Khanh Hogland Wedding Photography


We were instantly in love when we first came across Khanh Hogland’s film photography. We adore the crisp, bright, colorful, yet soft quality of her photos, and we immediately wanted to see more. We are so happy to have Oklahoma based fine art film photographer Khanh Hogland Photography as a new sponsor here on Once Wed, and we’re thrilled to tell you more about her and her absolutely stunning photography!

Like most photographers, Khanh worked in the digital format for a while before discovering her passion for film photography. Khanh fell in love with film while working with natural light, and organic locations, as film brought out the natural beauty of her surroundings. She appreciates clients who are searching for photographs that have amazing depth, richness, color, and sharpness for their wedding day. By shooting in film, Khanh is able to capture your love story and the beauty of your relationship in the most organic and lovely way possible.

We are just enamored with Khanh’s style of photography, and we’re so excited to announce that she’s been generous enough to offer an 8 hour photography session to a lucky Once Wed reader!  You will receive 7 hours the day of your wedding, and a 1 hour engagement shoot the day before because Khanh loves getting to know her couples prior to their wedding day. You will get to experience the beauty of her craft first hand as she shoots your wedding day in all film, which is a $3,000 value! Albums, prints and other products are additional and can be ordered through Khanh. She is willing to travel to you for your photography session, but the lucky winner of this giveaway must pay travel fees up front if your wedding is located outside of Oklahoma.*

To Enter: Comment below with your name, email, wedding date, and wedding location or venue. Please tell us a little about your story, style, wedding and why you think Khanh would be the right photographer for you! Khanh will pick the winning couple on December 1st.

Visit Khanh Hogland’s website to check out her absolutely stunning portfolio!

*Khanh Hogland will make travel arrangements for herself.

This contest is now closed. The winner is  Wesley Sheffield.

  1. Hi Khanh!
    My fiance and I are getting married May 17th 2014 in Saginaw Michigan!
    I live in Windsor, Ontario and he lives in Saginaw! We first met while he was living out in San Diego at the time. His best friend and my best friend both went to school together in Indiana, and we all decided on the same place to go for a mini vacation.Our friends wanted to meet up of course, so we met on Pacific Beach, this is where I first met my now fiance, Tom! I called my mom that night and literally said ” Mom! I met the man I’m going to marry!” He moved back to Saginaw (2 hours from me in Windsor) 2 months later and we’ve been dating ever since, that was 2.5 years ago! :)
    Another thing, I love photos! I’m always taking pictures because they will mean so much to all of is in the future! Tom says I have an obsession, but I adore how you photograph and would love to have your photos be our memories!


  2. My fiance Aaron and I are getting married on January 10, 2014 in Disney World. We had dated for five plus years before Aaron popped the question. He and I both knew he would have asked soonee if we weren’t honoring my culture’s tradition of waiting three years after my dad’s passing. In Buddhist and Vietnamese culture, if a person’s loved one passes away they would honor them by having a three year mourning period. Aaron and I are pretty simple realistic peoplr who happen to fall in love despite our differences in culture and ethnicity and I feel that khanh would be able to capture our pure love for each other on our special day.

  3. He was born in Tehran, I was born in Richmond, VA; and we met in the DC area 3 years ago. Despite our very different backgrounds, we were both struck by how complimentary our families are, how they seamlessly connect through us as if they were meant to be one. Our mothers even look alike! We’re getting married in October in 2015 at Westwood Farm in stunning Orange VA. The venue is perfect to celebrate our shared love of romping outside in the stunning foothills of VA in autumn. We’re steering away from the usual wedding formula, and instead focusing on bringing our families together through storytelling. We hope to have those old classic family stories told over dinner and captured on film to be able to show our children one day so they can see and hear their history and heritage. Instead of a photo booth we’ll have a storytelling booth for those impromptu stories. There will still be a beautiful persian wedding ceremony, dancing, flowers, tons of candles – we’re just replacing the time spent photographing every guest with the bride and groom, the bouquet toss, the garter toss, the cake cutting, and some of the dancing time with time spent sharing our histories because who knows when we’ll get a chance to bring everyone together again the way we will at our wedding? Beautiful photography to compliment the cinematography to remember that once in a lifetime moment would be such a blessing.

