One of the things that wedding photographers hear all the time is: “the groom doesn’t like having his photo taken.” Today’s photographer, Michele Hart, speaks right to that with a styled shoot she designed specifically to help couples feel more comfortable in front of the camera (and we can’t deny, that we love how she styled the couple’s wardrobe, too).

Here are some of Michele’s tips and thoughts!
“This is a real couple, Abbie and Andy.  I chose them because I love the way Andy touches Abbie, and I think that the groom can make or break couple portraits. Many grooms who don’t like having their photo taken will tough it out for their bride, but if they don’t, it can be hard to get great photos.  Sometimes, because they are uncomfortable, grooms rush the session, and it becomes a bad experience for the bride. 

It is your photographer’s job to make you look and feel great in front of their camera, so that he or she can get natural looking portraits that show your love. My top tip if your groom is hesitant about photos is: be sure to talk with your photographer – all together – about the groom’s concerns and ways to ease them. Meeting up to get to know one another and talk through the session is helpful. Or maybe your groom could do some photo “homework” to browse through images and get ideas – it’s possible that he isn’t comfortable with PDA or that there are certain images that he feels are cheesy, and talking through them in advance will help your photographer navigate your session better.”

We also love Michele’s styling ideas for the groom: “I wanted to show that grooms can add a little extra style to the wedding day. Andy is wearing a herringbone suit coat layered over a grey cardigan. It adds a cozy touch to a crisp, early spring day.”

Photography: Michele Hart Photography | Venue: GOZO | Florist: Park Floral | Makeup: Beth Walker | Dress: Anne Thomas Couture | Invite Designer: Jolie Stationery | Hair: Treehouse Hair Spa


Comments (3)

Maggie | Reply

These photos are absolutely gorgeous, and I definitely agree that the groom helped make them extra amazing. I’d love to know if Andy was nervous about the photo shoot; he looks so comfortable and relaxed in all of the photos! If I could get a photographer to make my husband that relaxed, I would be so happy!

Sarah Chancey | Reply

I LOVE how simple and sweet these images are – also planning points are spot on!

Isabel | Reply

Amazing photos! Unlike many other details of wedding day, photographs are the one thing that will last a lifetime.

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