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It’s been a while since we’ve introduced a photographer as a new sponsor, so we are thrilled to announce that Adrian Michael Photography has joined the ranks of other fantastic fine art wedding photographers as a sponsor here on Once Wed. Adrian is a fine art film photographer from Canada who has always been in love with film. After originally learning to shoot film, then jumping on the digital bandwagon, Adrian soon realized his heart truly belonged to film because of the natural and soft quality of the images. Adrian’s photography combines natural light lifestyle photography with an editorial style to create timeless, romantic, and emotional images.

Adrian is in love with everything involved in wedding photography. He adores witnessing couples proclaim their love for each other week after week, and is inspired by his amazing clients on a daily basis. We are absolutely in love with the refreshing style that Adrian has perfected in his wedding photography, and we’re crazy about the fact that he’s so passionate about film and wedding photography! We think there’s something unique about the way he can capture the feeling of love between the two people he is photographing.

Adrian Michael Photography is located in Victoria, British Columbia Canada, but is available for travel and destination weddings, and we’re happy to announce that Adrian Michael Photography is offering an 8 hour wedding photography package to one lucky Once Wed reader! Comment below telling Adrian more about where you wedding(we want all the lovely details like where and when!) and how you met for a chance to win.*

Visit Adrian’s website today to see his beautiful portfolio!

*Travel outside of the Victoria/ Vancouver area is not included. Travel must be paid up front, and travel arrangements are to be made by Adrian Michael Photography. Couple must sign a standard wedding photography contract within 2 weeks of being notified of winning. Adrian Michael Photography must be the exclusive photographer at the event.

Contest ends January 2nd.

    1. Our story: James and I met 10 years ago in the summer of 2003 and when we were just 13 years old. After talking for hours during the long summer nights he finally asked me to be his girlfriend on our first day of school. Ten years later we are still crazy in love and we are finally tying the knot! Our wedding is being planned by the amazing Barb Raymond of French Kiss Events. It is going to be a beachside ceremony on Shelter Point in Campbell River, BC, in August 2014. Our special day will be effortlessly romantic with a timeless, whimsical touch. Check out our website to find out more about us and our big day!

  1. Hello Adam! Your work is beautiful! I am very newly engaged and so excited to finally be marrying my favourite person, Keeton. We met in high school and have dated ever since. We went to separate universities but have stayed together all this time. Seven years later, we got engaged in Washington, D.C. overlooking the city. We hope to have a wedding in August 2014 that is classic yet fun where we can unite with our closest family and friends there to celebrate! We would love to have you too!

  2. To start I wanted to share how I came across your contest. Barb Raymond from French Kiss Events is helping to plan our wedding and she is absolutely amazing. I saw on her facebook that she recommends you and her words were flattering, detailed and overall said that you are a wonderful photographer. On that alone I was itching to see your work. I then clicked and was wowed by the thoughtful and beautiful photos. To me a wedding is an event that you’ll want to re live over and over. To do that you need inspirational and breath taking photos. It would be an honor to have you photograph our wedding. I truly hope you consider Brett and I for the winners of your giveaway.
    A little about us…
    Brett & I met in a Moka house. I still remember walking through the doors and seeing him for the first time. I instantly thought, “phew he’s cute!” Second thought was “awww, he’s a gentlemen” after he pulled out my chair and kissed my cheek.
    We first got to know each other through e-harmony, who would of thought online dating works! We were both new to it and pretty skeptical but after the first meeting we knew we had something special and that online dating wasn’t too bad ;) We continued to date and get to know each other until about a year later when we moved in together. We started that off with house renos lol after surviving that we knew we could do anything and that our love was concrete! ?
    We followed house renos with making the best decision ever to expand our family. We adopted our beautiful fur babies, Bear (Newfie, Shepherd) and Koda (medium sized mix). We’re very excited to have them be in the wedding.
    Our wedding is in Metchosin, BC on August 30th 2014. It will be on my family’s 20 acre farm. We’re having the wedding ceremony and reception in a 6 acre hay field in front of our apple orchard. It’ll be a large country themed wedding with a touch of elegance. We’re having 200 crazy wonderful guests!
    The wedding colors are harvest, such as purple, red, orange and yellow. There will be a giant white tent, sparkling lights, rustic charm, and lots of food! Due to the very large size of the wedding our finances are stretched and it would mean the world to us to be able to have a photographer of your quality.
    Thank you for reading this.
    Best regards,
    Katrina & Brett