  4. My fiancé and I met in 2009 while we were both vacationing in Miami. He is from England and I am from Long Island New York, and so neither of us (nor any of our friends or family) expected we’d meet anyone in spicy South Beach! I was looking forward to a relaxing girls weekend escape away from my busy advertising job in Manhattan, and Scott was on a mission to escape life in England and head to the States for the very first time. We didn’t know it at the time, but escaping our lives at home has lead us to find everything we had been missing. We are so over the moon happy now that we are together!

    Having been to London and the English countryside several times to visit Scott and his family, I absolutely love the quaint atmosphere juxtaposed by old english grandeur; castles and stunning architecture on sweeping landscapes. My vision is to re-create this atmosphere for my wedding, with vintage colors and decor, and pre-ceremony photography at the beautiful Planting Fields Arboretum in Oyster Bay NY. We will be having a smaller wedding, with about 125 guests. The ceremony and reception will be held at the same venue in Smithtown New York, where there is a beautiful garden in the back for cocktail hour.

    I am a graphic designer, and so photography is absolutely a priority of mine (and Scott appreciates the art, too!) — it has been hard to find a photographer who is in our price range but who takes stunning photos with beautiful compositions. Khanh’s work has floored both of us!! We love her photo journalistic style and her creative shots, but mostly her editorial style that feels high fashion and dramatic. I feel her style is a perfect match for my vintage English garden vision, and I would be honored if she were there to capture my wedding day!!

    We are happy to pay travel fees and make sure Khanh will enjoy her stay with us in New York. Our fingers are crossed!!! Thank you :)

    Christina Ferrara

  5. Oops! Our wedding date is 8/29/2014 and the venue is The Watermill.


  6. Hi there!
    My name is Alicia but a lot of my friends and family call me Allie. I’m engaged to a wonderful man named John Rinka. Our wedding is May 9th 2014 located at Hoosier Grove Barn in Streamwood, IL.

    John and I were introduced by my best friend who is his sister. My soon-to-be sister/best friend asked me about two times if I wanted to go on a date with her brother, and all two times I would respond no. Until finally, I was stressed out from work and school and also from soul searching that I thought going on a date with my best friends brother would probably take my mind off of everything that was happening. So when she had asked me again I had responded yes. I’ve been tirelessly searching for a soul mate that I felt like I was about to give up and just accept that I wanted to be alone. I wasn’t expecting a second date or a text message from John because for one he was older than me and I thought he was like every other guy I had dated and also I felt like I was out of his league. I was wrong. John showed me through out the months of dating that he truly cared for me, he showed me love that I have never experienced with my own father (who was absentee), and he showed me that he wanted a family to which we together can show our children that love is out there, you just have to let God take control.

    Our Style that we are going for is rustic glam. The reception is in a barn and the ceremony will be outside under a decorated draped tent. :)

    I don’t know Khanh but I do know that she has a style that shows elegance, softness, and fun added to her. I know that John and I don’t live in Oklahoma , but we would jump at paying travel fees because we know we will be getting a great professional photographer!

  7. Hi there, My fiance, Michael, and I will be married on July 5th, 2014 in Camden, Maine. The ceremony will take place at a harbor front natural amphitheater surrounded by our best friends and family. The reception will be held at a whimsical nature park just a mile away. I think Khanh’s style would do a lovely job of capturing the love and essence of our garden party wedding. A touch of whimsy contrasted with the natural beauty of Maine will set a beautiful tone for our big day. Khanh, I think you would love Maine as much as we do! Please be the one to capture the best day ever for us. Thank you!

