“Location, location, location” holds true for more than just real estate. When it comes to your engagement session, for example, the perfect location makes it that much easier for your photographer to get amazing photos. For Nicole and Elliot, that perfect location was a wildflower field on the top of a mountain. More than just beautiful, though, this whimsical location holds meaning for the couple, as they plan to build their future home on this site. We hope that, years from now when that house is built, they’ll be able to look back at their engagement photos with so much fondness, feeling everything come full circle.

Read on for more from the photographers, Kychelle Photography:
“Nicole and Elliot took me to the top of the mountain—one of their favorite locations. The hillside was doused in every color of wildflower. It was a place they loved, a place where a piece of their heart was, and a place they would build their future home. The mixture of the natural elements and their effortless love created a moment that seemed to pause time. My heart flutters when I am able to capture these moments. The moments where real, raw love was exchanged.

For me, photographing a couple is much more than a just a few beautiful portraits. It is giving them something tangible that they can look back on to see how they held each other, how they laughed together, and how they loved each other. Nicole and Elliot did just that—their evident love was a delight to capture.”

Photography: Kychelle Photography | Event Planner: Sydney Osmun | Striped Jumper & Peach Dress: Free People | White Gown: Spell Clothing of Australia | Engagement Ring: Cathy Waterman | Printed Button-Down: J.Crew | Navy Long-Sleeved Shirt: Vince | Slacks: Theory | Boots: Toms


Comments (4)

Sharon | Reply

This is GORGEOUS! Love love love.

Gosia Grant | Reply

Frames are full of love and emotions! Gorgeous!

Staci | Reply

They look soooo in love. Great shoot :-)

izabella | Reply

wow.. beautiful pictures

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