Is there anything more romantic than a natural look on your wedding day? Not really. Makeup trends come and go, but your own natural beauty will never go out of style. That’s what we love about an understated look – it’s timeless and it works for everyone.

On the other hand, it’s your wedding day! You probably don’t want to look like you do every other day. So how can you create a look that is both understated and elevated for the occasion?

Here are some tips to achieve your natural look:

1) Highlight one feature:

Here’s the thing: natural makeup doesn’t have to mean no makeup. It doesn’t have to be uninteresting either. Achieving an understated look is more about playing up your natural features—selectively—without overpowering them. This might mean, for example, choosing a lipstick or gloss that is similar to but slightly more saturated than your own natural lip color. But if a bold lip is your signature – go for it! If your eyes are your favorite feature, play them up. Focus on one feature, and keep everything else subtle.

2) Get the Glow:

What makes a natural look especially alluring is the illusive ‘glow’. Having a healthy glow is as much about what you put on your skin before hand as it is about the makeup you use – especially during the months leading up to your wedding. Of course, everyone’s skin is different. So a few months before your wedding, try out a new natural product like coconut oil, vitamin C serum or rosewater toner. See if it makes a difference for you. Make sure you do this well ahead of time – you don’t want to try anything new within about six weeks of your wedding.

3) Make your health (and feeling good!) a priority:

Drinking lots of water, eating nutrient-rich whole foods, and doing detoxing exercises like running or yoga can make a world of difference. When it comes to your wedding day, exercise first thing – you will already be glowing!

4) Create a solid foundation:

On the morning of your wedding (after you’ve gotten in a quick run or yoga session) apply an emollient natural product that you know your skin loves and let it set in. Then, choose a base that illuminates and perfects your skin, but doesn’t cover it entirely. Use a bronzer, blush or highlighter with a bit of shimmer, but use it sparingly.

5) Embrace Your Natural Beauty:

Most importantly, do what that makes you feel comfortable and completely yourself. This way, your inner confidence, personality and beauty will shine through!