One of the most annoying and frustrating parts about wedding planning is collecting and organizing addresses for all of the cards and notes you’ll be sending! You have to call, text, email and message hundreds of friends and family members to make sure you have the right information, and once you have it, keeping it organized is such a pain. Postable takes that frustration away with their free online address book!

With Postable’s easy and free online address book, you can easily collect the contact information and addresses of your friends and family in one place in just a few simple steps! Now you can send out save the dates, wedding invitations, thank you cards, and even holiday cards to all of the important people in your life with one simple website!

Here’s how it works!
1. You sign up (for free!)
2. Postable provides you with a customized link that you can change to whatever you’d like. You email, send via Facebook, or even text the link to your friends and family.2LinkEmail copy
3. They click the link and fill in their information, and it automatically updates in your address book.

4. You’re all done! You have a perfect, and up-to-date address book!
5. And when you need to mail cards, Postable can do that for you too!

So why should you use Postable’s online address book instead of another virtual address book or the old school way?
-It’s totally free!
-It’s completely private and secure. Postable won’t share your info with anybody and your contacts will never be bothered with unwatnted correspondence.
-You’ll be shocked at how much time you’ll save using Postable! You’ll save yourself from hours and hours of heartache and frustration. Much better than getting 150 emails back and having to copy and paste that info into that horrible Excel file.

Mailing has never been easier! So get started with your Postable address book to start 2015 off right!


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