A Printable Press Giveaway

Printable Press Giveaway

Printable Press Giveaway

Happy Monday, ladies and gents! Wanted to start this week off with a little treat from our sponsor, A Printable Press…A Printable Press creates print-ready files of wedding stationery, so you can have your cards made wherever you want. You can have them printed at a copy shop, a professional printer, an online printer, at home, or many can even be letterpressed.

So basically, if you’re looking for a wedding invitation pdf source that has high quality designs at a low budget price point, the you need to head over to their site and check out all their lovely stationary options. All of their designs are so beautiful and don’t have that “budget look” you are probably trying to avoid. A Printable Press prides themselves in offering only the best in high end design — their motto being “Because everyone needs beauty as well as bread.” The best part is that their customized wedding pdf’s can be printed however you want—with a professional shop, a copy shop, online printer, or even at home.

The wonderful team over at A Printable Press is so graciously giving away a Save the Date design to one lucky Once Wed reader! Isn’t that so sweet? Comment below to enter.

This contest is now closed. Congrats to our winner, Katlyn!

  1. How wonderful! We’re just starting to look at invitations and, with our budget, are looking at mostly DIY options. This would be a big help! Thank you for giveaway!

  2. Absolutely beautiful designs… Just what we’re looking for!

  3. These are so creative and pleasant to look at! I would be honored to send these as my ‘save-the-dates’!

  4. My fiance and I were *just* looking at their save the dates this weekend and we love it!

  5. These are exactly what I’ve been looking for! What a wonderful giveaway!

  6. I love them- such beautiful designs and such a great business plan! I hope I win because there are a few designs I have been eying!

  7. I’ve been shopping around for Save The Dates and haven’t found anything *just right* – this would be the perfect solution! What fabulous ideas!!

  8. Brilliant idea for the budget savvy bride! I have been fretting over the idea of a DIY Save the Date, but this may be just the option I was dreaming of! Thank you, A Printable Press!

  9. What fabulous & fun save-the-date designs to get guests ready for your wedding!

  10. The confetti collection is a ton of fun! I’d love to win this prize to give to one of my best friends getting married next year!

  11. There are so many beautiful designs… “Shining Night” is so romantic and fun!

  12. I just spent a large chunk of my weekend on the printable press website ogling all the invites. How gorgeous!

  13. I would love to win these for one of my best friends who is getting married next year in May! They are absolutely beautiful.

  14. The idea and designs are lovely and provide a wonderful option for DIY-esque, yet professional looking invites.

  15. I have been looking at these invites for 5 months now! They are perfect, especially the Antique Butterflies. Gorgeous, unique and would be completely smitten to be able to send these out for my 2012 fall wedding.

  16. What beautiful invitation suites! Beach themes would be ideal for our venue.

  17. These are absolutely gorgeous, I love every design. Would love to win them!

  18. Id Love to win these gorgeous save the dates, it would really help cut down costs at our intimate wedding we are are currently planning!

  19. So glad there are budget friendly options where you don’t have to sacrifice style!

  20. Wow! These are beautiful! Love the designs and that they’re affordable for budget weddings.

  21. One of my fav sites to drool over lol I’ll be keeping fingers crossed! Either way thank you!

  22. I absolutely adore all of their products! And the concept of a pdf file that one can print yourself is such a fabulous idea for couples looking for a low cost option. Great giveaway!

  23. What a cool giveaway….good for all of us brides who don’t want to be cookie-cutter! Happy Monday!

  24. Oh, if I could be so lucky! That deep purple and gold invitation is just gorgeous!

  25. Those save the dates are gorgeous! Perfect timing too… We need to send out our STDs soon!

  26. Just got engaged on Saturday after 5 1/2 years together! I am so thrilled and ready to save/set the date! Thanks.

  27. The “bicycle for two” save the date perfectly exemplifies me and my fiance – we love leisure Sunday rides! Would love to win these! Thanks so much for the kind giveaway.

  28. These are very nice. There are a lot of styles I would like for our save the date’s

  29. I’m getting married next August and want to send a save the date in the next 6 months. This would be perfect!

  30. The styles are so unique. SO very sick of everything in the printing world looking the same. I am definitely sold on the ‘alternative approach to stationery”! :)

  31. I would love to be able to send a formal save the date! Somehow, my rushed email to the 15 people I’m inviting (it’s going to be a small wedding) didn’t really do it for me.

