In case you haven’t caught wind already, our sponsor A Printable Press has got some of the most wonderful and affordable wedding pdf’s out there! This awesome company creates customized wedding pdf’s that you can then have printed however you want—with a professional shop, a copy shop, online printer, or even at home. How cool is that? Even though their services offer a way for people to do printed cards on any budget, they pride themselves in offering only the best in high end design. Their motto is “Because everyone needs beauty as well as bread”.




A Printable Press has generously offered a free save the date pdf for one lucky Once Wed reader! Leave a comment with your name/email below and a winner will be chosen by random next Monday.

Congratulations to Caroline! Kimi will contact you soon with more details.


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Veronica Perez | Reply

Please choose me :)

Rachel from A Year of Living Frugally | Reply

Love these invites, especially the “new vintage” poster layout! ( :

Melanie | Reply

Such pretty designs – I love the “how-to guide”

Amanda | Reply

Just got engaged – SO excited to begin the planning process! :)

Deirdre | Reply

A stationary company that focuses on the art and leaves the rest to us- what a fabulous idea! Especially love the “Baroque” design.

Chelsea | Reply

Ooh! Pick me!

Katharina | Reply

wow, what a great giveaway!

Sumner | Reply

I just got engaged a few weeks ago and have been looking around for Save the Dates! I love these :)

Anna Harrington | Reply

My fiancé and I have been planning on getting our invites from A Printable Press! They are awesome.

Tong Yu | Reply

Love the designs! I’m getting married in September and I need to send out the Save the Dates soon! I especially love the Tree design, it’ll work perfectly with our wedding invitation!

Kate N. | Reply

I love these. We were planning to get them anyways!!

Ramona | Reply

ok… I know I’m not engaged… but… I love A Printable Press!!!

Cyndi | Reply

OOO I was just going to somehow design my own! but this would make my life 500 times easier!

Sarah | Reply

Simply Gorgeous! Our wedding theme is “vintage garden party” and these are just PERFECT!!!

tarahjoi | Reply

absolutely love the “tying the knot how to”!!

Elizabeth | Reply

We love the “Into the Woods” series as we will be getting married in the Adirondacks!

Maria | Reply

Those are gorgeous!

Allyson Leigh | Reply

I am in LOVE with A Printable Press–you’ve been my recommendation for the nine weddings I have this summer!

Laura | Reply

So pretty! I’d love to be able to gift this to a friend of mine!

Evelyn | Reply

I’ve been trying to design my own save the date, but all my attempts have looked unprofessional and too informal. These save the date cards are gorgeous…and this giveaway comes at a perfect time since I need to send mine out very soon!

Meghan | Reply

Oh, I love the tying the knot save the date! Sign me up.

Cheryl | Reply

How cute! Such a fun giveaway :)

Giovanna | Reply

I love these! Can’t wait to find my perfect wedding invitation from here!

Gaelan - Uschi and Kay | Reply

I really love A Printable Press. It’s such a great idea and such great designs to choose from.

Lara | Reply

I would love to win! I think I just found the perfect invites for our summer wedding – ‘Summer Tones’!!

Sara | Reply


Holly | Reply

ooo pretty! pick me! pick me!

Emily E | Reply

LOVE the new vintage poster design and the constellations save the dates. well, actually i love them all!

roopa | Reply

These are so lovely! My brother-in-law is marrying his high school sweetheart this summer and she would just love this.

maiko | Reply

love it!!! i would be thrilled to receive a free pdf from them… their designs are lovely.

rachie rach | Reply

Love them! Helped my sister pick out her invitations and was very impressed with their customer service!

susan h | Reply

lovely, thanks for the giveaway :)

H. Lim | Reply

Fun! Super pretty invites!

Joanna m | Reply

Great giveaway!

Anna Thaler | Reply

Such beautiful invites! My fiance and I are planning a river themed wedding, so the nature-ish ones above really draw me in.

l. konkler | Reply

oh powers that be, pick me!

Deanna | Reply

I love the bellflower invites!

Lesli Mills | Reply

I have been eyeing their invitations for weeks!

Heather P | Reply

I am planning to buy my invites from you in a few weeks if that helps!

neely | Reply

oooh! pick me! i love love love the very last save the date! it matches my colors perfectly!!!

