Are you looking for the gown that will make you feel your best on your wedding day? Since 1986, Impression Bridal has been creating memorable wedding gowns that flatter and delight, displaying true value.Impression’s designer bridal gowns are made with the most luxurious material to ensure that your wedding dress feels as sensational as it looks. Impression Bridal crafts bespoke pieces by focusing on the details of each gorgeous design, including exclusive couture quality micro beading that truly stands out from any other designers. With top quality fabrics and embellishments, skillful needlework, and technology that highlights the shape of a woman’s body, each dress is a work of art! Impression Bridal’s newest collection features intricate construction methods and meticulous attention to detail, offering bridal gowns with unmatched quality, value, comfort and fit. Your wedding dress is one of the most important purchases of your life, and we love that Impression Bridal focuses so intently on creating pieces that will last a lifetime.

All brides are looking for something different in their dress, but every bride wants her dream dress to fit like a glove. Every one of Impression’s wedding dresses is crafted to make the bride feel her best with a unique construction technique called “Magic Fit” that trims the waist while supporting the bust, helping to create a more hourglass figure.  Magic Fit by Impression is designed to enhance your natural figure while also lessening the amount of alterations you need, and in turn, saving you money!

Impression Bridal gowns connect personally with brides by echoing timeless classic style and including modern trends that reflect your personal taste. Impression Bridal leads the industry with fashion-forward designs while creating affordable wedding dresses that cater to a wide variety of brides’ personal styles. From rustic and understated to opulent and glamorous, we’re sure you can find a wedding dress style to fit your style and personality!

Impression Bridal’s commitment to quality and craftsmanship makes a difference that you have to see to believe. Visit today to find your perfect dress and locate your nearest retailer!


Featured Modern Backyard Wedding with Boho Style

When you hear the words “backyard wedding,” what do you think? No matter what pictures your brain has conjured up, we can pretty much guarantee that it’s no where near as good as this modern wedding with boho style.


Featured Simple Wedding Inspiration from Nature

We always think the most beautiful inspiration for weddings comes from nature. After all, Mother Nature has done a wonderful job, hasn't she? In today's featured editorial, the creative team elected to work with a very simple, pared-down palette of green and brown, both usually found as the base colors in nature. Highlighting the beauty of these natural tones caused them to push the bounds of their creativity, resulting in a beautiful combination of simple, natural designs with a modern aesthetic.