  32. ditto amy re: the purple one! so many fonts, but they hang together perfectly.

  33. I’ve just started searching for save-the-dates – this would be perfect timing!

  34. I would love save the date -we had to cut them out of our budget because e could not afford them!

  35. I’ve admired their work for a long time! Hoping to use them for my wedding!

  36. I have loved A Printable Press for so long, would love to have their save the dates but our wedding is on a shoestring budget!

  37. Great giveaway. I would adore some STD’s …well, you know, the good kind ;)

  38. I’m a total DIY bride and this would be amazing! My maid of honor is my cousin and 4 months after my wedding is hers and I’m her maid of honor so if I’m the lucky winner you’d make two brides VERY VERY happy!!!

  39. Love! Got engaged this weekend, how about that for timing??

  40. Bicycles, trees & birds!? Great style & great ideas. We are just starting the planning process & with our budget are thinking mostly DIY. Telling all my engaged lady friends about this!

  41. I love this company and would so LOVE to get my invites from them! :)

  42. Oh wow – such a lovely giveaway – The vintage Glamour is fabulous and I love how their website states that “life is an adventure” and to “live in color” … so true when it comes to our wedding planning !

  43. I love how many different ways you can use the pdf.! I could certainly use such an awesome tool in my wedding-planning tool belt!

  44. Perfect timing! I’m working on selecting a save the date right now!

  45. I would love to win these for my friend who gets married next spring! She cannot afford invites and this would be such an amazing gift!

  46. My husband to be is telling everyone we are getting married in July – I would love to surprise him with these gorgeous save the date cards so we can make it a reality!

  47. This is perfect as I’m just starting my research for save the dates and invitations!

  48. After much bargain hunting, I’m going to order my invites through Printable Press! They’re design is amazing and have suggested just as awesome vendors and options. Since we’re on a tight budget, save-the-dates would be amazing to add to hour invitation suite! Calligraphy is our favorite.

  49. Ooh! Those are gorgeous! And we need all the help we can get! ;) Count me in for this awesome giveaway!!!

  50. I love all of these! Invitations can be so horrendously expensive and this is an awesome alternative! Would LOVE to win ;)

  51. the “budget” look will be my invites…. UNLESS i win them!

  52. NEED! I should be sending out STD’s shortly but am stumped for a classy no-budget design while staying on budget. These are beautiful!!

  53. Absolutely lovely. Their work is fabulous, and I would be floored to have this opportunity to work with them.

  54. What a great giveaway! I’m looking at Save the Dates now, would love to win some!

    – Ashley

  55. Absolutely adore these designs! This would be beyond a blessing as we are both in college and we marked the beginning of our dating by carving our names in a tree… so perfect!!

  56. Oh! We’re getting ready to pick our save the dates and I love Printable Press!!

  57. i LOVE a printable press! all of their designs are so amazing, and their concept is just genius. save the dates would be amazing, i was just wondering how the heck we were goona afford those and invites!

  58. These are incredible! I love their designs- there’s nothing else like it online!

  59. i love their designs! i just got engaged TODAY and would love to start it off right with the perfect invitations!

  60. great idea with the pdf and would be awesome for our upcoming wedding next June in Germany.

  61. I am getting married next fall to the most amazing wonderful man on a very low budget. Having these invites would be magnificent! -Leah

  62. What a great idea! Thanks for posting for all to see.

  63. I love the idea of printing on your own – it saves a huge amount and means that you can really get creative. I love A Printable Press’s designs – and yes, I need both bread and beauty! Thanks for doing this giveaway- I’d love to win! ha.

  64. yay for giveaways! My fiance and I are planning for our wedding in September, and it would be great to have a classy Save the Date! :D

  65. Oooo!! My soon-to-be-husband and I were just discussing our invites the other day! These are ALL so cute… Hardest thing would be choosing which one!!

  66. These are so wonderful! I love the tree background prints!

  67. hi there! my fiance, adam, and i are getting married next fall in madison, wi, and there is nothing we would love more than a printable press save-the- date! we are budgeting our way through a backyard-type wedding so we would look so fashionable with save-the-dates from you.

