I am really excited to start the week off with one of our ridiculously talented sponsors, Davina + Daniel. Their photos are filled with such fun, emotion, and elegance. I just love how they are able to capture the expressions and intimate moments between the couple.





Davina + Daniel are based in Montreal, but travel all over for destination weddings. Make sure to check out their website and blog for more gorgeous and inspiring photos.

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daniel kudish | Reply

holy crap, you dug up some old photos! still love them though! thanks so much for the post!!

ross | Reply

These guys are great! congrats!

Laura | Reply

What a nice surprise to see a spotlight on a montreal based company!! Makes my planning a lot easier!!

Johanna | Reply

As a bride who has worked with them (in the first picture show above), not only are they talented but they are absolutely amazing to work with! Their work is original, fresh, inspirational and everything we wanted in a photographer.

ktrn | Reply

These pictures are incredible! I can’t wait to get married ;)

Fiona | Reply

I really love the second picture. It has such a relaxing feel