Melissa F | Reply

soo pretty! having a hard time getting a date set but these might help! ;)

Shannon | Reply

I love all of the save the dates, especially the tye the knot!

jenni | Reply

Sigh….I have lusted over their website for months! So much awesome….

Melissa F | Reply

soo pretty! having a hard time setting a date, I bet these would help! ;)

Rachel | Reply

I wasn’t going to send save the dates because they didn’t fit in my budget, but if I won this, I totally could!

Nicole Reese | Reply

Beautiful save the dates!

Katie | Reply

Please pick me! I’m a budget bride and those Save the Dates are stunning…especially the birds on a wire :)

Raina | Reply

I would love to win!

Good luck everyone!

Laura | Reply

Ooh! I’d love to win!

Juliana Pereira | Reply

I love it, count me in!

danica | Reply

neat company! would love to win.

Jennica Wallis | Reply

I LOVE their work! I need to send mine out soon so that’d be perfect! :)

Tara | Reply

Love the color and clean layout!

Kristen Staes | Reply

Love love these! I have to get started on my save the dates coming up, so many choices!

Kayleigh Rosien | Reply

Fantastic stuff! I’d love to win! :)

Kristyl | Reply

Yes, please! Love these :-)

Alyssa | Reply

Thanks for the giveaway!

Mary Neigel | Reply

How perfectly lovely and smart!

Jessica | Reply

I love the variety of styles and who doesn’t like a good contest?!

Rebekah | Reply

Those are beautiful! I love the “tying the knot” hands.

Jamie | Reply

I love the “tying the knot” one!

Kristin | Reply

I would love to be picked!

Lara | Reply

pick me! pick me!

Kay Marie | Reply

I LOVE the constellation one!

Marisa | Reply

Thank you for the offer! We love their designs! xo

Lynsie | Reply

Oh so pretty – I want I want please ;)

Josh | Reply

Stunningly creative pieces, Printable Press! How about helping my gal and I Save the Date for our upcoming day?

Jessica | Reply

My fiance and I would love, love, love to use a Printable Press pdf for our Save the Date!

Ilsa | Reply

Pick me!! I love all of those invitations!

Jill E. | Reply

this would be so cool!

Stephanie | Reply

I think these are so pretty––so pretty please pick me!

Sarah | Reply

These are lovely. We were planning on using vintage “Greetings from Milwaukee” postcards for our save-the-dates… but how beautiful to have something like this with the wedding info on the back! Thank you for the chance at the giveaway!

LC | Reply

OMG this is just what I NEED! I was just worrying about how I was going to come up with a STD this weekend – and I want to send it electronically so the PDF is ideal.

Hope I win!

Sierra | Reply

Wow, cute! ^^

Laura | Reply

Oh so cute! Cross my fingers!

Krista | Reply

This would be amazing!

Samantha Hunter | Reply

Wow!! SO amazing! I have been wanting to order something customized from them for our wedding, but we are on a tight budget! Maybe I will get lucky?!

Katie | Reply

ooooo looove these!!

Audrey | Reply

STDs never looked so pretty ;) …I love the designs!

Natalie | Reply

The designs are so beautiful! I love all of them!

Kate H | Reply

I love the “how to guide” design. Perfect!

Kate | Reply

The stars design is so fun . . . love it!

Brooke @ Bright Wishes | Reply

Could totally use this!

Kathryn | Reply

I have been swooning over their designs since I got engaged!

Melissa West | Reply

I LOVE the “tying the knot” save-the-date!!! Anyone would be lucky to win this!

Eve | Reply

I’ve been eyeing these for awhile. A great way to get a creative card, support a small business and not be out to much.

Erin | Reply

These are such nice invitations…pick my name please! :)

Sarah T. | Reply

My fiance and I collect handmade calendars, cards, and posters. I love the “All Lit Up” picture of the light in the trees especially because that is how I picture our wedding. A blue night sky with lots of lights and candles in the trees and surrounding us.

Aimee | Reply

I love Printable Press! Thank you for making great design affordable for your average jo shmo! ;)

Lily | Reply

I would love to win this!

Micha | Reply

What a lovely idea!

Amanda | Reply

what a wonderful way to side step my to-be-mother-in-law from doing them! LOVE!