  8. P.R. & Bri, September 6. 2014. In my parents back yard on Lake Mina, in Alexandria MN.

    P.R. and I walked together at our friends wedding, back in 2007. At the time I was living in California and he was living in Colorado. Our friends paired us up because I was the tallest girl and Mark also shared with P.R. That I was in to snowboarding. Even though P.R. could barely talk to me, he said that he had a crush on me from that night on… We added each other to MySpace, then Facebook… Maybe left a handful of messages on each others walls over a span of 4 years (usually about me being jealous of the CO snow and riding in October!!)
    Then I moved. I moved to Colorado for the snow and baby steps to moving closer to my family that lives in the mid-west. I posted a picture of my season ski pass on Facebook, and it was about 5 min. Before P.R. Asked when we were going riding.
    It took him 3 months of inviting me to group movie nights, snowboarding, and his masterful white chocolate cheesecake, before he made his move and kissed me.
    A week after he kissed me we became official over a shared pic of my roommate writing ‘Bri has a boooyfriend’ on our little white board. He asked if I agreed or denied.. I agreed. And that’s how I got my very first boyfriend!!! (at 28, :-P ) 2.5 years later, he poped the question on the dock at my parents house. He’s love forever… And I know cause he moved to Minnesota for me this past summer. Leaving his mountains and making me his home. Xoxox love you P.R.!!!!! My Squishy.

  9. Justin and I have perfected the long distance relationship. After meeting on New Student Orientation Staff at our undergraduate institution during his senior year and my sophomore year, we have been in the same city for 10 out of the 36 months we have been blessed to belong to each other. Shortly after we met and started dating, I moved to New Zealand for a semester and once I returned home, he began graduate school in a different city. Fast forward through many Facebook chats, Skype dates, and handwritten letters to get to this past summer. In discussing marriage, we tentatively set a summer 2014 engagement and summer 2015 wedding in our minds, as I am living in Iceland for the 2013-2014 academic year and he will not be done with graduate school in Minneapolis until 2015.

    Justin obviously had different thoughts. I found myself on a dock at my family’s cabin at sunrise surrounded by candles lit in mason jars on August 27th with the man of my dreams on his knee. 5 days before I moved to Iceland. Needless to say, I responded with a resounding “Yes!” So now we are settled into long distance again, as I live in Reykjavík and he lives in Minneapolis.

    Our wedding date is not until June 20th, 2015 and being apart is difficult, but I would wait twelve years if it meant I got to marry him. The ceremony will take place at my home church in Minnesota and the reception at the gorgeous James J. Hill Reference Library in St. Paul, MN. Our styles are vintage classic. I’m in love with birdcage veils, dresses with sleeves, the colors olive and slate gray, and anything that will make our guests feel special and loved on our special day. Khanh’s photography style would fit perfectly with the relaxed, personal, and unique atmosphere we’re hoping to create that day. We would be blessed to have her as a part of our day!

  10. An Australian-Chinese girl, a Swiss-Italian boy, a British Shorthair kitten. These are the ingredients for our love story, a serendipitous series of events spanning three continents.

    Antoine and I found each other in Beijing, a city beautiful and despairing in equal measures. We locked eyes over late-night karaoke, the the strains of Rhianna forever a reminder that we had, indeed, found love in a hopeless place. Our first date was over a bottle of his favourite barolo and an array of cheese, my introduction to his Italian passions and French sensibilities. We talked well into the early hours of the morning, sitting side by side on a park bench, at first watching the stars and then the sky as it begin to soften into sunrise.

    The first litmus test of our relationship was in feline form. Unbeknownst to me, my husband-to-be was severely allergic to cats. Unfortunately for him, my cat Daisy is possibly the sweetest and most affectionate creature ever to walk this earth…and so Antoine spent his first night at my apartment with a large, furry feline sleeping on his head.

    From then to now, our relationship has survived and thrived. In the 18 months we’ve been together, we have supported each other through professional challenges and personal loss. Uprooting our little family from Beijing to Singapore, the unexpected passing of my father, job changes for both.

    Despite the challenges, we’ve come to embrace our status as global citizens. We want our wedding to be a reflection of that, a celebration of how far we’ve come and the friends we’ve made along the way. We want our loved ones to be whisked away from the reality of everyday life, to suspend disbelief, to breathe deep and enjoy a few days of pure bliss. That’s why we chose Bali, the island of the gods, for our destination wedding.

