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I am a big fan of wedding registries. Talk about a win/win situation. Guests want to get you things you like…. and you get what you want….voila! the registry! Who doesn’t like picking out great stuff that others pay for? But what happens if your scan-gun spree comes up short? or you already bought that perfect toaster (and mixer and …) years ago … and want the flexibility to apply funds from many gifts to a big purchase like a Pacific Island Honeymoon? or a down payment on a home? Enter our sponsor: Deposit a Gift…. a flexible alternative to traditional registries, so you get everything you actually need, not ‘stuff’ you don’t. It works like a traditional registry to be easy on gift-givers, but allows couples to register for anything — flights, furniture, purchases outside the walls of Target and Crate and Barrel, and even charities. Not only is Deposit a Gift innovative & totally customizable, but this awesome company has thought of all the little details that exceed expectations: customer service #, pre-made ‘Rapid Registry’ lists to make setup a breeze, free wedding website option, free direct deposit & unlimited cash-outs.

Give your loved ones more gift choices, and give yourself total flexibility with your Deposit a Gift registry! I sure wish a cash gift registry option was around when I got married, but hey, at least now you can benefit! Click here to learn more about Deposit a Gift.

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Jill | Reply

This is such a great idea! I was just talking to my fiancée about doing something like this for our wedding, and wondering if there was a service…and voila! Already checked out the site – and its perfect for us. Thanks for sharing.

Steve | Reply

Great site packed with info. I am a wedding photographer in Cumbria UK and always looking at what goes on in the USA.

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