From the bride, Anne:
Chad and I have known each other for a very long time. We grew up together in the Philippines, went to the same schools all the way to university, but we were never more than friends. Chad says he had a crush on me since long ago, but I didn’t find out until we were much older. After school life happened, and we saw very little of each other. A few years ago we reunited in Canada with mutual friends, and that’s where this all started. Suffice it to say, all of our close friends back home were very surprised. Nobody saw it coming – even us! So here we are now, enjoying each others company as kindred spirits.

From the photographer, Emily:
Shooting with Anne and Chad was so effortless. Chad was so sweet and considerate about Anne as they walked down the rocks. A few times I caught him just smiling and looking at her. She would notice and giggle back at him. Since it was only a few days until their wedding, I could really see their excitement. It was a bright beautiful day on the coast of Vancouver, with a beautiful backdrop of sea to sky ocean views, and the occasional ferry passing by. It was such a natural session. I watched their beautiful interactions, capturing the special moments as they occurred and only giving direction as needed. Their love for each was so obvious and made this a really lovely experience!

Photography Emily MichelsonAnne Uy-Gothong


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Jennifer | Reply

This is SUCH a gorgeous romantic session! I LOVE it!