From the photographer, Jake:
Sarah and Dan grew up on lakes. The location of their engagement shoot was a place where their individual hearts lay, as well as a location where their relationship has grown stronger together. This lake is where Sarah would come in the summers to spend time with family and friends doing what midwesterners love to do: waterskiing, getting sunburned, and essentially living in a bathing suit the entire summer. Sarah’s choice of suit for this session was impeccable, as it assimilated so incredibly well into the vibe of our time together.

Water makes people honest, and it was such an incredible experience to witness the character and nuances of Sarah and Dan’s relationship within it – full of kindness, romance, and laughter! A engagement session such as this (devoid of distracting details or unnecessary props) allows for the genuine connection between the couple to be displayed. It is a fortunate circumstance to find oneself committed to another human for life, and having the honor of witnessing this incredible couple’s way of loving was a reassurance of such a commitment. Having an engagement session documented in this way reveals these sort of nuances, and is what every engagement should be!

Photography Jake Anderson | Her swimsuit J Crew


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charleston wedding photographers | Reply

Sarah and Dan are so cute and this is an adorable idea! Love Sarah’s bathing suit too!

Kristin | Reply

This looks gorgeous but wish I could see more ! Why only 4 photos ?! Show us more !

Once Wed | Reply

So glad you like the feature. If you click on the slideshow (under their names) there are lots more images to enjoy!