    Our wedding will be a fairly intimate affair, with around 50-70 guests from all over the world. We envisage a romantic, dreamy, French-style wedding under the frangipani trees, with beauty at every turn.

    There are myriad reasons why we would be delighted to have Khanh capture our big day, but at the top of that list must be the fact that I am utterly smitten with film photography! To the point that Antoine sometimes complains that if I wasn’t marrying him, I’d be perfectly happy curled up next to my Nikon FM3a for the rest of my days. ;) So to have a photographer as obsessed with film as I am shoot our wedding would be such a treat and blessing.

    May 10th, 2014. Amanusa Resort, Bali, Indonesia. We hope to see you there. :)

    Love, Haidi & Antoine

  11. Calvin and Pearl. Wedding date: January 3, 2015. Location: Canmore/Banff, Alberta, Canada

    I was born and raised in Alberta (Canada) while Calvin lived in many places while growing up as his parents were missionaries in both Japan and China. We met in university and became really good friends, sharing many interests, including a passion to do development work oversees. He was one of the few who really understood and shared my passion for people. He then asked me out right after we graduated (at the last possible moment!). I then went to medical school in Toronto and he went to volunteer in Africa for a year. This was the hardest year of long distance. After that year, he went to Texas to complete a masters in social work and seminary while I completed my studies and started residency in Toronto. We’ve dated for 4.5 years, all of which have been long distance! It has given us an appreciation for the few weeks in the year that we can spend together.

    We chose Canmore/Banff because I grew up around these mountains. There’s nothing like the Rockies that will humble you and put you in awe. Our style is very simple and intimate, with more of a reflection of the natural beauty around us.

    We love your work and your film photography does such a phenomenal job in capturing the natural beauty. We would be honoured if you would consider sharing our special day with us!

  12. Ivan and I met a little over 2 years ago at a friends birthday party. I am a pretty sociable person, so I decided to talk to this shy, quiet boy who I had never seen before. Surprisingly, he was incredibly easy to talk to. We talked about our love of cooking and music; things just felt so comfortable. That week, he added me on facebook and suggested I join him for the movie “Drive,” if I hadn’t seen it already. I didn’t really think he was interested in me, but I decided that I wanted to go see the movie… so we went. I am so incredibly glad I did. We chatted for a while before the movie, and things felt as comfortable as I remembered it had the previous week. And when my clumsy self spilled popcorn all over him during the movie, he just smiled and told me not to worry about it! I am terribly clumsy, so this was comforting. Ever since then, he has been my source of comfort in life. I am so excited to marry this loving, hilarious man and share my future adventures with him. I would LOVE. Khanh to document this extra special day in our lives. Her style is beautiful, romantic, and fun…. just like we hope our wedding will be! It will be at the Carondelet House in Los Angeles, CA on April 18, 2014.

