From Stori Events:

“Inspired by modern newspapers with the goal to highlight the news and a life that should be lived & created on your own terms, Stori Events collaborated with the most talented Montreal and Toronto based artist to attract the interest of the viewer by creating a scene of beauty and peaceful serenity through simplicity, texture, and colors.  

In our daily lives, we often rush through tasks, trying to finish as much as we can each day. Referencing through people & the news, when it doesn’t have to be that way. Modern society focuses on many things that don’t lead to fulfillment. It’s possible to live a simpler life, one were you enjoy each activity, discussing the good. Keeping things simple won’t allow any distractions. Agreeing to spend the time with your loved ones and celebrating by being present in everything, present in yourself and content with your journey rather than rushing through it all.  Focusing on colors in our florals and desserts, orienting ourselves with the intention of a fruitful life; Embracing the uniqueness, and ability to bear true to fruitfulness in our natural selves and in our lives. We wanted to contrast the truth, and show simplicity in its differences.”

Photographer: Nathan Lang for Stori Events | Floral Designer: Elle Aime Les Fleurs | Dress/Outfit Designer: White Montreal  | Hair and Makeup Artist: Alper Sisters | Venue: Joe’s Prop House | Food/Dessert: Le Cavalier Petrone | Ceramic Mjolk | Pottery: Catherine Gibbard | Glassware: Crate & Barrel | Silverware: Zara Home | Bridesmaids Gift bags/favours: Alper Oils | Model: Catherine Dupont of Montage Models | Stationary: Silver Plate Press  & Mademoiselle Design | Jewelry: Tiary 



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