  68. I hope to win this for my only daughter who is planning her wedding for next June <3

  69. YAY!!! Such an awesome giveaway!!! So glad I’m finally a bride to be to be able to take advantage of these giveaways and THIS ONE is epic! I cannot wait to send my save the dates and these would be a great stylish addition! Thanks for thinking of us Printable Press!

  70. I’ve had my eye on several Printable Press invitations for a while now. I would love to win!! Their designs are so lovely.

  71. My fiance and I just set a date for August 2012. So excited! And what a beautiful press! We love hiking and wandering so the tree etchings are darling!

  72. Oh I looked at these the other week. They have the most beautiful nature inspired invitations and being an Oregon girl myself that is important :)

  73. LOVE Printable Press! Someone very lucky is going to win this one!! *fingers and toes crossed that it might be me!!*

  74. One couple is going to be so lucky! These invites are great. I’ve got them “favorited” and love the fonts.

  75. I love A Printable Press! Such an AWESOME giveaway! These would be beautiful for our June wedding!

  76. so beautiful and fun! would love to win for my summer 2012 wedding!

  77. Just what I need, still trying to work out a budget friendly option for our March wedding!

  78. I’ve been waiting to send out save the dates since I can’t find a design I like (at a price I like!) Please let me win :)

  79. These designs are gorgeous!! I would love to send one of these save the dates or invitations to each of my loved ones to attend my wedding.

  80. I’m in the midst of trying to figure out save-the-dates…this would be a perfect solution!

  81. Love the white save the date on the bottom right. They’re so classic and simple.

  82. Love their designs, what a great concept. Would love to have these as my invites!

  83. NEED, NEED, NEED! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! Obsessed, actually….I’d be the most gracious bride…

  84. I absolutely adore the wedding invitations from A Printable Press! The designs are so creative and dynamic, yet lovely. Be still my heart! Thanks so much for the opportunity to enter this incredible giveaway!
    Take care, Anna, mattandanna at live dot com

  85. I need save the dates for my wedding still and these are lovely. I would love to win the giveaway.

  86. What a great way to foster creativity and style for those of us without an art degree :) I love the design variety… from vintage to contemporary.

  87. Beautiful! The only problem is choosing just one. They are all so lovely.

  88. I would love to win! We already have the photo we want to use, we just need an awesome design ;)

  89. yay! i love printable press..lucky that, because i’ll be needing them come next march :)

  90. these are so great! winning this would be perfect timing since we’re planning to send out save the dates soon :)

  91. I love these designs! We are an ecclectic couple from Austin, TX and would be blessed with great, funky save the dates!

  92. We’re about to send out save the dates and would love to have one of these designs! They’re so lovely!

  93. Whenever I am having a gloomy day I love to browse the Printable Press site. Their work is lovely, classic, and unexpected with textural detail, typography, and fun color palettes that have just the right level of romance and quirkiness.

  94. I didn’t even know that this was possible. Can’t wait to check it out.

  95. These are gorgeous papergoods with adorable designs. Just lovely!

  96. These prints are beautiful! Love all of the unique text and fine details. =) Winning awesome designs on my save-the-dates would be the apple to my pie!

  97. I’ve had this website bookmarked since we started planning. I love their stuff.

  98. Great designs! I would love to use one of these for our invitations!

  99. This would be such a lovely prize to win!!! Oh the things I could do with the invite budget if I didn’t have to use it on invites!!! :)

  100. Love the save-the-dates!! We would love to win this! Here’s hoping!

  101. I love the simple details and contrasting ink/paper combinations! The tree themed ones would be perfect since he proposed in a hot air balloon above the tree tops and we kept some leaves! BUT the black one would match our black and grey wedding colors! I wish I wish we win!

  102. LOVE! And I’m looking to buy Save the Dates right now, too! (And invites)! One step at a time : )

  103. Oooh… The designs are fabulous, and what a great idea for us budget brides. I’m loving the tandem bicycle! Definitely need these. :)

  104. ‘Everyone needs beauty as well as bread’ -definitely need to try remember that in the midst of a wedding swirl!

  105. would love to win – these are a great combo of fun and classic beauty.