  13. Hi Khanh,

    My fiancé and I just got engaged in September. I will explain us a couple and our story the only way I know how, cheesy and romantic, because that is how I am when it comes to love but it is how our relationship has been. Simply Eric and I are high school sweet hearts. We met almost 6 years ago at our high school in Newburyport, MA. We were in the same study hall and Eric’s talkative, funny, and ridiculous personality made us instant friends. We became best friends and spent almost everyday together with our group of friends that summer in 2008. I knew Eric liked me and people told me all the time but I couldn’t like him. We were best friends and I just didn’t feel that way. (This is the story he loves to tell people now since it makes me look bad) At the end of the summer we were with our friends at the beach one night and he asked me to walk down to the water with him. He then asked me if I would like to go on a date sometime. I replied saying I wasn’t sure and I would like to just hang out. I said No but it didn’t stop him. Our junior year started we had a class together and continued our friendship. Slowly I started realizing that I did like Eric, I did want to be in a relationship with him. On October 3, 2008 at 16 years old Eric and I began dating, it all started in the back of his best friends mini van with a kiss.
    It has now been 5 years. We graduated high school and went off to college in RI only 45 min from each other. We challenged our relationship last year when we both studied abroad. I was in Spain and he was on a sail boat in the Caribbean. For three months we were apart. For six weeks we didn’t have any communication. We reunited in Paris and after a week we were apart for another two months. It was hard but it just made us love each other even more.
    For the past two years, at least, we have talked seriously about getting married. We would plan like it was real and we were actually engaged despite being in the middle of our college careers and so much to do before getting married. So after all the talk and more and more serious talk this past summer I was going to loose my mind. Everything that happened I was suspicious of him proposing.
    Well the day came. On September 21 this year Eric took me on a sail boat ride in Newport RI on a gorgeous day. He waited for the best moment, the clouds went away and he asked the man sitting next to me if he would take a picture of us. Instead of posing for a picture Eric turned toward me got down on his knee and held a ring in front of me. I had been suspicious but when it was all really happening I was shocked. It was the best moment and it was all captured in photos. I couldn’t thank the man enough who took those pictures. They mean so much to me and they capture one of the absolute best an most important moments in my life.
    Now I have shared our cheesy story in hope that you will want to capture the next best and important moment in my life. The moment that it becomes our life.
    Our wedding will be on August 8, 2015 in Newburyport, MA at the Custom House Maritime Museum. The ceremony and reception will he held on the museum’s lawn along the boardwalk. The cocktail hour will be on a boat going up and down the mouth of the river at sunset.
    The work of yours that I have seen has the essence and feeling of what Eric and I are looking for. I would be honored to have you as the photographer for this moment of our life together.
    Thank you

  14. Hey, Khanh. My name is George Metropolis and I and my fiancee, Julia, would like to tell you our story.

    I met Julia in the Fall of 2010 when two of our mutual friends got engaged and asked some close friends to pray for them. After that I didn’t really interact with Julia for the next year and a half. January 2013 rolls around and I meet Julia again at a friend’s house. I was immediately drawn to her excitement for life and people and to her compassion for people. Unlike my normal reaction to things I want, I was patient. I prayed for patience, I asked friends to keep me patient; I didn’t want to rush into another relationship and hurt her in the end. So about a month and a half after re-meeting Julia I told her that I would like to pursue her with the intention to marry her if she would let me. And she said, in so many words, “alright.”

    The next year and a half or so was the hardest time of my life up to this point. I struggled with jealousy like I never thought I would or could and it hurt Julia more than I want to imagine. During the 12 months of us dating we took 2 or 3 week-long “breaks” away from one another and broke up a couple times. All in all we were separate for about 10 weeks out of that year. We got back together in mid-March 2013 to the surprise of us both and have been together since.

    For some reason God caused that first year of our relationship to be the hardest thing I’ve ever experienced. It was the hardest and most painful and also the most rewarding and most precious thing in my life second only to my relationship with Jesus. I think one reason he let us go
    through that hardship was to reveal some ugly stuff in us both, but also to show us that things in life are going to be hard sometimes, but that does not mean they are worthless, wrong, or outside of his loving sight. Julia is my best friend and I cannot wait to get to know her as my wife and get to be challenged and refined in marriage.

    We’re getting married on April 6, 2014 in Charleston, SC at Alhambra Hall. It’s a really beautiful, simple, classy building on the marsh that looks onto the Cooper River and downtown Charleston.

    Our wedding will be classic. String lights, wine bottle vases, as many flowers as we can afford, ceremony under an oak tree on the marsh, she’ll be in a gown, I’ll be in suspenders, flower girls, friends, family, worship, prayer, and anticipation for a lifetime together whatever that brings.

    We’d be honored for you to photograph us. We don’t have a lot of money. Our wedding will not be ornate. But it will be beautiful and wonderful. It will be right on the marsh for the ceremony which is right up your alley with your eye for natural light and detail and Julia is stunning. And on top of the beauty of the bride, venue, and decorations, you’ll photograph the love of our friends, our brothers and sisters, our parents, and our grandparents. There is an indescribable amount of love between these people and I’d love for you to capture that.