  3. Alison and I met in college, and have been together for the better part of 8 years. It’s not always been smooth sailing, but we’ve loved each other through it all. We’ve known for quite some time that we’d spend our forevers together, but after my dad died suddenly in 2011, we started to talk seriously about celebrating our wedding on his birthday. After my mom’s partner survived a near-fatal heart attack later that year, Alison and I cut our wedding-planning teeth by throwing them an intimate reception with close family and friends. We watched with baited breath as my home state of Washington fought to legalize same-sex marriage and cheered loudly from New England as the results were announced, knowing that Washington was where we’d marry. I bought my wedding dress the day the Supreme Court overturned DOMA, and we’re looking forward to saying “I do” next August at Fort Flagler on Marrowstone Island in WA, surrounded by the Pacific Northwest’s natural beauty, and the joy and love of our family and friends. Our vibe is a sort of traditional whimsy — farmers market flowers, bunting, mix & match cloth napkins, and vintage quilts for picnic-ing. we’d love to have you capture our special day!

  4. Hi!

    I came across this blog as I was looking up wedding dresses and photographers. My fiance Spencer and I got engaged one week ago tomorrow! Here’s our story: Two years ago, where we went to school (Liberty University), I was at an open mic night with a friend of mine. To make a very long story short, I saw this guy across the room and for about thirty minutes kept nagging my friend and telling her that I HAD to meet him! We were sitting with a guy friend of ours who actually happened to have recently met him. I told him the same thing. Fast forward a couple of minutes- this guy I had wanted to meet so badly went up on stage and started singing and playing his acoustic guitar. He melted my heart! As a musician myself, I knew we had something in common. Mid- song, he started making eye contact with me. I couldn’t believe it! He did it multiple times. Once off the stage, he made his way over to our friend group to say hey to our guy friend in common. That friend introduced us and the rest is history! Little did I know, he had wanted to meet me that night, too!

    Here we are almost two years later and planning our wedding! We will be getting married next August in Charlotte, NC (where I am from) with many family and friends in attendance. We want a classy, but trendy wedding, filled with beautiful flowers, greenery, grays, creams, and maybe soft pinks. Still making decor decisions!

    We would be honored to have Adrian Michael Photography capture our big day, not to mention it would help our budget tremendously! (We both recently got out of college and are at the beginning of our careers in music and music business!).

    Thank you so much for your consideration!

  5. Thanks so much for the opportunity to win this great package! Matt and I have been looking at photographers while debating using the one in Mexico the planner gave us, so this would be a dream come true!

    Matt and I live in Atlanta and have been together for 5 years. We are getting married on May 30th, 2014 and got engaged at the end of May this year. We looked at many barns and farms in Atlanta and Alabama, since I am originally from there. We then moved onto having a family only ceremony in the Caribbean. We heard about this little island off of Puerto Vallarta and finally had our location! Matt is going to be 39 in February and I turn 30 in January. We knew we wanted under 100 people at our wedding as this is the first for both of us, but we have been dating a long time and knew that we wanted something more personal. He is 1 of 4 children and so am I so there are 25 people that will be immediate family on the island, including our parents and nieces.

    We are so excited to have a destination wedding in Mexico! I really want our pictures from this day to reflect who we are and the scenery as we will get married on the island and have a reception/bonfire on the beach afterwards. We would be honored to win this package and cannot wait for May 30th!

  6. Hi Adrian,
    I have been a great admirer of your work so was beyond thrilled when I saw this giveaway on Once Wed! I am also thrilled to be able to share my story with you since it is my favorite story to tell. :)
    After being in an unhappy marriage for 17 years (no one was to blame, we just got married too young and had no idea what kind of partner would make us happy long term), I finally gathered the courage to leave. The thought of growing old in that marriage once my children were grown up depressed me to no end. Everyday I wished for something more in my life- a person who would love me the way I desperately needed and someone who would be a true partner in every sense of the word.
    After being divorced for a year and a half and dating every type of person that existed, the love of my life made his appearance. We had known each other for years but I never considered the idea of dating. He was an amazing friend, who I could talk to and tell everything. He says he never considered that I would ever date him so he never made the move! One night after a long work day and perhaps a couple of drinks, he held my hand. It was the first moment that I even considered that we could have more.
    Ever since that day we have been inseparable. He took on my big complicated life with three kids, crazy family and single mother woes all in stride, just happy to be a part of my life. I have never in my life met a man so unselfish, so caring and loving and so completely willing to do anything to make my life easier and happier. Almost daily, I tear up thinking about how lucky I am to have found this person. He is the epitome of every wish I had in my heart for all of those years. It was as if I was building my dream man wish by wish and now I have everything I could possibly want and “more” Now when I think of growing old, I smile to think of how everyday will be spent being loved and giving love to this amazing man.
    We are from Utah but we are planning to have our wedding on Orcas Island in the San Juan Islands on June 27th. When I imagined what it would look like to marry the man of my dreams, I saw us in a small chapel nestled in the forest. Lo and behold the Victorian Valley Chapel on Orcas was the perfect place. We wanted only those people who loved us the most, those who would be willing to take an airplane, a shuttle and a ferry in order to watch us pledge ourselves to each other for life. We are beyond excited to be getting married and having an amazing photographer to capture the day would just be the icing on the cake that this fairy tale love story has become. Thanks for taking the time to read this and considering my submission. Happy Holidays to you and yours!