  106. We would love save-the-dates for our NYC wedding next fall! All of A Printable Press’s designs are simply beautiful. Thank you!

  107. Wow, I love these invitations, and the fact that you can print them yourself! They are definitively gorgeous!

  108. I love their invitations, especially the Into the Woods collection.

  109. Please pick me. These are BEAUTIFUL, and with our VERY low budget- winning them would be amazing!

  110. So, so beautiful. Their style fits perfectly with my theme. Fingers crossed!

  111. These invites are ADORABLE!! I love the custom design and feel of them. I know my friends would rave over these invites when they receive them <3

  112. Would LOVE these save-the-dates. This is exactly our style! Thanks so much…checking out printable press asap!

  113. Wow-These are so special. Classy and fun. Have a shoe-string budget but would love some amazing invitations for my big day, although I’m sure other ladies are more deserving and in need. Thanks!

  114. As two women getting married we are looking for things that are splendid and different. Love these ideas!

  115. These are Fabulous!!! We want a more vintage, DIY feel, so these would be perfect!

  116. I absolutely want DIY invitations! Our budget is pretty small, but as a graphic design student I want our paper products to stand out and look amazing!!

  117. Ah, what gorgeous cards. We’d love to be able to send these out!

  118. Printable Press has been saved in my favorites for more than a year before I recently got engaged. I would LOVE to send P.P. save the dates!

  119. This is amazing! The stationery is so important to the wedding.

  120. Very cool! I am still trying to figure out our save-the-dates (and invitations) so this would be a wonderful giveaway to win.

  121. So unique, ”Bearing Gifts” cracks me up and intrigues me at the same time.

  122. these are so very adorable!!
    love ’em.a lot. thanks for sharing!

  123. What a great giveaway!!!! Their designs are so unique and beautiful!

  124. I had seen one of these cards before and loved it! But I didn’t know the brand until now. I would love to win, but will probably use this card either way!

  125. Fantastic DIY(ish) idea, beautiful designs. I love the concept and would love Printable Press designs for my wedding next year.

  126. Oh the ‘Vintage Glamour’ Save the Date is so stunning. I love it!

  127. These would be perfect for our wedding in Kansas! Exactly what we are looking for…. fingers crossed:)

  128. I’m definitely scoping out all the awesome designs for when we need to purchase invites in just a few weeks!

  129. LOVE!
    These designs are exactly what my fiance and I were hoping to find!

  130. Everything these people make is so lovely! I am entering on behalf of a wonderful couple who are getting married in May and completely deserve some seriously stylish Save-the-Date’s

  131. These are gorgeous!! I would honored to send these to our guests.

  132. I love all the invites on the website, would be so hard to choose!

  133. These are lovely. I’ve just started thinking about wedding invitations, and I especially love the “Woodland Love”, and “Starry Night” ones. What a great contest! = )

  134. It’s so great to know that when you are starting out and planning a wedding for the first (and hopefully only) time that there are such companies that can enable you to start the whole process off with so much style.

  135. These Save the Dates are so beautiful! I can see you offer many great options allowing you to successfully match the theme of any wedding. I really wouldn’t even know which one to choose! I love them all! Hopefully we are the lucky couple to win and work with you!

  136. Oh how I love these! Thanks for showing these off, I am glad I know about Printable Press now! :)

  137. What a wonderful idea! These are beautiful, creative, and very convenient! Thanks for making this step so easy and affordable. Choose me for your Save the Date design!

  138. These are the most darling little designs – I’m secretly sifting through them at work (:

  139. My sister is getting married in the spring and these would be perfect for her. What a lovely giveaway!

  140. I <3 these designs. They all have a lovely vintage appeal that will incorpate nicely with my vintage chic meets romantic glamour DIY wedding. Pick me!!! =)

  141. I want these! I love this site and all of their invites.

  142. Please pick me! I want to order my invites from this wonderful site.

  143. A Printable Press design would be the perfect solution to my Save the Date dilemma. Yes, please!

  144. Pretty please! I honestly had picked one of the save the dates to add on my inspiration sheet for our own wedding. So GOOD!!!

  145. What a fanstastic variety of artistic cards. So creative! Love it!

  146. Wow! What an AMAZING giveaway!! I’d love to have these for our wedding.

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