Wedding days, and all the events leading up to a wedding, are filled with emotions: happiness, excitement, stress, joy, and above all, love. Your engagement and wedding photos should capture these emotions, reminding you for years afterwards what you were experiencing and thinking about. This means that your search for a wedding photographer should be taken seriously, and so we’re excited to introduce you today to Andrew Rayn Photography!

Based in Atlanta, Andrew Rayn travels worldwide for weddings, using his talent to capture couples as they are, allowing brides and grooms to savour those emotions for a lifetime. He tells us,

“What makes you who you are? What things do you enjoy? What places do you find beautiful? This is where life happens. In the in-between of normal everyday life and work. This is where you find yourself and are happy. I believe that putting people back into these places and things creates the best atmosphere for capturing photos, and more importantly, memories. Some of my favorite shoots have been in the homes of my clients, or walking around their hometowns.”

To find out more about Andrew and to see his latest work, visit his blog.


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