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I love featuring the work of Lacie Hansen. As you can see, her images and words speak for themselves…Soft light, sweet moments, perfect compositions–doesn’t get more beautiful than that. Make sure you head to her website to see more of amazing work. I’ll leave you with a few more words from Lacie herself…

Love, from the beginning of time it has challenged the limits of human expression. Song writers and poets have honored love with myriad metaphors and melodies. Novelists, dramatists and screenwriters have given us inspiring and moving stories of “star-crossed lovers.” If these artistic efforts teach us anything, it is that while love is a universal human experience, each individual expression of love is unique. So too is each wedding.

I do world wide travel and love to explore. My passion is love.

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Comments (19)

Anne-Marie | Reply

Lacie’s work is incredible and her approach is so real and tangible. I feel like I could reach out and touch it. So so beautiful.

Lacie Hansen | Reply

Thank you so much Anne !! xo

Jill La Fleur | Reply

Lacie, your work is sensual, dreamy, romantic, and full of love! I am so proud of you…this is beautiful, just as you are! xoxo

pure7studios | Reply

i am a big fan of your work lacie : )

jose villa | Reply

yay!! beautiful work Lacie!! we love you!!

jose and joel

Amber Moon | Reply

Lacie’s work is so ethereal & poetic. Just gorgeous.

Lacie Hansen | Reply

pure7studios thank you so much for your kind words :)

Lacie Hansen | Reply

Joel, Jill, Jose & Amber

I love you all thank you so much for your love, support and friendship! MUAH !


Lauren | Reply

So well deserved Lacie! :) Lovely work! :)

kate holt | Reply

yep….she’s pretty much amazing. let the world know!

Karen @ Wedding Flowers Co | Reply

That first picture with the veil covering your face it´s the cutest!!!

Renee Easler | Reply

i knew you were meant to be great Lacie, keep it up and show the word how beautiful it really is.

Erich McVey | Reply

Amazing photos, Lacie! Congratulations! So excited to follow your work : )

diego st croix | Reply

i love your work lacie, it is so inspiring,just beautiful.

Buffy Dekmar | Reply

Beautiful work, Lacie! Congratulations!

Kelli Hunt | Reply

gorgeous, Lacie!

Sara Spielman | Reply

Lacie shot my wedding two and a half years ago and the photos were awesome. She is really nice to work with also. Mar of TEAM Hair and Makeup referred me to her and I am so fortunate she did.

Tim Halberg | Reply

beautiful work Lacie! glad to see you getting your pictures featured!!!