lydia, Clueless Crafter | Reply

The crescendo. The inability to get to know the bride and groom too well. The dreamy, bauble head movements that suggest marriage is beyond words. I’m just lost in its profound kinetic crescendo.

Jessica | Reply

I got my dress at Laura Coutures. The designer was Liancarl
And we loved working with LemonLime!

South Carolina Wedding Photographer | Reply

These guys do great work!! It is just wonderful!!

Eva G. | Reply

very special, very cool – a wonderful couple and an artful work by lemonlime. thank you so much for the inspiration!
lots of love from germany

sedona bride { destination wedding photographers } | Reply

neal and eric are super creative fabulous photographers! you’ve got to check out their work! { katrina }

Kate | Reply

as a wedding photographer that is one of the most innovative things I’ve seen in the market in a LONG time. fantastic!

Feather + Stone | Reply

By far the most awe-inspiring piece of work we have seen……ever…….You are in a world of your own with this talent! INCREDIBLE!!!

Angie | Reply

Eric and Neal are amazing! We couldn’t have asked for more talented and creative individuals to capture the day for us.

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