Wedding planning is so much fun, but it’s even more fun to think about what your life will be like after you’re finally married. Registering for wedding gifts is a great way to slow down with your future husband and think about what comes after the wedding- a marriage! You’re going to be building a home and life together, and your friends and families want to help you get started by providing you with the things you’ll need. Zola makes registering fun and easy for stylish couples looking for non-traditional wedding gifts!

Use the new Zola iPhone App to register for anything you’d like on-the-go with a barcode scanner, mobile alerts, and registry planner. You don’t have to worry about coming home from your honeymoon to tons of packages on your doorstep either; Zola makes it easy for you to schedule delivery and track what you’ve been gifted (which is a life saver when it comes time to send out thank you cards). And since you know what you’ll be getting before it arrives, you can virtually exchange some gifts on Zola before they’re ever sent out!

Zola has a huge selection of designer home goods for you to chose from when you’re registering, and if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed, they’ve put together curated collections where you can start your first registry! We curated a collection for Zola a few months ago, and we’re still in love with every single piece!

And not only can your friends and family purchase things from your registry, they can buy experiences and set up cash funds for you all in the same place! The flexibility Zola provides couples with is totally unmatched, and we love how many options you have. Once you see the love pouring in ,Zola has set up a feature called #LOVE that allows you to see all the photos people are posting on Instagram and Twitter right in your app!

Sign up today, and get a $25 credit for your registry by CLICKING HERE to get started! 


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