  7. What a wonderful opportunity to surprise my daughter and her fiancé with the services of such a talented photographer. My daughter never thought she would marry, but has found her kindred spirit after meeting her fiancé through her college roommate. While their engagement has been long distance due to his current service in the Air Force (he’s stationed in New Mexico) they’re both looking forward to the time they can be together.Their wedding is August 2014. They’ve found the perfect small historic chapel for the ceremony with a reception at the lovely Ponte Vedra Inn, directly on the Atlantic Ocean. Having such a top-rated photographer would be the icing on the “wedding cake”!

  8. My best friend came across your website in one of her many Pinterest scavenger hunts for creative ideas for my wedding. I chose to stay in this Saturday night to write my story in hopes of an opportunity of having your photography at my wedding. Esteban and I met in a gym in Ecuador while I was teaching at an international school in Quito. I still remember lifting weights and taking a peek in the mirror to watch the five Ecuadorian guys bench pressing and talking loudly. All but one of the boys were intentionally showing off their English skills in conversation with each other to impress me -the obviously foreign blonde doing her best to fit in. I turned off my iPod and glanced over on occasion while lifting dumbbells, secretly hoping that the guy in the sweatshirt, the cutest and most interesting by far, would show off his English skills as well. Unfortunately, he spoke only in Spanish and continued to do so for the next two weeks while his friends carried on their flirtatious English conversations and greetings when I passed them at the gym.

    Finally, on a typical weekday at the gym, the cute and interesting boy that I been secretly hoping against hope would impress me with his English skills, turned around, introduced himself, and asked for my name. I still can’t believe I was able to hide my surprise and excitement enough to “play it cool” through that conversation. From that moment, Esteban and I coordinated our schedules at the gym so that we would see each other every night. Neither of us would admit to anyone, including each other that we had to be there at six to see one another, but it was becoming more obvious to everyone.

    After several weeks of secretly matching our schedules, the truth came out through a hello kiss gone wrong…or right. In Ecuador everyone greets with a quick kiss on the cheek. On that night, however, Esteban greeted me with a quick kiss at the corner of my lips before walking over to the weights. To this day, he still can’t believe he had the courage to follow through with that plan! From that point on, our meetings turned to dates and evening gym rendezvouses extended to movie nights afterward or trips to eat traditional Ecuadorian meals with parents.

    I remember during this time thinking on the bus ride to work that a life like this seems too perfect to continue. Pessimistic? Sure. Foreboding? Definitely. Two months after our first greeting kiss, Esteban received a notification that he must go back to the United States within the month, as not to lose his residency. We both knew that we had no choice but to accept the uncertainty of the future, yet we chose to give a long distance relationship a shot while he moved to New Jersey and I finished up my teaching contract in Ecuador.

    The Skype dates and emails began the moment his plane arrived in New Jersey. My days were filled with questions of the strangeness of a long distance relationship, yet soothed by thoughtful emails and hopeful plans of meeting again soon. I moved home to Chicago, only visiting him once in New Jersey, but still not ready to give up on “what could be.” Still filled with a strange combination of uncertainty and a quiet confidence that our decision to patiently wait while our relationship grows, I moved to New York to nanny and experience something new. Esteban moved to Florida to finish school. Our relationship carried on through phone calls, text messages, Skype dates, and a commitment to supporting each other through ups and down. We drew closer together each day, while the physical distance between us seemed to increase each morning that we woke up alone.

