Every time we see rich, natural greens like in this forest setting, we find ourselves so inspired. There’s something so magical and creative about the way that the sunlight filters through the leaves and the way that wild grasses and plants grow, like moss cascading down an old stone wall. This magical forest wedding inspiration shoot was uniquely created by a team of 4 wedding photographers.

Read on for more from the photographer hosts of The Cultivated Artist workshop, Orange Photographie and Jeremiah & Rachel Photography:
“Travel and friends: these are the things we love. Many of our best days have we have spent together, exploring, and letting our creativity grow. We cling to each other for encouragement, friendship, and inspiration. It was these experiences, and relationships that lead us to create “The Cultivated Artist”, a new workshop experience in Scotland, this October 10-14th. 

When working on the concept for this shoot, we sought to capture a feeling of youthful wildness. Scotland is a land of magic, mystery, and insane beauty. We also wanted this to be a collaborative work, with all four of us bringing something unique to the table. As two husband and wife teams, we each have unique and different ways of seeing the same thing. It’s those differences that become our strengths. This enables us to connect with our subjects in a truly wonderful way. Many times as artists we feel a pressure to conform to what is popular, or trendy and we start to become “the same”.  Together we help each other find our authentic voice and push ourselves to create more. We let our unique visions come together to make something meaningful. It’s something we strongly believe in and hope to communicate with other wedding creatives who feel like they can’t stand out of the crowd. We hope that by building strong relationships with your fellow creatives, you’ll in turn feed your own creative soul.

We chose a wild setting with old stone steps and a Victorian wall to set the scene. We hoped to capture the essence of Scotland all the way from our home in Montana. Claire Pettibone dresses and veils were the perfect classic touch to Madison’s youthful glow and freckles, and we foraged for the greenery and flowers to create a bouquet ourselves. We all love tapping into other creative outlets to inspire us and creating a shoot together.”

Photography: A collaboration between Jeremiah & Rachel Photography and Orange Photographie | Dress and Veil Designer: Claire Pettibone | Head Piece: Untamed Petals | Dress Shop: Willow Bride | Model: Madison Gardner of RMEA


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Jeremiah Spray | Reply

Thanks so much for the feature guys!!! Looks so good!

Samantha Lord | Reply

Thank you so much for this feature, OW! It is a dream come true to see our images from this collaboration with Jeremiah & Rachel on your exquisite blog!

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