The wedding cake has always been more than just dessert. It has its origins in various traditions as a symbol of prosperity and good luck, and now, it often serves as a sweet expression of the couple’s gratitude and personality.

The classic white cake, which will never cease to be a favorite (for good reason), has taken on various new forms. Think understated cakes decorated with flowers and fruit. Also, not to be ignored are the painterly creations designed to look like abstract watercolor art.

We love that so many couples choose to diversify their after-dinner offerings. A dessert bar is a perfect way to accommodate multiple tastes. If you like simplicity, you can keep your dessert table cake-centered by selecting different flavors.

Otherwise, you can completely personalize. Go for home baked pies if you have talented bakers in the family, or for an assortment of whichever treats have a special place in your heart.

Keep in mind that dessert displays can sometimes become visually overwhelming. We recommend keeping one element constant throughout; the color palate or the serving ware for example. This will maintain cohesiveness and balance.

Alternately, a passed dessert might be more your style. If so, bite-sized treats such as mini ice cream cones would be a diverting option. Serve them in retrofitted trays for a special touch.

Whatever you choose, your last course doesn’t have to be an afterthought. As a form of art, it can express something important to you and your beloved, whether that is your unique heritage, your creative sensibility or your ideal of confectionary perfection.

Click through the slideshow below for more wedding cake inspiration.


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