    After one year of nightly phone calls, Skype dates, “I miss you” emails, and not nearly enough weekend visits to be together, I moved to Florida to convert from a long distance relationship to a zero distance relationship.
    Since the day that I hung my clothes in his closet for the first time, we have had ups and downs, bought a cat, laughed at each other’s jokes, cancelled plans to stay home and watch movies all night, stayed up late telling stories, and made a promise to love and protect each other forever.

    People often marvel at our story. Asking questions such as “what convinced you to stay together from two different countries?” or “isn’t it strange that you don’t share the same first language?” I think both of us would agree that sometimes, you just know when something, or someone, is right. It still takes patience and courage and constant humility, but our history together is proof that some things are just meant to be.

    I would love to capture the moments of our wedding because not only are we committing to each other in front of our friends and family, but we are combining our cultures, introducing our families, and celebrating the end of unique and beautiful experience in the United States. This wedding is a celebration with our family and friends and a goodbye party before we leave to start a life together in Ecuador. I want my family and friends in Chicago to celebrate our move to Ecuador with dancing and great food rather than tears at the airport as the distance between us crosses country borders.

    I know that my Mom, my Grandma, my best friend, and I will open photo albums from my wedding day on lonely days when we wish that we could be together sipping margaritas or talking for hours about everything and anything. What better for all of us than photos that bring us back to that special day?

  9. We would love to have you photograph our wedding day. We are not more deserving, or have a more romantic story to share. I just appreciate your work, and think along with our style of wedding and your great skills, together we could create photos that are once wed worthy!
    Our wedding will be August 2014 at the Hycroft in Vancouver. It will be an outdoor wedding, with the manor as the backdrop. Some elements of our wedding will include: candle lit ceremony, custom bridal & bridesmaid gowns, the most handsome ring bearer, custom hand-drawn paper suite, open air dining with multi ethnic cuisine (Caribbean & Asian), french 75’s flowing, bare bulb lights, modern & clean – with a touch of art nouveau inspired decor.
    I think you if you were to shoot our wedding, it would be a great addition to your portfolio, and we would be delighted to have you join the party!

  10. First off, I have to say that your photographs are stunning, Adrian! I love that your photographs have a soft glow, natural light, and emanate romance. My fiance, Ben, and I have been looking for a fine art film wedding photographer who can help tell the story of our wedding day. We love film photography because of it’s ability to bring out natural light and the fact that it “mimics what the eye sees.” I instantly fell in love with the images on your website and I feel as if I could not have found a more perfect photographer.

    Ben and I met in 2007 on the 4th of July in Boulder, Colorado. It was the summer after my sophomore year at CU Boulder and I decided to stay in Colorado for the summer to take a few classes on campus. My friend, Caitlin, was also in town for the 4th of July so she told me that we were going to pick up her friend, Ben, from his house before starting the Independence Day festivities. As we pulled up to Ben’s house he was waiting on the front porch with his shirt off, a big smile, and a guitar in hand. Swoon!! (Little did I know that Ben had started guitar lessons the day prior and was stroking the C-chord over and over again as he waited for us to arrive!) Aside from the fact that I instantly thought he was adorable, we truly had an instant connection from the moment we met.

    We spent every day together in Boulder before I went home to Oregon for the rest of summer. Even though we had only known each other for a couple weeks, I missed Ben like crazy. We would talk on the phone every day and my mom knew right away that “this was the one.” As a surprise, my mom bought me a plane ticket back to Colorado so that I could spend the rest of my summer with Ben before leaving for Prague to study abroad. The month of August flew by and Ben and I were never apart. I couldn’t believe that we were going to be 8 timezones and thousands of miles away from one another for five months. As Ben drove me to the airport I knew that what we had was more than “summer love.” Two months into studying abroad I invited Ben to visit me in Prague. Before I knew it Ben was on a 13 hour flight coming to see me half-way across the world, and the rest is history! We’ve been dating almost six years and still can’t believe how lucky we are to have found one another. I truly could not have dreamed up a more perfect match.

    Ben proposed in Puerto Vallarta a few days before my birthday this year. He surprised me by planning a private dinner on the beach with candles and rose petals. After Ben proposed at sunset we spent the night dancing on the beach under a full moon.

    We are currently planning a very intimate wedding with our closest family members for the summer of 2014. There will only be 8 guests at our wedding, because we want the day to truly be about us and our love. We want to have a romantic, ethereal, and elegant outdoor wedding that radiates natural beauty. Because it is a small wedding, we really want to focus on every single detail with gorgeous flowers and small touches. We are currently confirming a weekdate in July or August at Sunstone Villa and Winery ( in California.

    Thank you, Adrian, for this opportunity!

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