Wedding invitations are a very important detail to wedding design. It may seem like just a simple set of paper, but this is what your guest will hang on to the longest. They set the tone to your wedding and give everyone a preview to the big day.

Explore texture

There are so many different types of paper, be sure to explore all of your options so you can layer and add depth to your suite. Consider adding another texture besides paper such as linen or silk to make things interesting.

Let your liner make a statement

We always love a “less is more” look, but sometimes a more colorful or printed envelope liner can make a subtle statement.

Hire a calligrapher

Calligraphy may seem like an old art, but it is coming back into trend and makes a nice personalized detail to your invitation suite.

Finish your envelope with a wax seal

It’s all in the details. Just like calligraphy, wax seals are also making a comeback. You can even get them custom made to match your monogram. A fun DIY for you and your fiancĂ© to do together.



Click through the slideshow below for wedding invitation inspiration.


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Nicole | Reply

Love the idea of engaging a calligrapher – makes it all look even more special :)

Nicole | Blogging for Songofjewellery.com