    Khanh – Bride here. George has said it well. That’s our weird story. Not a lot of glamour in our story. But love, yes. Lots of love. And no matter what, we are sticking together. Thanks for taking the time to read this. P.S. I love the art that you make with photos. Keep doing good work.

    George and Julia

  15. My fiance Joe and I met 12 years ago. I just moved to a new town and he was the cutest most shy boy in my grade. But I had no interest then… We were just friends! Sophomore year he told me he liked me… but unlike most girls, I got scared and ran like the wind! We stopped talking or acknowledging eachother for the next two years.. i broke his heart and started dating someone who was definitely not good for me.I moved away for school and when I came back home I was just enjoying life after college, being single and discovering who I was.

    Two years later we caught up over dinner as friends and figured we had similar Personalities and humor. two months later we started spending every weekend together. He asked me out, I said no twice and finally I came to my senses a few weeks later when my friend said ” are you crazy? He’s perfect for you!”

    I was crazy! I was waiting for the perfect man. I prayed and I waited and I asked God to show me when it was right and that I would not be one to awaken love if it wasn’t right yet. Here he was all these years under my nose, we like to joke. Everything I could dream of.

    He proposed 11 months later, and we’re getting married next year July 20th 2014. We’re getting married at the beautiful a’bulae in the evening on a Rooftop. He has shown me selfless love ever single day..I to may the most wonderful man I know!

  16. Serendipity brought my fiancé Aaron and I together. I was moving into my first apartment and my roommates and I needed help moving a ridiculously large and outdated television onto the fourth floor. With a knock on a random door to get some additional muscle power, I met my soon-to-be husband. He later asked my out at my birthday party, and needless to say, it was the best birthday present ever! Over five years we endured a long distance relationship; however, separate cities, states, countries, and even continents could not keep us apart. It is with his support that I was able to pursue my dream of becoming an archaeologist and after several grueling years of grad school, we are finally living at the same place at the same time!

    We are getting married October 4th, 2014 in Tacoma, Washington at Foss Seaport Waterway, a historic warehouse on the Puget Sound. We want our wedding to celebrate the place where we grew up, met, and fell in love: the Pacific Northwest. For our aesthetic, I drew from vintage national park posters that honor the spirit of the Northwest. We hope to create a whimsical environment by bringing the great outdoors in and by balancing rustic and elegant elements.

    Khanh Hogland’s photography portrays depth organically through contrasting light and dark, crisp and soft. Her ability to capture disparate elements is perfectly suited for the wedding style we are trying to achieve. Her attention to detail would ensure no moment of our wedding, no matter how quickly it goes by, would be missed. We would be honored to have Khahn document this special day in our lives.

  17. Name: Erica Briseno
    Wedding Date: May 25, 2013
    Wedding Location: Murrieta, CA

    About us:
    We are two people that were never supposed to meet. He grew up in New Hampshire and I grew up in the red mountains Southern Utah. God placed us together at Bible College and that is where our love blossomed.
    It was my first semester attending the college and he was working there on maintenance. We met in the car of a friend casually and later sparked up a friendship that neither of us expected to turn into what we call the greatest adventure of all. After many coffee shop meet ups, a downtown Disney adventure, and thrift store runs we made it official. I woke up one morning for my shift at the coffee shop and I knew. We met on bench and I couldn’t stop shaking. The moment he asked me to be his girlfriend I knew that he was “the one”. A month later I flew into Boston, MA to “meet the parents.” It was all over, I melted into his baby blues and haven’t looked back since.
    Joey and I will be married on May 25th, 2014 to the place where it all began in Murrieta, CA. The Bible College where we met is an oasis and it has so much natural beauty. Not to mention the place is filled with memories of where we first met, the first coffee he paid for, the first time he said I love you… it seems only appropriate. Here is a link to the website of the venue as a warning, it looks so much better in person.
    I have always loved simplicity, less is more, and something I try to live by. Which is why this idea of simple and natural came through when I began to plan this wedding (evidence of this can be seen on my Pinterest board). I have always wanted a soft and romantic tone for a wedding. Giving a wedding a more natural look and feel allows for the real essence of the wedding to stand out. Eucalyptus leave garlands all around and soft pinks, white, and ivory for flowers. My ring is yellow gold so I really want to incorporate little hints of gold here and there. And of course, dark wood for tables, chairs, etc. I have an affinity for pretty things. The wedding is still a work in progress but I think everything will come along nicely.
    A wedding has a lot to do with the colors and style is important too, however, I feel that the people are what is most important. For a bride to stand out amongst all other aspects of the wedding. I would like people looking back at the photographs to admire how the bride and her groom spent their special day. Khanh’s photography is truly beautiful. She has a good eye for capturing the essence of natural beauty. Nothing that takes away from her subjects and I really admire that in her photography. I also love that she uses film, having worked with film before I understand the true art of film photography. We would be honored to have her capture our day.

