From the photographer Andre Teixeira:
When we allow our minds to wander free, we are able to see reality with fresh eyes and receive the impulses that feed our creativity. This is an exercise that we tend to do as often as we can, and today’s inspiration is the end result of how we embrace these impulses.

The building portrayed in these images, is called Palace of Justice and it was designed in 1958 by architect Raul Rodrigues Lima and was opened in October 20th, 1961. Its facade is made with granite, and has a gallery of ten pillars that sustain the main entrance and give access to the lobby.

The building’s contemporary look lead us to create a paused and elementary engagement shoot. Our main goal was to create imagery that is a harmonious reflection of the space around the couple – a space that is both constant and sustainable. A simplistic design with minimal styling, enhances the figures of the woman and the man, as well as their body language. The austere texture and color of granite, and the natural patterns of the pillars were the perfect scenery for this shoot, co-existing perfectly with the soft and gentle look of the couple.

Photographer André Teixeira from Brancoprata | Stylist/Planner Sofia Ferreira from Brancoprata | Hair by Diff Hairdesigners | Venue Palace of Justice | Make up  Marlene Vinha from Pretty Exquisite | Fashion Stylist Diana Vinha from Pretty Exquisite



Comments (3)

Tatyana Lee | Reply

These neutral colors are so beautiful!

Anya Kernes | Reply

In awe of how beautifully everything was put together! Looks absolutely effortless – amazing work, André and the rest of the team!

Therapeutic Aesthetics | Reply

Love the neutral colours indeed! Especially the shoes :)

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