How to Get the Ultimate Bridal Glow: Makeup Tips from Laura Geller

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The one phrase that makeup artists hear all the time is, “I want to look like myself, just better!” And the best way to make sure that you are the best physical version of yourself on your wedding day is by emphasizing a beautiful glow. Your excitement will certainly create a natural glow, but why not amp it up a little with long-lasting makeup? We’re excited to have Laura Geller sharing her top tips to achieve the ultimate bridal glow, and some of her favorite products that get the job done.


1.       Always start with a good quality make-up primer like this Spackle Tinted Primer. Primer creates a beautiful, even surface to allow foundation to glide onto skin and not sink into pores–not to mention it allows your make-up to last longer!

2.       Avoid shimmer, as matte works better for photography purposes.  Daylight and a camera flash can be unflattering to a shimmery face, so limit it to just a few key spots:  bridge of the nose, brow bone and cheekbone. We love this Baked Highlighter duo palette– it’s everything you need to create a luminous, sculpted look.

3.       Eyeshadows and lipsticks in bold hues are more noticeable in pictures when enhanced by the camera and daylight. You want to choose colors that flatter your skin tone and eye color. One of our top picks is this 14-hue long-wearing eyeshadow palette called “Delectables“, which can be applied dry or wet.

4.       And of course, never forget about your lashes. Whether you’re adding in false eyelashes or considering extensions, make sure that your lashes are ready for their close-up. While dark lashes don’t affect your bridal glow directly, they will help to draw attention in to your face.

5.       Finish off your look with the perfect shade of lipstick. Brides love this Iconic Baked Sculpting Lipstick, with creamy, vibrant shades. It stays put for several hours, meaning you’re free to kiss away for photos and not need a touch-up!


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