With winter coming on, we’re anticipating the travel itch to appear any day now. You know, the itch that can only be scratched by hopping on a plane headed for a tropical destination. Well, maybe these engagement photos from Tec Petaja will help with that (or, it might give you the urge to book a plane ticket right now!). With verdant green backdrops, palms swaying in the breeze, and a few unexpected animal friends (looking at you, little birdie!), these photos couldn’t tell a more beautiful story. There is a sense of peace and happiness coming from each of these images, in part due to the warmth emanating from the sunlight and in part due to the way Jake and Heather hold each other, radiate around each other, and are just comfortable together. We’ll be sharing more from photographer Tec Petaja throughout the week, so you’ll be able to see a lot more of this kind of beauty!

Photography : Tec Petaja |  Styling : Joy Thigpen | Dress: Elliat Boheme | Location: Maison-Couturier | Couple: Heather and Jake Beerman



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