Catbird Ring Roundup Numbered

1. Satomi Kawakita $740 2. Satomi Kawakita $1560 3. Satomi Kawakita from $530 4. St. Kilda $402 5. Polly Wales $1925 6. Digby & Iona $130 7. Satomi Kawakita $170 8. Carla Carus0 $144 9. Blanca Monros Gomez $170 10. Elisa Soloman $2540 11. Blanca Monros Gomez $350 12. Claire Kinder Studio $260 13. Catbird $1200 14 . Katrina Lapenne $2200 15. Satomi Kawakita $870 16. Bittersweets NY $1600 17. Satomi Kawakita $1210  18. Catbird $88 these also come with little letters of the alphabet on them and you can get a deal on them when you buy multiples…like…for your bridesmaids, for example. :)

Our sponsor, catbird, has a very cool collection of simple, delicate, and quirky jewelry (and other gifts, too) that is all beautifully crafted and very unique. Definitely worth taking a look! We adore their store!!


Comments (9) | Reply

#16 Bittersweet NY made my heart move… Wow

Marty J. Christopher | Reply

If I could do a ring re-do, I’d pick something like 11, 14, or 15. I wanted my grandmother’s ring for my engagement ring, and now I never even wear it! I almost always wear my band alone. It’s simpler and more comfortable.

erin * sparkle & hay | Reply

ooooh i love it all! so feminine & sweet!

Jackie | Reply

18 is perfect for a wedding ring. i’d love just a simple little heart.

alina | Reply

My engagement ring is from Satomi and my fiance loved working with her! And I loooove my ring. :) Looking forward to getting our wedding bands from her too. xo

Madison | Reply

really beautiful rings!

esme | Reply

blanca monros gomez made my engagement ring, AND i stack #9 alongside it. she is a delight! and i love my rings!

Michael and Anna Costa | Reply

So perfect by their imperfection!

Shapewear | Reply

I love #12 the most.