The art of bridal mehndi is absolutely mesmerizing. This is commonly a time for the women to join and celebrate a bride prior to the wedding, and the unique henna designs that are applied to the bride’s skin are incredible. Here, you’ll see how the henna artists personalized the designs. Read on for more!

From the bride:
“My Mehndi truly felt like a metamorphasis.  I was transfixed for the nearly twelve hours it took for the designs, stemming from Hindu mythology, to be drawn and dried onto my skin.  As the artists dexterously placed lines of cool, malleable mehndi from the tips of my fingers to just below my shoulders, I felt the weight of centuries-old rituals and tradition seeping into my skin. The smell was intoxicating and lulled me into a contemplative, yet euphoric state.  As Niraj and our loved ones adoringly doted on me, I felt blessed.  The next morning, as I scraped off the hardened mehndi paste, I scarcely recognized my etched limbs.  I felt changed, as if overnight, I had somehow transformed into a bride.

As the Mehndi and Sangeet were the preliminary events of our multi- day celebration, we aimed to slowly immerse our guests into a vibrant union of Indian, Spanish, and American culture.  The inspiration for the Mehndi came from Southern Spain.  We wove elements of Moorish architecture and the Generalife Gardens into the environment by incorporating intricate lanterns, foraged greens, and abundant fruits into our tablescapes.

At the Sangeet, we brought the three regions together through a mix of cuisine, music, art, and dance.  We deliberately kept the environmental details clean and minimal in order to let rhythm and flavor reign.”

Styling, Planning, & Production: Ginny Au| Photography: Erich McVey | Videography: CinemArt | Venue: Fairmont Hotel Rey Juan Carlos I | Floral Design: Fabricio Giordano from Florestudio | Audio, Lighting, & Rentals: Marc Cunil I Tolsa from Atmosferas| Catering and Cocktails: Fairmont Hotel Rey Juan Carlos I and Bollywood Restaurant | Hair & Makeup: Larisa Astahova and Igor Losada from Estilista Barcelona | Music: Ameet and Klaus from London Beats | Entertainment: DM Espectaculos | Custom Illustrations & Art: Erin Petson | Invitation Design: Kaela Rawson | Invitation Printing: Microprint


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Emily | Reply

Love the glamorous touch to indian weddings, they are so beautifully abundant that it makes me jealous :)
The body art though… gorgeous.

– Emily

Carlos Hernandez Photography | Reply

Ginny and Erich are amazing together! The photos are exquisite as always. Great job!