Today’s real wedding feature, located in the incredible mountains in Georgia, features one of the most lovely neutral color palettes that we’ve seen, set against the backdrop of an incredibly scenic view. The couple invited just a small handful of dear friends and family members, to create a sense of intimacy and closeness. After that, they let the mountains do the talking: the natural palette of greens and stone grays and blues took center stage. Her off-white, simple gown flowed in the breeze, while the couple spoke their vows in the midst of 2 crescent shaped floral installations that created an organic “altar” of sorts.
Read on for more from the bride:
“We decided to hold our ceremony in the mountains. They have a special atmosphere, there is something mysterious and attractive about them, something that keeps intimate feelings and emotions away from the public eye. And even though there are many beautiful and majestic mountains in Italy, Switzerland, and France, our choice fell on a very picturesque place in our beloved Georgia – Kazbegi. It is hard to find more hospitable people, living with a sense of a holiday inside and always smiling. And we just wanted to experience this inexpressible Georgian charm.

We invited only our closest loved ones, making the celebration very cozy and homey warm. Our guests stayed with us in the world famous Room Hotel Kazbegi, whose interior literally tells the story of the Georgian people.

The basis for the décor conception, as well as the entire wedding, was natural textures and ethnic motives. The location we chose, with all its rocks, mountain tops, and slopes, was so original that only a few additional décor elements were necessary.

Our decorators picked amazingly beautiful natural materials: stones, impressive wooden tables, silk ribbons, swags, candles in the stone holders, and added some tender white and gray-blue flowers.

My wedding dress was custom made of natural silk with a long train easily picked up by the wind. With the stylist, we decided to make three different images: the one for the morning had natural curls, the other for the walk had the hair on one side, and for the ceremony, we put the hair back and added a three-meter long veil.”

Photography: Muravnik photography | Wedding Planning: Wedding Classic | Flowers and decor: Holiday Everyday | MUAH: Anastasia Raevskaya | Dress: Maria Alekseeva | Accessories: Nch Wedding Jewelry  | Video: Fresh Feeling Studio


Comments (9)

Adam Hillier | Reply

What a stunning location! Great photography too.

Nigel Edgecombe | Reply

I just love, love, love her hair, so wild! I wish more brides would have the confidence to go with something a little looser, she looks gorgeous.

Steve Catcheside | Reply

What an original and stunning location for a wedding.

Gosia Grant | Reply

Stunning location and the lacy dress is to die for!

Staci | Reply

Wow, it’s like “The Sound of Music”!!! Great dress too :-)

Dijana & Tom, Croatian Wedding photographers | Reply

WOW. This is something else :) congrats! We’ve enjoyed in great shots.

Wedding Pixie Websites | Reply

Love the lace on the brides dress, stunning!

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