From the photographer Alain:
Seeing, hearing and smelling the air of the sea is something indescribable, especially when you haven’t seen it for month. This is where Marion and Nicolas wanted to have their engagement session. I’d suggested the idea to do it in a small fishermen village in Normandy called Étretat. The village is famous for its chalk cliffs, including three natural arches and a pointed formation called “L’Aiguille” (the Needle), which rises above the sea and creates amazing scenery. The village is also well known for its delicious seafood which was one of the main reasons why Marion & Nicolas agreed to tag along!

Since they both live in Paris, they don’t get so many opportunities to see the sea – which is necessary for Marion, as Normandy is where she’s from and where she likes to go to recharge. So this session was definitely a great opportunity for all of us.

Photography: Alain M. | Event Planning/Styling Vanessa et Caroline – Créatrices de Mariages


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Roger Rosentreter | Reply

How sweet, and what a dreamy location!

Valeria Mameli | Reply

engagements in the beach are always my favourite ones.