The GirlandaSeriousDream bride-to-be is exactly that: A Girl, and a Serious Dream. Intuitively and immediately, she sees how a timelessly elegant lace robe can transform the experience of getting ready on the morning of her wedding. There she is, wrapped in lace and silk, sipping champagne with her bridesmaids – she is a portrait of radiant anticipation and expectant happiness!

A Study in Splendor explores the transparency of lace, and the softness of silk in an exquisite palette of pastel shades. Lush laces and ethereal tulles are rendered into artfully inspired pieces. Lingerie that’s made to be seen, luxury robes with the look of little lace coats, and couture veils made with the finest textiles: silk in all forms, hand picked French laces, and dreamy Italian tulles.

All lovely and original pieces designed to make your wedding glow even brighter – although not always in white. Every piece hand-crafted with a savoir-faire, attention to detail, and a unique sense of color. Their dream is to make yours come true. With this range of timelessly elegant pieces, there’s something to make every moment feel special, and every day feel one-of-a-kind.

Images by Joshua Aull and Sarah Kate Photo


Featured Simple Bridal Portrait Session in the Mountains

This simple bridal portrait session in the mountains is made beautiful and amazing by many different factors, but our very favorite is the breathtaking location. Swap a city skyline for a mountain ridge, lake view, orchard, or garden and we'll take that any day!


Featured Inspired by Nature: Winter Wedding Flowers By Sarah Winward

While most of us wouldn't be brave enough to host an outdoor ceremony during winter, this beautiful setting seems to beg for it. This old dock in front of a quite pond is accented with florals and blankets in a muted palette that don't detract from the greyed wood, while handmade ice candles give a delicate nod to the season. Read on for incredible winter wedding flower inspiration!