“The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.” – Robert Burns

Sometimes, the way we intend for things to go just doesn’t happen. And sometimes, that happens on our wedding days. Whether it’s a foul turn in the weather or if the pressure of your family is getting to you, we all know that things can go wrong on our most important days. Case in point: this luxurious wedding inspiration shoot was originally planned for outside, but a rainy day bought this bride indoors, and her team of wedding vendors flexed their creative muscles to thoughtfully create a day that was still full of meaning and importance, even if it wasn’t quite how it was planned.

Read on for more from the creative team behind this shoot:
“We came to this shoot at the end of our wedding season, hoping that we still had enough energy and creativity left to make something that might inspire others. The day we were given was a rainy one which sent us inside the private southern estate that hosted our bridal story, and our disappointment over the weather gave us a slow and thoughtful pace that surprised us with its grace. As we explored the landscape of emotions a bride often travels on her journey to the altar, each set we worked on that day and over the next few months revealed another piece of our tender story. Your wedding is not always exactly what you plan, but if you allow it to become whatever it is meant to be, there is often beauty you never expected to find. Just like years of a beautiful marriage, the pieces of your wedding day will fall into place.”

Photography: Kelly Sauer | Styling & Design: Lacy Geary | Florals: Floressence Flowers | Ribbon & Wood Candle Holders and Candles: Silk and Willow | Table Linen: La Tavola | Dress: Alexandra Grecco | Paper Goods: Wildfield Paper Co. | Model: Devan Walsh


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