Want an easy but really pretty wreath for your Thanksgiving Dinner? Just a few supplies and you are ready to start:

Vine clippings at least 24” in length; Floral water tube; Lightweight paddle wire or floral tape; Floral scissors; Ribbon

Step 1. Gather the ends of your vines and place stems in water tube filled with water.

Step 2. Bend your vine around itself to create a circular shape

Step 3: Wire or tape together the two ends of the circle you have created, covering your water tube in the process.

Step 4. Use ribbon to cover any exposed tape or wire.
Be sure to make the ribbon long enough to wrap, make a bow and have long ends to drape when you hang it.

Step 4. Hang and enjoy!

Photography Shannon Elizabeth| Floral Design Soil and Stem | Ribbon Frou Frou Chic



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Chelsea | Reply

wonderful pics!!


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