We love to see couples who are thoughtful about the way they design their bar, beverages and signature cocktail offerings.

The drinks you serve during your cocktail hour or reception don’t have to be generic—a drink can convey generosity, gratitude and personality.

What do you want to say to your guests? This is an opportunity to thank them for being there or to tell them more about you and your fiancé. An intentional beverage selection can do all that.

If you have a penchant for bubbles and your fiancé prefers tequila, serve a signature champagne cocktail and a margarita. It doesn’t matter if your drink choices don’t match the theme or style of your wedding. Your guests will appreciate the unique detail.

Cocktails aren’t the only way to go. If you and fiancé are wine or beer lovers—stick with that. Offer a handpicked, meaningful variety. Maybe the two of you had your first date at that winery, or you drink that particular beer during the weekend with friends.

Whatever drinks you choose, think about tying it all in with elegant glassware or liqueur that reflects your color scheme.

Design your bar in an cohesive way by bringing in the textures, flowers or compositional approaches you used elsewhere. Make it stand out with customized signage or draped greenery.

The bar is something your guests will return to and gather around throughout the evening; it is a key place to express your care and creativity.


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Skylar Caitlin | Reply

What great tips for elevating your beverages and bar! Putting personalized thought into beverage service is an excellent way to set your wedding apart. For a black tie wedding, one of our Chancey Charm brides chose to have white glove service waiting to offer guests glasses of champagne the moment after they valeted their car. It set the tone for the whole evening and made everyone feel special from the moment they arrived.

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