Joanna LeRoy | Reply

I would LOVE to win! I am waiting to hear back from our venue to confirm the date today and then this is the very next thing I need to be working on! Nice timing :)

Jessica | Reply

I got engaged two weeks ago and can’t wait to shop Printable Press!

ivana d | Reply

me me me.. pleasee…

courtney | Reply

i would love to win! my fiancé and i have been looking for something this beautiful and unique for a while!

Elle | Reply

LOVE LOVE LOVE the starry night invites! Gorgeous!

Kate | Reply

I have been struggling to find an affordable way to do save the dates… it would be such a blessing to win this – doing a wedding on a very tight budget. I really like the tree design! Pick me!

Megan | Reply

Need to send some out soon– would love to win!

Jennifer | Reply

Ummm….beauty at the cost of free! Yes, PLEASE :)

Robin | Reply

Oh i love this! :D

sarah | Reply

oh, I really hope it’s my lucky day! These would be perfect, and we are just getting ready to pick out our save the date cards! I love the constellation ones the best!

Kristy | Reply

I used Printable Press for my invites and was so pleased with the quality and customer service – highly recommended!

Chantelle | Reply

I love Printable Press and have been trying to choose between their many awesome designs. Me please!

Laura Anne | Reply

Aw, it’s written in the stars, lol.

Jessica | Reply

What a great concept! Beautiful designs!

Nicole | Reply

oh perfect! I’ve been thinking about getting these bird ones!

Suesie | Reply

Love, love, love their work!!! I hope I win! :)

Catherine | Reply

I’d love to win – our wedding is in October and I’ve had my eye on one of their designs for a while. I can be reached at pablohoney at

Elena | Reply

I would love to win these! So many beautiful designs.

Nora K | Reply

Here’s Hopin’!

Will | Reply

Help me and my best girl send these amazing Save the Dates!!!

Brook | Reply

GORGEOUS! Have had my eye on these for awhile ; )

K L | Reply

Our wedding is happening around the holidays, so an early save-the-date is a must if we are going to successfully compete with everyone’s travel plans. I hope one of these gorgeous designs will grace my friends’ refrigerator doors all year as a reminder of our wedding date!

Maggie | Reply

I LOVE these! Dream save the dates!

Jess | Reply

eeeee! What an amazing giveaway! I absolutely love their work; it would be such an honor to have them design our wedding invitations!

Jen | Reply

Oooooh awesome! Love the constellation one for our save the date, and my birthday is 7.11 so it’s meant to be : )

Meagan McMahone | Reply

what a cool business. love love love!

annie biter | Reply

love all of the beautiful designs! Fingers crossed!!

KT | Reply

suh-woon! yes please!

Heather | Reply

Oooooooh! I need! 10/15/11!

Charmaine Peterson | Reply

My fiance and I will be ‘tying the knot’ soon. Look forward to the most romantic day of our lives yet to come!

Eva @ Four Leaf Clover | Reply

These are beautiful! I hope mine will look just as nice when/if I get married!

Jessica Gaul | Reply

I would love to win this! SO pretty. Thank you!

Erin Maloney | Reply

WOW how awesome!!

Katrina | Reply

I love A Printable Press! :)

Christina V | Reply

Gorgeous designs!

Courtney | Reply

What a better way to start a life with someone than with gorgeous save the dates?! Great designs and great giveaway!

VA | Reply

LOVE printable press invites! pick me :D

April Allen | Reply

I would LOVE to be chosen :)

Abby | Reply

Please choose my wedding! Thank you for offering this amazing gift!

Kathryn | Reply

I love these!!!

cris | Reply

Thanks for the opportunity!

Ecochic | Reply

Oh luck be with me!

tara irvine | Reply

i love these save the dates! my fiance and i are definitely on a budget and we would be thrilled for the chance to work with printable press! how lucky we would be!! :)

Meghan | Reply

I want to go to there. :)

Nicole | Reply

These are beyond pretty…
I really wish i get lucky this time :)

Krista | Reply

So fun! We would love to have these invites!

Megan | Reply

The thing I love most about these are the unique/stand-out colors!

Molly | Reply

fantastic designs! thanks for the chance to win! :D

Skye Marie | Reply

Oh! I’ve been drooling over the printable press designs for weeks! I love love them all!

