Learn Wedding Photography from Erich McVey, Course On Sale Now

If you’ve always wanted to learn photography from Erich McVey but have been held back by factors such as time, travel costs and finances – now is your chance!

We’re excited today to officially announce the launch of Erich’s new online course in partnership with Once Wed and If I Made: Wedding Photography with Erich McVey.

For the past three years Erich has shared his expertise with fellow photographers through in-person workshops and one-one-ones. Moving forward, however, Erich will no longer be hosting these classes. This is why he has taken all of his teachings and turned them into an online course, giving you the opportunity to learn from him in the comfort of your own home in an easily-accessible and affordable way.

All of those questions you have; how he grew his business in a saturated market, how he made photography his full-time job, how he shoots a wedding day, how he transitioned to film, and so much more are answered in the course.

Wedding Photography with Erich McVey is taught through a 750+ page PDF, 3 instructional video tutorials with Erich shooting, 15 printable worksheets, numerous detailed photography exercises to help you improve your technical skills throughout, a step-by-step guide to how Erich shoots a wedding, and a follow-up webinar to address any unanswered questions.

But above all, you receive something that can’t be expressed numerically: Erich’s unfiltered, uncompromised and deeply thoughtful insight into every aspect of his successful business practice and personal fulfillment as an artist.

Erich’s group workshops are typically priced at $4500. We’re offering Wedding Photography with Erich McVey at the launch week sale price of $895 – a saving of $300 off the regular retail price.

If you want a taste of what you’ll learn in the course, you can catch up on some of the free advice Erich shared earlier this week in the following articles:

How Erich McVey became a destination wedding photographer

How Erich McVey structures his pricing

How Erich McVey shoots and directs a real couple

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