A lot of the time when we hear the word “glamorous,” we think high end…but sometimes, we also think tacky. This glamorous wedding photography inspiration from Amsterdam is anything but that. An incredible home (formerly owned by a princess) is the ideal location for these newlywed portraits, with luxe furnishings and tapestries, setting an inspiring scene. The bride’s full-skirted ballgown was a perfect choice, echoing the regal setting.

Read on for more from the photographer, Nastia Vesna:
“This shoot was a part of a workshop in Amsterdam. During our search for a location, we found ourself near a magnificent house…The house was once owned by a princess, where she had come with her friends to relax and enjoy the city. We immediately felt the mood we wanted to portray: youth, spontaneity, the very first love when you want to run, keep holding hands and never look back…when you want whirl in dance, laugh loudly and kiss every second.

A beautiful couple, a chic interior, porcelain skin, blushing from kisses, and a simple story, where love is the head of all.”

Photography: Nastia Vesna | Organization: Maksim Gladki & Kristina Levanovich | Styling: Olga Sheets & Nastia Vesna | Dress: Salon Kuraje | Tuxedo & Bowtie: Historia Menswear | Muah: Ksenia Tyrsikova | Model: Anna Yanchenko  & Arthur Daniyarov | Videography: Anna Sidorchik | Film Lab: Carmencita Film Lab


Comments (5)

GoGetWed | Reply

Stunning everything – images, setting, dress…wow!

Naomi | Reply

Where can I find this wedding dress?

Amanda | Reply

I am absolutely in love with her dress! I was just browsing around the net looking for something interesting to read, and suddenly I am here, staring at these marvelous photos! Maybe it is a sign!

Gajendra Pratap | Reply

This is one of the best post I have ever read. Really much appreciated.

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