We’re finding ourselves drawn more and more to less lately. Fewer details, less styling, less clutter. So, this tropical wedding inspiration shoot we created along with Joy Thigpen to celebrate the launch of Tec Petaja’s photography course allowed our team an opportunity to explore modern, minimalist vibes when it comes to wedding decor and styling.

The desire to add more with weddings is a very real desire. There are so many little touches: fancy ribbons, place cards, floral touches on the place settings, ceremony dresses, and reception dresses, and so on. All of these details are gorgeous and are well-suited to certain types of weddings, but by no means are they necessary. You CAN have a minimalistic wedding that is chic and embodies your style.

In this styled shoot, we combined a sleek two-piece gown by Alexandra Grecco, a simple invitation suite with clean lines and type, and rock-inspired vessels lining the center of the table, finished simply with foraged foliage.

Whether your wedding is set in a tropical location or not, you can apply this minimalist philosophy to your wedding style. Focus in on a few things that you love, and leave the rest behind!


Comments (2)

Gert | Reply

Such a beautiful, bright and modern shoot… really adore the atmosphere in it!

Chelsea | Reply

This is such a gorgeous take on a modern/minimalist wedding! I was wondering if I could get more information regarding the STD/invite specifically? My fiance and I are going for the minimalist look and I’m obsessed with the design of this invite. Any info would be greatly appreciated!

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