I am always stunned by the amazing dresses of our wonderful sponsor, Claire Pettibone. Gorgeous detailing, feminine silhouettes–I mean, what’s not to love? I could talk about her dresses all day long, however, today I am excited to share with you the most recent news from Claire Pettibone…

We’ve just re-launched our online boutique with a new look, and updated shopping features. Here, you can find flirty, colorful Butterflies by Claire Pettibone, relaxed, casual wear from Bleu Clair, and of course the ultimate romantic lingerie by Claire Pettibone. You can shop by label, or by style. We have sale items, and are updating new product all the time!

Claire Pettibone Weddings


Claire Pettibone Weddings2

Claire Pettibone Weddings3Check out their website and new online boutique to see all of Claire Pettibone’s amazing dresses and more!

Top Images by Jose Villa, Middle Image by Erin Hearts Court, and Bottom Image by Max Wanger

Bouquet in Top Image c/o Flora Jett



Comments (5)

e.day | Reply

ahh the bottom photo is so adorable! that would be my favorite wedding photo for sure if that was me.

love it!

Abby | Reply

I’m confused, I don’t see any wedding dresses on the site. Not that there aren’t some beautiful stuff on there!

Melissa | Reply

Her website has been a bookmark of mine for while! I love her designs!

TheWeddingSecret | Reply

Beautiful photos! Love everything about them – including that bouquet!

Lace.and.Likes | Reply

her wedding dresses are soo so stunning
i wanted one so badly when i was planning but ended up going with a dress from monique lhuillier instead.
gosh, i wish i could get married again so i could wear one of her dresses as well!

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