We’ve been so inspired by Emily Riggs and her stunning new collections lately that we’re working with Emily to sponsor a giveaway! You could win one of these stunning handmade lace robes from Emily simply by entering our contest on Instagram.

Here’s how to enter:

1. Repost our giveaway image on Instagram.

2. Tag @oncewed and include the hashtags #oncewedgiveaway and #emilyriggsbridal. 

The winner can choose the Fiore robe or Cassiopeia robe, and will receive the short length robe, which retails for $1100! Because each piece is handmade, you’ll receive your robe within 3 months after the contest ends on March 15, 2015. THIS CONTEST IS CLOSED. WINNER ANNOUNCED ON INSTAGRAM!


Comments (3)

Heather-Joan | Reply

Please excuse my ignorance here and also excuse if this is a stupid question, but how do I share on Instagram if I am on my laptop? There are only buttons on here for Pinterest, FB, and Twitter. I know I can do it on my tablet and phone, but how do I do it on my laptop? Sorry again for being ignorant and asking a stupid question.

Mary McLeod | Reply

Hi Heather,
Not a stupid question at all! We just used the post to announce the giveaway- you have to log into instagram on your phone and share our giveaway photo that we posted through the app.
Thanks! Good luck!

Belle | Reply

Love oncewed contest !

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