    Joey and Erica on May 25th, 2014 in Murrieta, CA… can’t wait to see you there!

  18. I met Sambo in 2009 at a Social Work conference.He had just moved from Cambodia to pursue his master’s degrees in social work and theology. Apparently enamored by my college- sophomore self, his first flubbering question to me was “How many kids do you want?”. I wasn’t sure how to respond, so I mumbled something and moved on, eager to avoid this conversation. A few years later, his roommate started work in my office, and continuously encouraged him to pursue me. Finally, they invited me over for dinner to talk about human trafficking – the passion of both our hearts – and our journey began. We dated only three months before his student visa expired, and he went back to Cambodia. It’s been a long, challenging, and incredibly fun journey dating long distance for a year and a half now. He came to see me for the holidays – and proposed on my birthday (halloween), by carving the all-important question out of pumpkins, and having each of my best friends carry one. He is an incredibly kind, empowering, strong, smart and gentle man, and I am beyond blessed to have him. We are so excited to plan a ceremony that reflects the unification not only of the two of us, but of our families, cultures, and stories. And we’re beyond excited to start our lives living in the same place, and to have the opportunity together to love our God, one another, and to pursue justice for the oppressed. It would be an incredible honor to have you join us for this chapter of our story, and to have you illustrate it. Come to our Khmer-American wedding adventure? It will be held on March 2, 2014 in Waco, TX.

  19. Hello Khanh!

    Name: Phuc Ho and Manesh Hardeo
    Wedding Date: Spring 2015
    Wedding Location: Houston, TX
    Wedding Venue: TBD

    3 years ago in October my crazy single girl friends and I headed out to Wild West country bar for our usual Wednesday night girls night of great country music, $1 beers and people watching of creepy old man trying to dance with 18yr old high schoolers! People of all ages and races flock to Wild West for some good ole fashion country music fun! You have the line dancing and the booty shakin’ moving all on the same wooden floor.

    My fiance told me that he saw my girlfriends and I at the bar the Wednesday before and couldn’t get me out of his mind and decided to hit up Wild West again the next Wednesday to see if I would show up. Not to mention the bar was directly across the street from his office. Low and behold I was there, doing the running man to some song, on the dance floor when he spotted me. I finally broke out from the group and headed to the bar for a round of drinks for the girls when I felt the hairiest arm touching mine! Trying to be discreet and move to the side the hairy arm followed me and the minute I turned to my right to tell this person to give me my space, he reach out his hand and introduced himself. Most of the time when meeting men at the bars I have a “fake name/persona” when I’m not interested. But for some reason when he introduced himself I actually gave him my real name and surprisingly a smile. He asked if he could buy me a drink and was persistent in making sure I made date plans with him by the end of the night. Who would of thought that a hairy Trinidadian (with Indian heritage) would meet a crazy country music loving Vietnamese girl at a country western bar. Our worlds would have never collided any other way!

    Its been a whirlwind 3 years with moving to a whole different state (Atlanta, Georgia) and starting his real estate business and myself a new job away from our families and friends from Texas.

    We hope that our wedding will reflect both our back background and for our families to unite.

    We sure do hope that you pick us!!!

    Phuc & Manesh

  20. Hello!

    I love your work – it is exactly the type of photography my fiance and I are looking for! The lighting is gorgeous!