Patrick | Reply

Getting ready to plan out Save-the-Date cards. Would love to have this kind of help! What a novel idea! :D

Miki | Reply

David and I are borke so it’d be awesome if we won!


Natalie | Reply

This would be AMAZING!!

Miranda | Reply

how exciting!

Alyson | Reply

I have long been a fan and would welcome the chance to share your work with my guests now that I am engaged!

Christine | Reply

Thank you for the opportunity!

Haley | Reply

Love the “beauty” and like the idea of saving on some “bread” :) Thanks Once Wed!

Kendall Bryant | Reply

Thanks for the consideration!

Amanda | Reply

Amazing! We’re so close to setting our date, this would be perfect!

Erin | Reply

totally gorgeous. Good luck, everyone!

Annabelle | Reply

Such a cute, cute company! Actually looking forward to Monday :).

Judy | Reply

i love printable press!!

molly | Reply

I am already planning on getting my invitations from A Printable Press so this would be amazing.

Miss C | Reply

Pick me! I loooove these!

Kendra | Reply

wahoo! i love this company!

Lauren Hillery | Reply

I haven’t seen any save the date announcements that actually feel like me until this sampling. Love it!

Chrissy | Reply

I love the constellation save the date.

Michelle | Reply

Beautiful! These are perfect for creating a wedding invitation that will stand out.

edris | Reply

i would love to win :)

CN | Reply

me please!

Julia | Reply

ooh, this would be lovely!

Caroline | Reply

Social Worker + Wedding = Need freebies!!!

Lizzy | Reply

I have been looking everywhere at save-the-dates and haven’t found many that have caught my eye like these. Very enjoyable!!!

Sarah-Ashley Winegar | Reply

I love printable press! I’ve been trying to decide which one to pick!

Annie | Reply

Ahhh Starry Night, so beautiful!

Hannah | Reply

Love these Save The Dates! So unique, so much character! Save The Dates, such as these, are great when making a statement of your wedding that’s 6 months in the making! Love it!

Rachel Pinto | Reply

I love Printable Press! I’ve been drooling over their designs for months. I would love to win this giveaway, but I will probably purchase my invites from them either way!

Corey | Reply

would love to get my hands on some save the dates!

Rachael | Reply

A Printable Press invites would be such a dream! I love how unique they are.

Miranda | Reply

Ooooh! Great giveaway!

Alison | Reply

These are beautiful letterpress designs! I just love them.

Megan | Reply

Beautiful designs – Love them!

Lisa in Berlin | Reply

These are so great ! My gentleman and I have been eyeing them since we got engaged.

Vanessa F | Reply

Awesome !
They have lovely stuff

Trisha | Reply

Got engaged a few weeks ago and really have no idea what to do! :) Just discovered Printable Press the other day and they have some beautiful designs!

monica | Reply

love everything about printable press!

Megz | Reply

Would love to win this! Save the Dates & invites are the next on my list and I just paid way too much for the cake so could use something FREE!!!

Baird Blackley | Reply

Lovely, lovely!
bairdid @ gmail dot com

Katy | Reply

So fun! These save the dates are cute. I love the “tied the knot” ones.

Becca | Reply

Please, please pretty please let it be me!

elsa | Reply

I just got engaged on Saturday,2/5! The ring is a gorgeous 1930s art deco vintage piece. The wedding will be in the Columbia River Gorge with the river and a Sternwheeler boat in the background.
Love all of your modern vintage stationary, will fit right in with the theme.
Thank you!

Nicole | Reply

Love the constellation & the “how-to” for tying a knot… I can’t decide!

Lacey | Reply

Wow, those are so cute!
laceyrowland@gmail dot com

Susan | Reply

keeping my fingers crossed!!!

alal | Reply

i’m a 51 year-old first-time bride september 24th.
how’s that for a sympathy vote?

alal | Reply

oh, and my wedded name will be alison alison.
i waited a long time for this dear man!

rachel | Reply

i love the design with the evergreen trees – not pictured here but on their website – i’m hoping to order that design for our august wedding under the trees in a state park in washington. ; ) i would love a free design!

kate | Reply

love these, so cute! i love their slogan too :)

Kate Shaw | Reply

I would love to win this! It’s time for me to get on my Save the Date’s and I’m failing at designing my own! These are beautiful!

