Before we jump right into posts for today, I wanted to take this morning to introduce one of our newest advertisers to the site, Claire Pettibone. You’ve probably seen her wedding dresses grace the pages of the many weddings blogs and magazines, but did you know she also has an equally beautiful lingerie collection?

I have to admit I usually prefer simple dresses over more ornate ones, but Claire Pettibone strikes a perfect balance with her detailing. Not only are Claire’s dresses very delicate and whimsical, but they are so comfortable to wear and you don’t get that stuffiness feeling when you try them on like you do with a typical ornate wedding dress. So so pretty…

claire pettibone wedding

Above is just a small sampling of her lovely designs, but if you are in the market for a whimsical wedding dress or beautiful nightie I would highly suggest checking out more of her collections here and here.

Photography via Claire Pettibone and Erin Hearts Court

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Comments (9)

Lindsay MacDonald | Reply

What a magical and delicate back to that dress on the top right. It’s fit for a fairy, so perfect.

Ashleigh | Reply

I love the details like the sash matching the dress. Very sweet!

Alicia Stepp-Woody | Reply

ugh. i love her dresses so much that it physically hurts. i am still sad that i was too obese (re: moby dick) at my wedding to fit into one. *cry*

Karen | Reply

so in love with claire’s dresses saving the pennies right now for one!

Marija | Reply

Wow, the second dress is absolutely stunning!!!
I love the flower detail…

Melissa | Reply

I’ve been eyeing up her Yolanda dress forever! There is something so special about her designs.

rachel | Reply

Melissa! Yolanda is my dream dress, too!! Oh my goodness!! I want to get married in my backyard, and Claire Pettibone’s “Yolanda” is PERFECT for that sort of venue. Now I’m just waiting until the day. : )

Adrienne | Reply

:) my Claire pettibone just came in. Mines the second one down. I am so excited!

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