    My fiance, Mitch, and I recently got engaged in Mexico after dating for about 7 years now! We met my first day of college at Santa Clara University where he was a junior. We’ve been together ever since, through my time abroad in Rome and his time in Luxembourg playing professional basketball. We’ve grown together as a couple and couldn’t be more excited to tie the knot! We now live in San Francisco and are currently planning our wedding in Palm Springs, CA! My family is from Seattle, WA and his is from Minneapolis, MN so they are all coming together to celebrate next fall!

    Our main criteria for the wedding is for everyone to have an amazing time! I have worked briefly in the wedding industry in San Francisco so I know that people can get caught up in the planning and forget the magic of the day…I want to make sure that doesn’t happen to us! I’m currently in graduate school to become a school counselor and my fiance works in finance, so the planning is slowly coming together!

    The wedding will be on October 25, 2014 either at the Parker Palm Springs or the new Ritz Carlton opening this spring. I want the whole feel to reflect our style and use the Palm Springs aesthetic! The colors are charcoal grey, gold and a deep fuchsia (hopefully using the bougainvillea that is all over the desert!) I am a big details/DIY person and want our wedding to be unique so I am planning sunglasses as escort cards, confetti as we walk down the aisle and gold foil table numbers (to name a few). Although it will be fun and energetic we also want it to have an organic feel with tons of tea lights, grey linen table cloths and cafe string lights.

    We are so excited for our wedding and hope that you like our ideas!

    Wesley & Mitch

  21. HI Guys,

    My fiancee Kevin and I met when we were both living in NYC in 2011. I am from Australia and he is from OKlahoma, I was not looking for an American man to sweep me off my feet. But life has a way of throwing you for a loop and meeting Kevin has certainly done that for me. We are planning on a quick elopement in NYC next April, followed by a reception back in Tulsa in November… A Fall party in a barn is the dream.

    The reason for the spread out dates is because I am currently waiting in Australia for a visa to allow back in to the states. Kevin is working his butt off in Tulsa so we can afford a cute house in T-town and our wedding will be a celebration not just of our love, but also of us overcoming all manner of redtape and nasty immigration officers. We are beyond excited to celebrate with our families in Oklahoma and are planning a reasonably rustic (lots of wood and simple flowers, less on the burlap and cheesy hoke) celebration with an emphasis on delicious local food.

    The details in your photos are simply stunning and the way you work with the light around you is just what we love. We would love to have a an Okie local too obviously!

  22. First off, I have to say that your photographs are stunning! My fiance and I have been looking for a film wedding photographer who can help tell the story of our wedding day. We love film photography because of it’s ability to bring out natural light and the fact that it “mimics what the eye sees.” I instantly fell in love with the images on your website and I feel as if I could not have found a more perfect photographer. Your photos have a soft glow and emanate romance.

    My fiance, Ben, and I met a little over six years ago in Boulder, Colorado after our sophomore year of college. We had an instant connection from the moment we met. I truly could not have dreamed up a more perfect match. Ben proposed in Puerto Vallarta a few days before my birthday this year. He surprised me by planning a private dinner on the beach with candles and rose petals and we spent the night dancing on the beach under a full moon.

    We are currently planning a very intimate wedding with our closest family members for the summer of 2014. There will only be 8 guests at our wedding, because we want the day to truly be about us and our love. We want to have a romantic, ethereal, and elegant outdoor wedding that radiates natural beauty. Because it is a small wedding, we really want to focus on every single detail with gorgeous flowers and small touches. We are currently deciding between Figueroa Mountain Farmhouse ( and Sunstone Villa and Winery ( in California.

    Thank you, Khanh, for this opportunity!

  23. I forgot to mention that we will most likely have the wedding on a weekday during the summer of 2014 and, if chosen, we would work around your already scheduled weddings! I can’t tell you enough how much it would mean to my fiancé and I to have you shoot our special day. Even though the wedding will be small, we promise elegant details and, more importantly, a couple that couldn’t be more in love.


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