It’s customary for Chinese couples to have their wedding photos taken in advance of the wedding, leaving them plenty of time on their wedding days to enjoy the company of their guests and really revel in their celebrations. Today’s couple, Janes and Osson, decided to follow suit with this tradition, taking their elegant pre-wedding photos in California (their wedding recently took place in Hong Kong!).

Read on for more from the bride about their story:
“I met Osson through common friends at a very spontaneous gathering back in 2010 in Hong Kong. I still remember that moment when he was introduced to us – very mysterious and I-am-too-cool-for-this-crowd kind of vibe. Quite a bad first impression! But strangely enough, we somehow got along quite well that night and were in our little corner sharing details of our life. Both of us were still studying in London at the time, and every time we lost contact, we would always bump into each other on the streets, in restaurants or at some unplanned parties. So each time, something would bring us back together and allow us to reconnect again. Fate was working its magic, until he asked me out on our first date on Valentines day. We had a 4 hour long dinner at a restaurant in Nottinghill, and we had such a good time that we only realized we were the last guests remaining when we wanted to order another bottle of wine. Ever since then we have been happily in love.

Our ceremony was held at the Peninsula Hong Kong on the 7th of January 2017. As we are from a Chinese background, we need to go through the Chinese traditions and that was held on the same day as our dinner banquet, on the 25th of February 2017 at the Four Seasons Hong Kong. This date is not only a very good/lucky date under the Chinese calendar, but it also our 6th year anniversary date as a couple.”

Photographer This Modern Romance | Wedding dress Berta | Evening gown Jenny Packham | Hair and Makeup Kimmy Image | Groom’s Suit Dolce and Gabanna


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