Kelly | Reply

So elegant and fun. I love the designs!

Lauren | Reply

These are wonderful!!

Taylor | Reply

Oh please, oh please, oh please! How magical would this be? *fingers crossed forever*

Coral | Reply

OMG, these are just beautiful!

Kaitlyn | Reply

These are adorable.

Shannon | Reply

Love the tye the knot save the date.

Lana | Reply

pick me. pick me.

Tory Schneider | Reply

random gods…shine down upon me, pretty please?

Jamie | Reply

Beautiful!! Just became engaged on Feb. 2, 2011, and these would be perfect!

Amanda | Reply

I hope that I win!

Redfrizzz | Reply

Printable Press has such a great idea- if only more places would catch on to their method! And such lovely designs. Oh mystical random picker, please pick me!

Erinn Branch | Reply

great giveaway! LOVE A Printable Press!

mallory | Reply

I am loving these! Sign me up! Just got engaged to the greatest man ever…weddings are expensive help us out!

alison | Reply

Beautiful! These would make the perfect Valentines day present to myself…I mean that’s the best kind right ;)

Jenny | Reply

Awesome giveaway… I love their designs. We have been thinking about using “All Lit Up.”

Caro | Reply

Love your save the dates! And I would be thrilled to win this!!

Jackie | Reply

Love printable press!!!

Kelly McIlhany | Reply

How beautiful! I love the simple designs. So chic!

Elizabeth | Reply

yay! such a great giveaway! pick me pick me!

Logan | Reply

These are lovely, simple, and modern. I’d love to use them for our special day!

Ana | Reply

Love the looks!

Brittney | Reply

Wonderful stationery!!

Ricky | Reply

These are gorgeous!

Ashley | Reply

I have been drooling over the Metropolitan invites for so long. They were a part of my very first inspiration board right after we got engaged over a year ago. Pretty please???

Abby | Reply

Cutest designs ever…Here’s hopin’ I get picked :)

Brooke Quiring | Reply

I was so uninspired as far as invitations went until I saw this site- such beautiful and unique designs! Definitely using them for my invitations!

Reidunn | Reply

I have a friend who is getting married this summer, on an extremely tight budget. I would love to win this and give it to her.

Leanette | Reply

Hoping to win something pretty!!

Sarah W | Reply

These are awesome! I would love to use printable press.

Kate Masterson | Reply

We have just begun the planning process for our April 2012 Wedding! Printable Press is just what we’re looking for!

Naomi | Reply

s’il vous plaît!

Jordan Noel | Reply

Their work is simply beautiful!

Katie | Reply

Thank you for the amazing offer to all of the Once Wed readers!

We just set the date and would love to send your stylish Save the Dates!!!

Sallie | Reply

Love Love Love!!!

Michelle | Reply

Yes, please! Love love!

Kimberly | Reply

Please pick me!!!

Bonny | Reply

Beautiful idea! Allows me creative freedom. My change purse loves the idea also ;)

Mary Jane | Reply

We also would like to be chosen.

Lisa | Reply

Wow! How exciting it would be to win such an amazing gift. Thanks, L.

Laura von Herrmann | Reply

Not engaged yet, but hoping for soon =) Would love to send these out!!

Allison | Reply

So cute! Please pick me!

Christine | Reply

An amazing giveaway!

Tessa | Reply

yes please!

Tonya | Reply

The art on these has such a great feel. We would <3 to share these with our guests!

Linh Nguyen | Reply

So pretty, I hope I win. I need to send out my save the date cards out soon.

Eleanor Walpole | Reply

wishin and a hopin…..

Larissa Attwater | Reply

Printable Press, what a fantastic idea and truly what I was hoping to do for my own wedding. Once Wed is such a fabulous website for inspiration! Keep up the amazing work!

Hannah Rhodes | Reply

Love these designs! Have been looking for something similar!

A RollerDerby Bride | Reply

OMG are those cards with the actual sailors knots? Maybe I should really go with that childhood dream of wearing a striped sailor wedding dress! ;)

Jenn | Reply

Invitations! So many options, so hard to choose! Loving printable press and their unique designs. Hope we can include them in our wedding!

Mari | Reply

These are so beautiful! Love it!

Chelsea | Reply

Love these designs!

