From the stylist:
Our story takes place in an ancient English cottage in the countryside of Buckinghamshire. Old Amersham features homes that are around 400 years old and they offer the most intimate and stunning backdrop for this couples session I created with Gyan Gurung Photography.

Creating emotional and intimate imagery can be challenging if the couple are not set within a space nor environment they are comfortable in. Doing a session in a home environment means that it is a setting the couple are familiar with, and more importantly, one they would naturally feel more comfortable showing affection and being intimate with each other than in a public space. For a same sex couple, this holds even more weight where some couples may not even feel safe to even hold their partner’s hand in public.

I took time in creating a delicate playlist that they could both listen to in the quiet before Gyan and I even entered the room to begin the portrait session. Music is a crucial aspect that can shape the feel of any space or event and it can easily influence the way we are feeling. Listening to the music gave our couple a moment to just be together, chatting, relaxed and beginning to feel the emotion and romance of the moment making for beautiful and tactile movements between them for us to capture and compose.

Photography Gyan Gurung Photography | Stylist Sundari Ferris of The Wedding Stylist


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Sundari | Reply

Thank you so much for sharing this gorgeous couples portrait session, it was truly an honour to be a part of x

charleston wedding photographers | Reply

Oh my gosh was a sweet couple! Love these images of Christian and Sollie!