One of the favorite parts of our week is sharing the beautiful work of the creatives who make up our Vendor Guide. Looking for the perfect dress? Check out the beautiful dresses created by Gretchen Dawley (like the one above)!  Searching for the photographer who is the perfect fit with your style? Maybe it is Stephen Liberge, with his modern take on old world beauty (below). It amazes us how many talented people we work with, and we always love hearing about it when one of our brides finds their perfect fit through our Vendor Guide – so please be sure and let us know when you find yours so we can share!



Featured Rainy Wedding Day in Oregon with Amazing Style

While we're always fans of weddings filled with beautiful, unique ideas so that we can show them to you, we know that not every couple is concerned about the small touches or has the budget to be able to do everything they wish they could. On this rainy wedding day in Oregon, the aesthetic focus was on the couple's amazing style, a beautiful stationery suite, and a dainty bridal bouquet -- and it's perfectly fine to leave it at that.