Carey Beth | Reply

ahhh I love these prints! I just got engaged to the most wonderful man alive, and we need a Save the Date ASAP. We are planning our wedding in only 4 months so that we can marry before he starts med school. I’d love to win!

Natalie | Reply

pretty please!

ann | Reply

how wonderful! Thanks for the chance to win!

erica | Reply

I’ve been looking for save the dates everywhere. Love these ones! Fingers crossed. e.

mandy | Reply

the only other thing I’ve ever won was bingo at Thanksgiving last year. Hopefully, I’m on a roll!

Jes | Reply

The ‘How to tie the knot’ ones are so amazing!!!!

Kelly | Reply

I am loving the Regency invitations. I would love to win the save the dates to go with them.

Hannah Parish | Reply

Love printable press. My fiance and I are planning on using them for our wedding invitations, but our budget wouldn’t allow save the dates as well!

Amy D. | Reply

We are so smitten with these designs!

Nicole | Reply

Love the trees!

Tara | Reply

I just got engaged – what a perfect way to kick off my wedding planning! Fingers crossed!

Jess Tice | Reply

there is such a range of designs that printable press really could satisfy any design desire.

Lindsay C. | Reply

definitely need invitations still

Anthony | Reply

I want these! So simple and unique. I am a fan!

Kami | Reply

Ooh! Yes, please. Those are lovely.

Kristen C | Reply

wa wa wee wa!!!!!!!

Shruti | Reply

Beautiful designs!

Diane | Reply

Love the constellation save the date. Hope I win!

nancy | Reply

i heart your motto! its true and perfect!

Julie | Reply

Squeeee! Love your mantra and your designs!

ana | Reply

These are so so cute and clever!

chris williams | Reply

This would be very cool.

Jessica Chalmers | Reply

Keeping my fingers crossed for this as I am helping my friend plan her wedding for 250 people with literally no budget! Thank you for the great giveaway! xxx

Em | Reply

Wow, I love the vintage style invitations!

Madinah Mohammad | Reply

Oh man!! these are sooooo pretty!

Carla Wetter | Reply


Allan Wetter | Reply

these save the dates are super cool! greetings from seattle!

Tia Wetter | Reply

my big sister erica totally needs to win! she and chris deserve it!

Katelyn Gray | Reply

my friend’s sister erica should totally win this contest because these designs are sooooo cool!

Ed and Terry Wetter | Reply

we would really like it if our daughter won! she really deserves it! these designs are amazing!

E. C. Wetter | Reply

these cards really connect with the reality of the day! Go Erica!

Lisa | Reply

I love these designs. I’m already pretty sure I’m going with printable press for my wedding, so this would be perfect!

gabrielle | Reply

love the fresh, clean, modern designs!

Mandy | Reply

We’re getting our invitations from Printable Press. I love their designs!

Sarah | Reply

Love this websites with lots of creative ideas. Love these beauuuutiful cards too! There is lots to Love :)!

Carmel | Reply

Beautiful! What lovely, lovely cards.

Laura | Reply

I love the one with the green trees!

Sarah Murphy | Reply

These cards are so lovely! I’m keeping my fingers crossed I’ll be picked so I can use them!

Emily | Reply

They are all so beautiful, it’s hard to pick one, but the summer tones are still my favorite!

becky vander ploeg | Reply

i love printable press!

Paola | Reply

This is awesome! I’ve been looking for something like this… so glad, and thankful you posted this!

Alexis Claire | Reply

I love A Printable Press! Their designs are so fresh and unique. I was hoping to use them for my wedding; how perfect would it be to get save-the-date cards? (Which I eliminated because of our small budget)

heather | Reply

we’ve been planning on using them for our invitations!

debbie | Reply

let it be me! X)

Megan | Reply

Just got engaged yesterday and would love to win!!

Billie Jean Adamick | Reply

I would be so grateful to win this. We are have budget friendly wedding and this would be an amazing chance to get what we really want. We are crossing our fingers and toes <3

Lindsey & Ryan | Reply

Love these…and we need beauty as well as bread!!! :)

Ainsley | Reply

Love each of these, but definitely fan of the birds! Happy for DIY wedding products.

Kaitlyn | Reply

Cute! Love the one with two trees- we got engaged under one oak tree and getting married underneath two oak tress…