Nestled in the Mexican countryside is Hacienda Acamilpa, a seventeenth century sugar mill. It was the perfect location for a collaborative floral design workshop. Floral designers were able to wander the preserved grounds and surrounding gardens, giving them artistic breathing space among the reaching trees. They were able to absorb inspiration from the weathered walls, shadowy bat-lived alcoves, and moss-veiled paths. The inspiration would be the starting point for creating designs with an affinity to the fabulous location. 

The environment made it easy to discuss techniques for choosing product that lends itself to natural floristry, creating texture and movement in one’s work, and exploring the complexities of color. Sarah and Nicole shared their compositional approach to lush hand-tied bridal bouquets and vase floral arranging (designed in local artesian-made ceramic compotes). As a group, they constructed their own installations and urn masterpieces. Cues came from natural growth, using locally grown and sourced Mexican materials. The group gathered mangos and ripened fruit from the grounds for styling, while admiring the hundreds of ancient stone urns dappled around the estate. It was organic inspiration at its best, and the resulting floral designs truly reflected the inspiration!

Photography Heather Nan Photography | Workshop Instructors Sarah Winward and Nicole LandAssistants By Allegra | Location Hacienda AcamilpaCeramics CAT Ceramics | Ribbon Adorn Company | Renata Stone | Dress Reformation


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Michael Knight | Reply

Amazing! Nice creation.

Jerzy Ledziński | Reply

Such a lovely photos!

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