Jade McCully is a new sponsor here on Once Wed, and I have the pleasure of introducing you to her gorgeous photography this morning. I love the simplicity and creativeness that she brings to each and every photo, while still allowing the day to unfold naturally.





Jade is based out of Georgia, but available for travel and destination weddings. Don’t forget to check out her blog to see more incredible photos.

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Comments (6)

Jane | Reply

Where is that dress from? It’s gorgeous!

Andrea Gray | Reply

Thanks for posting this! Her photos are great! I have been looking for a photographer in the Savannah area.

Braedon | Reply

I really love that bottom left photo! There’s something about the yellows, the greens, the clouds and the party walking. Perfect. The layout of the dress next to the ring shot is stunning as well.

nina | Reply

I second that dress question! Love it!

Cabo Wedding Photographer | Reply

Really Gorgeous dress!

Those photos are really great……

Jade McCully Photo | Reply

The Dress was actually made by the bride!! I just loved it!! If you want more info just let me know…

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